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Number 702, December 23, 2012

We already had that conversation.
They Demand and Expect Abject Submission.

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Less Safe?
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Want to Ban Our Guns? Then Lead by Example, Mr. President
by Neale Osborn

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

All over the place, we are being bombarded by politians saying that guns are the problem. They want to ban what they incorrectly term "Assault Weapons", high capacity magazines, concealed carry permits, handguns, and to outlaw using firearms in self defense. The leaders of this movement are Democrat politicians who habitually travel with armed guards. So I say it is time to lead us poor gun-rights advocates by example. Remove those Mini-Uzi submachineguns from the Secret Service. Confiscate their handgns. Disarm the police escorts they get when they venture among their subjects. If I can't use one to defend MY family or self, then THEY shouldn't be allowed to use them to defend themselves. Or is a politician's life more important than a citizen's life? (Methinks their answer, if honest, would be "YES!")

We have people like Diane Feinstein, who has a Concealed Carry permit and armed police officers protecting her, and she insists that we must keep guns out of the hands of civillians. Joe Biden is to spearhead Obama's assault on the 2nd Amendment, and he has Secret Service personnel, again heavily armed with the very weapons he says have no legitimate use. And never forget Mr. Obama. He not only has a Secret Service detail protecting him 24/7, his wife and children each has their own complete detail.

Well, if guns in the hands of others protects their families, why can't guns in OUR hands protect OUR families? Tell me how, in a school full of defenseless victims, the teachers were supposed to protect their charges? One heavily armed asshole murdered 26 people. If even ONE teacher had possessed a gun, the number of victims may well have been reduced. The Principal, who charged the gunman empty handed, giving her life in an attempt to save the children,may have stopped him if she was armed. I am not proposing that teachers and staff be mandated to carry. I AM, however, proposing that ANY school staff member that so chooses be trained, at taxpayer expense (yeah, that I'll pay a tax for), in safety, handling, concealed carry and marksmanship, and be provided a decent firearm and holster. The operating expenses of a bank includes armed guards to protect pieces of paper. Why are our children worth less than those same pieces of paper?

Mr. President, it's time to be a REAL LEADER. Disarm your Secret Service detail of ANYTHING you wish to keep We, the People, from possessing. THEN I'll consider giving up my guns.

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