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"The continued existence of this culture
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Letter from Jim Davidson

Letter from Ward Griffiths

Letter from Steve Reed

Letter from Zachery Keeton

Letter from The Free State Project

Dear Editor,

The letter appealing for letters in jail to Don Meinshausen was interesting to me for several reasons. First, I've spent time in jail recently, having been falsely accused, yet again, of a felony. Happily for me, the charges were dismissed a few days ago.

So, I can assure you that letters are very eagerly received by folks in jail. It is a great blessing to have communication from outside. On that score alone, I plan to write Don.

But, it seemed likely that some readers who read the appeal might not know who is that guy Don? So, I found a couple of links, in his own words:

And, of course, his own contribution to TLE:

Please remember your friends, family, and fellow men in prison. It is true that Americans are living increasingly under a police state of total power, but it has always been true for Americans in prison. Prison is the ultimate expression of the police state.

If you oppose the war on some drugs, the war on some terror, the war on some money laundering, the war on gun ownership, and the other idiotic wars being fought against individual liberty, remember those who have been fighting on the front lines and have had their freedom taken away while carrying the battle to the enemy. Sure, you're busy figuring out how to engage in trade and commerce in an increasingly unfree world, you have a lot more taxes to pay than ever, and you don't have much time.

But, please write to those in jail. It is a sad, lonely, and often brutal place. A few sympathetic words can make a great deal of difference.

For my own part, I don't think the war on drugs is going to end soon, nor do I think it is going to end peacefully. It is a war, like many others, for the cartels that want to have outrageous profits and the authoritarians who benefit from their support. I expect it is going to involve bloodshed on a vast scale to end this war, and while I regret the effusion of blood, I am content that shedding the blood of tyrants is essential to the survival of liberty.

When justice is done for Peter McWilliams, for Steve Kubby, for John Perry, for Don Meinshausen, and for the others who have been fighting against the nationalist socialists on this issue of self sovereignty for the individual and free trade in vital phyto-nutrients, it may be that the nasty authoritarian drug czars are rousted from their homes and strung up on lampposts by their entrails. It may be that the militarists are put before war crimes tribunals as they were at Nuremburg. It may be that the USA is balkanized in ways to make the Balkans look imperial in comparison.

This war on freedom will end. Do your part. Be kind to those who have fought for your freedom on the front lines. Write them.

Thank you.


Jim Davidson

Re: "The Capitalist Manifesto", by Spencer Robert Kline

    >> I am of the opinion in a truly free society there are only three essential functions that must be performed by the state's coercive hand: the police, the courts, and the military. The police are necessary to protect our freedom against non-believing criminals. Law enforcement is to simply apprehend those individuals who, in violation of our innate freedom of action, force their will upon others. The army is to perform a similar function. However, rather than protecting us from home grown megalomaniacs, the armed forces' duty is to defend the borders of liberty against non-believing foreign aggressors. Finally courts will be necessary to prove the guilt of these foreign and domestic enemies. They are to uphold a simplistic set of laws and regulations, all of which must be directly derived from our intrinsic liberty of action. They are merely to deliberate with the aim of discerning if a defendant has violated the fundamental right of another. <<

Wrong. None of those functions requires the blind brutal hand of government. If I have a problem, the last folks I'd be likely to call for help are the local police—too many decades of their incompetence and corruption are fresh in my mind. Likewise the court system. (Yeah, I may be a bit jaded to government corruption, living in Hudson County New Jersey). If it was allowed, better and lower cost (than the amount stolen from me) police and court systems would be available on the free market. A standing military was (and still is) forbidden by the US Constitution for good reason. If the country needs to be defended, we have sufficiently large numbers of armed citizens to rally to the defense within a few minutes (add an hour or so extra driving time if the beachheads are in New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts or the coastal parts of New York where the citizens aren't allowed to be anything except victims or hostages).

You seem to think that a government can keep its promises and limit its actions. That has never happened, even with Saint George and Saint Abraham, Saint Woodrow and Saint Franklin (Delano). I doubt that it ever will.

Ward Griffiths

I applaud the impulse of the "America in Chains" Web-banner project, but fear that it's being mis-aimed, or at least jumping the gun.

You're starting the banner's clock with 7 November 2006. The Democrats, however, will not actually be "in power"—in functional control of the next Congress—until it convenes on 3 January 2007.

All that happens until then are the usual pointless preliminaries. The legislators in each wing of the Incumbent Party meet in their caucuses, elect new leaders, pick out new drapes, burble on the Sunday talk shows about their new legislative goodies, -et cetera, ad nauseam.-

Until then, we're saddled with a very much Republican-controlled "lame duck" session that can, and usually does, wreak considerable new havoc in America and abroad. All because even the minimal check of elections has been removed from them. (With some members having been turned out of office, and for the rest, being furthest from the voters' memories calling them to account in November 2008.)

So skewer the Democrats' hypocrisies, by all means, but don't weaken that vivid Web-banner case against them, by saying they're "in power" when they're not, as yet. I'd suggest keeping those .zip files in one's My Downloads folder for a couple months, and then re-setting that JavaScript date.

Confusion over minutiae shouldn't be allowed to obscure a larger point. I'd rather not have Dem bloggers talking about "those damn-fool Libertarians who don't know how to read a calendar."

Steve Reed

[This letter is just one of several. See the Publisher's Note on the main page for an explanation of why we did it the way we did—Editor]

Dear fellow freedom lover,

This is an impassioned plea for you to help libertarians win in an area where victory is possible. The Alaska libertarians are on the brink of a massive victory, in defeating an onerous smoking ban that targets Anchorage's Small Business Owners. The petitioning effort is 76% complete, with less than a week left to gather signatures. We are required by the Anchorage City Clerk's Office to turn in 7,086 valid signatures. Our goal is to collect 12,000 signatures, which will ensure that our initiative is placed on the ballot. To date, we have collected 9,136 of the 12,000 signatures. If we are successful, the ban will be repealed in the coming April 2007 municipal election.

At a rough cost of a dollar spent per signature collected, we need to raise at least an additional $3,000.00 to guarantee our efforts are successful. If you decide to give $5.00 that will buy us 5 signatures; if you decide to give us $2,000.00, that should buy us 2,000 signatures. If some of you help give even more than that, you will be helping the campaign to win by buying full page ads in Anchorage's largest newspaper, television ads, and radio ads; as well as sophisticated polling data that will help us in our massive volunteer "get out the vote" effort.

The way to do this is to contribute to our effort online at:

You wouldn't be getting this email if individual freedom were not important to you. Without gushing about the benefits of freedom, and employing a load of psychological devices to get you motivated, it boils down to this: the Anti-Freedom forces are already well funded with your money... You've already had to pay them to strip you of your freedom, and they've taken some of your money to Alaska, to fight freedom in one of the few areas where there's more of it than most places. If you want to stop them, there must be additional and greater expense of effort.

The political repercussions for this will be huge. The AK LP has been a driving force in repealing the Anchorage Smoking Ban. (This is slated to go into effect on July 01, 2007). Again, if we are successful, the ban will be repealed in the coming April 2007 municipal election. Stopping the ban before it starts will be a major public victory.

This is a chance to show the busybodies that they cannot easily strip us of our property rights, using local police forces. If we succeed, it will skyrocket several local libertarians to prominence within their respective political races. Moreover, it will directly punish some of the worst offenders of individual rights in one of the still freest areas of the USA: Anchorage Alaska.

If you want to help, the do-or-die time is NOW! The final turn-in date for petitioning to place the repeal effort on the ballot is November 22, 2006. This effort has already gained the Alaska Libertarian Party massive positive media coverage, and will continue to promote our message of individual freedom, and strict protection of property rights, as long as we move forward with it.

Zachery Keeton
Alaska Libertarian Party Treasurer Founder/Treasurer

If you know others you think would be interested in helping, click this link. We will only forward this one message to them, and not add them to any list. To unsubscribe or update your own mail preferences, visit this link is a project designed to help libertarian political campaigns while protecting the privacy of e-mail list recipients. Please feel free to 'opt out' or 'change user preferences' at any time. If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to e-mail

The FSP News for November 2006 is now on the web at:

Free State Project

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