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Number 375, July 9, 2006

"This insane and petty Prohibitionism"

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Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from valentine michael smith or maybe Bill Koehler

Letter from Roy J. Tellason

Letter from Randall D. Langkraehr

Letter from Lawrence Lee Rowe Jr.

Letter from Thomas L. Knapp

Dear Ken—

Re: "Wannabenazis", by L. Neil Smith

If anyone required final proof of the motives and methods of the human excrement I described in last week's essay, "Wannabenazis", they need look no further than the website of the supposedly private organization that recently steamrollered the vile and unconstitutional state wide smoking ban through the legislature. I believe it no coincidence that it went into effect during the July 4th weekend.

Take a look as I went there to drop a copy of my essay on them and made some interesting discoveries. In the first place, it's a front group (and a link hub) for half a dozen national Wannabenazi groups long dedicated to controlling every moment of your life.

But what's really revealing is that there's no way to talk back to these goosestepping jackbooters. I coudn't send them my essay. Their whole website is contructed precisely to defeat the principal virtue of the Internet and the World Wide Web, the fact that it's a two-way medium.

That tells me, among other things, that they know that their phony-baloney assertions, based entirely on lies and misrepresentation as they are, won't stand up to genuine confrontation. Like all bullies, they are cowards.

The same way I knew, years in advance, that the Soviet Empire was going to collapse of its own contradictions, something tells me that this ban isn't going to stand. They've pissed off too many people, and now those people can talk to one another. The Wannabenazis might have gotten away with this dictatorial crap thirty years ago, but not today, not in the harsh light they can be exposed to thanks to the Internet.

From now on, consider The Libertarian Enterprise to be a meeting place and a clearing house for the rights of smokers and everybody else affected by this insane and petty Prohibitionism. I'm only sorry that we didn't start sooner.

L. Neil Smith, Publisher
The Libertarian Enterprise

Re: "Wannabenazis", by L. Neil Smith

    Understand that we are not "close to a police state" any longer. In many ways, it was all over the day the first driver's license was issued, or when "public accommodations" was first used as an excuse to nationalize private businesses in the cause of desegregation, or when federal Wannabenazis murdered innocent individuals in broad daylight at Ruby Ridge, and on national television at Mount Carmel, and not only got away with their crimes, but received commendations and promotions.—L Neil Smith

I think you'll find that this really started when one of our greatest presidents let his hatred of Indians obscure his good works.

(He paid off the national debt, got rid of the Bank of the United States and fired half of the federal governments employees)

But he hated Indians which led to the trail of tears and the murder of Cherokees Which led to Indian wars and endless slaughter brought on by our government.

Bill Koehler

It is now illegal to smoke in a bar in Santa Fe because they want to protect employee health.

So one can assume that if there are no employees you should be able to smoke in the bar.

Let's open a bar in Santa Fe with no employees. We staff the place with volunteers. Think about it. Any gifts they receive are theirs to keep. They would have greater pay because they would have no taxes and we would have no employee taxes to pay nor forms to fill out.

Out of a stupid evil law comes an incredible opportunity.

valentine michael smith

So I'm reading some of Neil's writings in this latest TLE, and one bit of it prompts me to write him:

    "You wrote:

    > Now the standard is the slaughter of entire villages of innocent
    > individuals, the torture of helpless prisoners and political suspects,
    > and the midnight knock on the door, followed by an illegal abduction
    > into a secret prison system from which there can be no relief or
    > appeal.

    I doubt that they'd bother knocking, more likely they'd just bust the door in..."

To which he responded:

    "You wrote:
    "You should send that comment to Kenny.

    I used the phrase because it was in common currency in the 60s. In fact, Phil Ochs wrote a song by that name."

I remember Phil Ochs. Not that particular song, but it's been a long time since I heard any of his stuff. (And is any of his music downloadable anywhere, maybe?)

I remember the sixties, too. All right, I remember the sixties sorta. A friend of mine is fond of saying that those who claim that they do remember it weren't really there.

And thinking back on it, it was a very optimistic time in many ways. Perhaps overly optimistic? I guess time will tell.

Roy J. Tellason

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Randall D. Langkraehr

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What would our founders think of America today?

The answers are more conclusive than you might think.

Lawrence Lee Rowe Jr.


"Cyberia" (PRWEB) July 5, 2006—Citing the Libertarian Party's "abdication of its political responsibilities to the American people," activists have founded the Boston Tea Party ( as an alternative, Internet-based vehicle for libertarian political action.

"For various reasons, the ball got dropped in Portland," says Boston Tea Party founder Thomas L. Knapp, referring to the Libertarian national convention, held over the July 4th weekend in Oregon. "Factional disputes led to a wholesale gutting of the party's platform—a muddle in which the party was left without a mechanism for expressing its positions on several of the foremost public policy issues facing America's voters."

Rather than setting up the new party as a splinter group, Knapp says that he thinks of it as a "hopefully a pinch hitter, going to bat for America while the LP nurses its wounds and prepares to get back in the game. Until and unless that happens, the Boston Tea Party will fill in. Americans deserve—and desperately need—a pro-freedom party which forcefully advocates libertarian solutions to the issues of the day."

Those solutions will be set forth in a program to be put together by the new party's organizational convention, to be held online, Knapp says, in the next 30 to 60 days.

Thomas L. Knapp

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