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Letter from Scott Bieser

Letter from Renata Russell

Letter from Kat Dillon

Big Head Press Launches New Web-comics Site

The all-new BigHeadPress.Com web-comics site has now launched. As announced earlier, the indie publisher of graphic novels is presenting three all-new longform stories: The Hook (Mike Baron and Gabe Eltaeb), The Architect (Mike Baron and Andie Tong), and Roswell, Texas (L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser.)

The new site also offers a discussion forum, links to blogs by some of the creators, and of course a "company store" where readers can order gifts printed with logos and art from the three stories.

Scott Bieser
General Director
BigHead Press

Dear Sir:

Why don't we annex Mexico? Teach 'em English, put in a slightly less corrupt government, etc.

Or could this be a bigger can of worms than I thought?

Renata Russell, Signatory (proudest day in my life!)

To the Editor,

I have to question having Netflix as a sponsor on a libertarian site. They advertise "Unlimited movies for $X/month." Around the end of last year, they began limiting the number of movies they would deliver to people who rented the most movies. Isn't promising one thing and delivering another called fraud?

Kat Dillon

[I've no direct experience with Netflix, several people I know have said they're great. I dono.... Readers, any bad experiences with NetFlix?—Editor]

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