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Two Thousand Six. Golly!

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Letter from E.J. Totty

Letter from Acoustic Alchemy

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Re.: An overdose of... Tylenol? It's a leading cause of liver poisonings, by Lauran Neergaard, The Associated Press

In the above ref'd article, please take note of the equivocation, regarding whether the common everyday citizen should be be restrained from taking whatever medication, and the thought about mandating regulation of that.

From my own vantage point, any news is good news regarding what's good and what's not.

Not everybody reads the news.

That might be good, and that might be bad—depending upon your own particular point of view.

My Mother—who was once a nurse, proclaimed to me: Be careful what you put in your mouth, son, as the wrong thing just might kill you!

I don't know that I might have come close, as I used to partake of Tylenol™ quite frequently about a decade ago. I used to wake up with severe headaches, and didn't know why, until my landlord informed me that the cats in the house were attracted to my bedroom door while I was asleep.

Is seems that I was snoring quite loudly, and the cats—bless'em, wanted to kill whatever the hell it was that was keeping them from catnapping. If I had been a mouse, my arse would have been dead—period.

I can't tell you how many times I was awoken by those bloody cats meowing (Lemme in! DAMNIT! Lemme in! All I wanna do is kill that bastard!!).

About all I can say is that it's a good thing that Sabre Tooth Cats didn't live to become house pets, because my butt would have been TOAST—years ago!

It was all the good life, a good job, high pay and lots of bad food.

That's all changed.

Now, I'm familiar with Dr. Mindell's Vitamin Bible.

That's a tome which I believe every human being alive—worth his/her salt, should absorb.

Mindell has spoken of 'liver spots,' especially those on the hands.

Imagine my fright when I discovered one of those!

It's almost gone—thank goodness (or heaven, as you may prefer!).

Now I take the deadly drug in the smallest of quantities, and live through both head and body aches with a wry smile—however briefly.

Better—I say, to suffer a small degree of pain and live to see another day, that to suffer ever more painfully with a modern drug-induced misery.

These days I mostly live alone, and with no cats to remind me of just how miserable I make the rest of the world—in that period of time.

But then? I don't weight nearly as much as I used to, and the only snoring I do wakes only me—and occasionally my girl friend, who considers it 'cute.' She says it sounds like one of her dogs. If only she knew what the cats used to know ... I don't mind being compared to a dog—woof!

Truth be told? It's actually the 'cats' meow!' Her dogs are treated quite well, thank you!

And those dogs just don't give a damn, because—as I said, they snore too!

We're all a happy family!

The bottom line is this: Pain is nature's way of saying something is wrong. Carelessly and/or thoughtlessly taking man-made substances to eradicate the message—without trying to understand that message—is tantamount to saying that you just don't care. Modern government has conditioned modern man to ignore any message which delivers pain.

Taxes are pain. Laws are pain. Regulations are pain.

Our only relief is to work longer hours to relieve some of that pain—or to get rid of the source of that pain.

How long must we work to get rid of the pain entirely?

How much pain need we endure?

Or do we just don't give a damn anymore?

E.J. Totty

Your web site is lame. Your views are narrow minded. You should try to get a clue and stop the spread of ignorance.

acoustic alchemy

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