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Number 702, December 23, 2012

We already had that conversation.
They Demand and Expect Abject Submission.

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by L. Neil Smith

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Any individuals who know me are well aware that I am unashamedly and politically incorrectly delighted with a pretty face and parts south.

I often say, of some cutie that catches my fancy on TV—maybe Joanne Kelly of Warehouse 13, or Anna Torv of Fringe, or Stana Katic of Castle—that I very seriously don't want to know anything about their politics. (A notable exception is Marg Helgenberger of CSI, an avowed and open libertarian, turned, she has said, by Kurt Russell.) These individuals are selected for their looks, for their ability to mouth words that other people wrote for them, to stand on the right piece of duct tape while the camera looks at them, or to move wherever and whenever a director tells them, or for various other attributes.

But not for their brains.

Which means not for their politics.

However, to quote Sir Paul McCartney, "I've just seen a face I can't forget," and you're not going to be able to forget her, either, because, behind that face, behind those eyes, pulses an intelligence that is quite rare, in my experience with beautiful young women, and although I've gone on at some length about her looks now (mostly to get your attenion), they are far from the most important thing about her.

On Facebook, she calls her herself "MissBattleBorn"—the URL is horrible, but you can find her easily yourself using that moniker— and although these are still photographs of her I'm looking at, she handles a wide variety of weapons as credibly as anyone I've ever seen. [link]

"My main purpose here," she informed me, replying to a letter I wrote to her about doing this article, "is to communicate with like-minded folks, talk about responsible firearm ownership, inspire women shooters and help them find their place in the gun world, and stand up for our gun rights—and give other people a place to do the same!"

She told me, "I don't really have anything specific I'd like you to communicate, (I'd asked her about that.) "But I do always try to make sure people understand I am a real shooter, not a gun model." You can see that clearly in photos on her Facebook page. "I have made my own way in the firearms world, and most of the guns I shoot are my own."

MissBattleBorn is shown in one shot with some gigantic metal object—maybe fifty caliber—that I'd be trepidatious to shoot, myself.

"A lot of women in the gun world shoot some guy's guns or just sort of ride their husband's coattails but I am very independent in my involvement." As a husband whose wife has been able to defeat him most of the time at NRA Falling Plates, using a .45 Gold Cup, I appreciate that.

She concluded, "You don't have to say all of that, of course, but I just wanted to give you an idea of where I'm coming from, and to be sure I'm not ... confused for a girl who just takes pictures with guns!"

Go see the lady's Facebook page. Be sure to look at all of the pictures. Perhaps you'll see the same things that I did and that caused me to write to her: beauty and grace, to be sure, but courage, intelligence, competence—just possibly this generation's Molly Pitcher, and maybe the Marianne (look her up) of the second American Revolution.

MissBattleBorn Again

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