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Number 523, June 14, 2009

Clearly, no nation with a Bill of Rights that includes
freedom of expression has any place anywhere for
anything even remotely like the FCC.

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A Perfect Storm
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

According to MSNBC Mayor Nagin of New Orleans was stuck in China under quarantine for the swine flu on the 7th of June 2009. Please keep in mind that this is the same man who screwed up preparing New Orleans for Katrina and evacuating his people to safety, has spent the last four years waiting for a federal handout to rebuild and turned the police forces under his control out to beat up and disarm little old ladies who were trying to defend their lives and property. As far as I can tell his greatest accomplishment is getting reelected instead of ridden out of the parish on a rail. Please keep this in mind.

He was in China to discuss economic development, presumably shipping and tourism. His next stop was to have been Australia to lead a panel discussion on global warning. I will not get into the debate as to whether or not global warming is fact or politically convenient fantasy. I will get into the fact that Mr. Nagin is not a climatologist. He is a politician whose greatest accomplishment is getting reelected after fucking up by the numbers.

If it turns out that there is nothing to the global warning panic Mayor Nagin and his ilk can be relied on to intrude into our lives to expand their power by trying to regulate the problem out of existence. If there really is a problem we can trust Mr. Nagin to do the wrong thing but politically survive the consequences. Perhaps this is the expertise he was supposed to have been passing on.

If there is any real problem with global warming the solution will be found by profit seeking engineers trying to sell as much of their product as profitably possible, not by politicians trying to ration the rest of us back into peonage. We will know when this discovery is made by the deafening and blessed silence that will fall on us from politicians and the media on the subject of global warming.

Meanwhile one of America's most repressive politicians is stuck in a health quarantine, a form of justifiable repression, in a repressive nation blocked from attending a convention on how and why to repress the rest of us.

A perfect storm.


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