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Number 702, December 23, 2012

We already had that conversation.
They Demand and Expect Abject Submission.

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They Demand and Expect Abject Submission. No.
by A.X. Perez

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The hoplophobes are on a roll,at least in their own heads. They are absolutely sure that they are going to get a ban out of current circumstances that they can imagine no need to compromise, no need to offer trade offs. Just as an intellectual exercise suggest a compromise. and it will be shrugged off. No one will be offered a bridge to nowhere, no one will have military base or research projects moved to their district.*

The result will be a bill that leaves room only for submission or armed resistance, and to be honest the left can not imagine that resistance can be widespread. Perhaps a couple of dozen nut cases and their dogs. It is beyond their imaginations that a significant portion of the owners of the weapons (about 5 times ten to the seventh guns, say twenty million people own at least one) they want to ban will resist, or how numerous they are. It is beyond their imagination that a significant portion of law enforcement personnel and military personnel will side with those resisting the enforcement of the total ban they imagine passing and enforcing.

They can not imagine realistic opposition to the passage of their bills, they can imagine no dissipation of public support, they can not imagine that in any way the solution to violence they propose (label it gun violence and outlaw guns) is wrong. They cannot imagine that their actions will start a civil war that may tear the nation apart, or that the effort to enforce such a law will kill more people, including innocent children, than it will save ( remember Waco?). Very probably they don't care.

And you have to ask how such unimaginative types can call themselves leaders.

* Any suggestion of trade off or compromises is intended to reflect the normal run of political dealings and not the lack of righteousness of the gun banners' desires, nor the sacrosanct nature of the freedom of honest folk to arm themselves as they please or as their circumstances permit. I am supremely certain that the gun banners are so confident of the inevitability of their success, the righteousness of their cause, and the near universal agreement of decent people with them that they will not offer these things but in fact demand and expect abject submission by all to their will.

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