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Number 604, January 23, 2011

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Goose Stepping Through Woodland Hills
by Wayne Grantham

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Yesterday (Jan 19, 2011) a cop was shot. He wasn't hurt severely; he had a bulletproof vest under his uniform (Incidentally, if any of us "little people" wear a bulletproof vest, we're automatically suspected to be criminals. It may not even be legal.) Within minutes, some 350 LAPD storm troopers cordoned off a 7-square-mile area of the West San Fernando Valley, sealing thousands off from their homes and their children's day-prisons. Sealing more thousands into the area, unable to go to their homes elsewhere. 9000 students were locked down in their prisons (as if that's not the case during every weekday).

All because one cop was shot—not severely injured.

There was a time, not so long ago, that when a crime was committed, and a criminal was sought, police were able to investigate, search, find and arrest the suspect without bothering normal, uninvolved people. I know police aren't encouraged to use their minds much anymore, but I thought this was America! Or was.

I have a theory. The theory scares me, but starts to make more and more sense, the more I think about it.

What if some agency—probably federal—wants to try out sudden martial law? What if the officer was a volunteer and the shooter was really a police marksman to set up the scenario? What if the purpose is to see how urban sheeple will react to a federal takeover?

The bought-and-paid-for local media were out in force, in the aftermath of the atrocity, gauging the attitudes of the victims, both adult and student. Needless to say, most of the kids were mugging into the lenses of the tv cameras, "Were you scared?" Big smile, "A little." Most of the adults were miffed at not being given any news about their kids, or not being able to get home but, "If somebody's shooting people, the police have to do what's necessary to catch him."

Well, Woodland Hills fails the test miserably. When the lizards come to Earth for food, they can park their ship over Woodland Hills, because the sheeple there will line up, single file, to march into the ship's freezers for the trip back to the lizard planet. Without a fight; without a whimper. No need to bring the temperature down gradually, so no one will suspect until it's too late. They won't.

And if it's the federal government, that's ok, too!


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