L. Neil Smith's
Number 366, May 7, 2006

"The Lamestream Media"

On Taxation
by Alan R. Weiss

Exclusive to TLE

Welcome to the People's Democratic Republic of Austin, otherwise known as the Austin Soviet Socialist Republic—comrade. I assume that you've read the fine print, eh?

And don't think that I am just referrring to Austin in this essay, fellow traveler. Insert your favorite city here.

Every year taxes go up, every year the citizenry and its leaders demand more "services" (mostly the center city population demands it, and the suburbs pay for it). Every year, no one thinks that maybe—just maybe—the free market can provide those "services" at vastly lower prices.

Lets see: Municipal Utility District taxes, City of Austin taxes, Round Rock ISD or Leander ISD taxes (schools), Austin Community College taxes, Hospital District taxes, Travis County taxes, franchise tax, Federal Income Tax, state and city sales taxes, federal excise taxes, taxes on your phone service, taxes on your cable service, highway gas taxes, and of course everything you buy is taxed since every company is taxed—and who pays for that? The consumer, of course! Then there is inflation, the "hidden" tax caused by Government, and the devaluation of the American dollar caused by lousy Government policies, including the fact that our money is not backed by gold and silver. Death (estate) taxes.

Are you paying your fair share yet, Citizen? Or shall I call you "slave" now?

You, and your children, and are going to pay a mighty "toll" indeed. The outcry over toll roads pales on comparison.

You should expect nothing less than continually increased taxes. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. Don't listen to what the politicians *say*, watch what they do. I know that some, like local politicians Mark Strama and Don Zimmerman, realize this and are trying to do something about it, but there is bipartisan lying and stealing in both major parties—of your hard earned money. Nearly everyone else in the two major parties "doesn't get it", and never will, until you rise up and throw the rascals out of office.

You will never "own" your own home—if you believe that, just try to stop paying exhorbitant property taxes and see how long it takes before the Government forces you out of your house. Feh.

The current Texas state Legislature may cut your property taxes slightly—for now—but in a market where property values are continuing to rise, and therefore your taxes are still going up, and up, and up, how long will it take before you are forced to move out of your home? And how long before that "tax cut" is eroded away?

Something is terribly wrong in this country, yet hardly anyone realizes that this is one way to destruction as a society.

Meanwhile, corporate America evades taxes, goes offshore, and has the audacity to purchase legislatures via Lobbyists.

Have a nice day, Comrades!

"Alan R. Weiss" is a CEO of a small company, father of three, husband of one, and a busy boy indeed these days. synchromeshcomputing.com


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