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Number 352, January 29, 2006

"Another Major Dose of Smoke and Mirrors"

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Letter from Tom Knapp

A few minutes of your time might save Steve Kubby's life

Hiya, everyone,

As many of you are already aware, Steve Kubby—a prominent medical marijuana activist, former Libertarian candidate for governor of California and contender for the LP's 2000 vice-presidential nomination—was forced to return to the US from Canada yesterday and is now in the custody of our beloved drug warriors.

Steve will die without his medicine—and odds are he isn't going to get it in jail. Time is of the essence. What I'm about to propose may not seem like much, but it's better than sitting around feeling powerless and it may do some good. It's time to create some buzz about Steve outside the libertarian and the medical marijuana activist communities. You can help do that at no financial cost ... just a few minutes of your time:

1) Point your browser at www.technorati.com and search for the phrase "Steve Kubby." That in itself does some good—we've pushed Steve's name to number 9 on the list of top searches at Technorati, the blogosphere's search engine of record, which should elicit more coverage, more attention, etc. But there's more:

2) When the search results come up, visit the blog articles listed


3) "Bookmark" any or all of those articles on any or all of the following sites:


All of the sites above feature material on their front pages based on how popularity—how many people "bookmarked" that material. Even 100 "bookmarks" or so will get Steve Kubby's name and story on their front pages for awhile, where it will be noticed by more bloggers.

No, the blogosphere can't save Steve Kubby by itself, but it can draw attention to his case, get activists pumped up to do other things to help, and help attract "mainstream media" attention. The first step is to get people asking who the hell Steve Kubby is. Once they ask -- and have an answer—they're more likely to act.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Knapp

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