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Number 372, June 18, 2006

"Refuge in the Junkyard"

Review of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)
by Scott A. Campanaro

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I have just finished reading Robert Spencer's The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades). It is excellent—his main thesis is too well put not to quote Here:

"I intend this book to be neither a general introduction to the Islamic religion, nor a comprehensive historical survey of the Crusades. Rather, it is an examination of certain highly tendentious assertions about both Islam and the Crusades that have entered into the popular discourse. This book is an attempt to move the public discourse about both subjects a bit closer to the truth."

In other words it disabuses us of the Left's PC BS that has dominated the discussion of Islamic aggression... and actually provides dozens of references to do your own in depth analysis of the original source material.

It specifically addresses those concerns that are raised by a non-pluralistic totalitarian religion which is unlike any other world religion. Islam applies its moral and ethical code, only, to other Muslims... all others are either 2nd class humans (Christians and Jews—people of the Book) or 3rd class humans (all other 'pagan' religions). And Islam is required by it tenets to dominate the world... conversion is optional but Islamic Caliphate administration to get rid of those 'satanic' freedoms like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom to be Armed... etc... and rule the World is mandatory.

Now some of you are having an emotional response to that—and are start to say "Well, MY Muslim friend is not like that and he.... BLAH, Blah... ad nauseum..."


The Qu'ran specifically commands its adherents to lie to protect themselves and Islam's objectives... the Qu'ran also commands it adherents not to befriend unbelievers... Now you are going to say that your muslim 'friend' is not devout or a fanatic... if you think that is the case ask yourself how many time he has walked up to you and said that the Islamic fundamentalists are wrong... how many times has he written and editorial to the local paper condemning the Local Muslims who do not disavow fundamental Islamic beliefs?

If he has my hat is off to him and my sword and pistol will stand to defend him... because he is in danger of his life... both theoretically and actually... as are any who criticize Islam (ask Theo Van Gogh how that works).

If you really disagree with this so far—read the book and the source books (which I have done and am doing) and then call or write and we will discuss it more—if you haven't done the homework—do not argue... ignorance is not an opinion—regardless of what Peter Jennings thinks. If you are a Muslim who has recanted the Suras of the Qu'ran that incite violence, Sharia, or Dhimmitude... please contact me—for only through the reformation of Islam can Muslims be protected and welcomed as true inheritors of American Freedom and Liberty.

I am not too worried—I am the descendant of Crusaders—those people who bought us 250 years of preparation time by stymying Muslim aggression against Byzantium—enough time to be able to hold Europe against 700 years of invasion... enough time to keep Vienna safe—as with my ancestors I stay prepared to defend my home against all aggressors (while doing my best to get my country's foreign policy in line with the Ideals of Jefferson & Washington... A Constitutional Foreign Policy) with regard to Islam I have taken to covering my 200gr HP with pig fat... my .308 HPs as well (a little purple nail polish lets me seal the HP well with the Pig fat as well as keeping that grease out of my G20 or my Mauser Scout Rifle). Regarding any tyranny I keep frosty with my arms and educate myself and others... and stay in top condition... if you are not informed, armed & prepared you will not be able to make the correct decisions or take the decisive action needed to save lives and punish the aggressors.

Inform—learn all that you can—even if it is emotionally uncomfortable... share this with others... always.

Armed—Keep your sidearms handy (literally) and your longarms within 50m... and use 'em! Out to 100m you should be deadly with your sidearm and out to 600m your longarm should be able to settle any problems. (broad strokes here folks—see Boston's Gun Bible for specifics or read Pallas).

Prepared—be mentally and physically tough... be able to do 50 pushups, 20 dips, and 100 sit-ups.... be able to run 2 miles or swim a 1/2 mile... these are the basics... and very possible... if you will do the work. (Remember: Pain is just weakness leaving your body and it is always better to sweat than to bleed!).

Back to the book—it is as important to read this book as it is to read Thomas DiLorenzo's The Real Lincoln for truly Islam is presented with as much truth and rigor as Lincoln is in our media... enjoy these two fine books and think for yourselves... but, be careful once lost ignorance can never be regained... you will be accountable for what you know...!



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