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Number 698, November 25, 2012

Our single nebulous hope resides in a leaderless,
centerless spirit of individual liberty. Each time
it's provoked into raising its head, it startles
and frightens those who think they own us."w3

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The Rot at the Core
by A.X. Perez

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First off, this is America. Race should not be part of our national conversation, or at least it's role should be diminishing. We're all Americans together, and how well your stomach digests milk or the proportion of you thigh to your shinbone should matter less than nothing. Religious conformity should not be part of our discourse, Thomas Jefferson expressed this in his Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom and James Madison in the First Amendment. Indeed it was the first right guaranteed in that statement of intellectual freedom.

Nevertheless racial and religious animosity and bigotry continue to inform our discourse. I am still disgusted by the vitriolic bile spewed on Islam and the Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ in the last Election cycle and indeed through most of the Twenty First Century to date. I am disturbed by the so called liberal and progressive factions of the United States dismissing any questioning of their agenda as racist and therefor undeserving of honest response and debate. I am dismayed that conservatives have responded to this by in fact taking refuge in racism. Mind you, this is all over and above the debate over the division of goodies based on bureaucratically determined racial justice defined quotas. And, to conclude the list of disses, I feel intellectually disrespected by the media for not calling bullshit on this mess.

But what really gets to me is that racial and religious minority group members support white infidel politicians who call for their disarmament through gun control laws. What also really gets me is that they don't recognize that so-called "community leaders" (obviously referring to their ethnic community) who support gun control are selling them out to exposure to persecution. And what truly astounds me is that white folk don't realize that if it is oppressive to disarm persecuted minorities (even if the persecution is only in their memories and minds) it is oppressive to disarm white people, or that to submit to disarmament is to submit to oppression.

We are either all equally free or equally enslaved, and right now we are giving to much credibility to those who would enslave us.

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