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Number 702, December 23, 2012

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Coercive Government: Obsolete?
by Brian Wright

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

A few days ago I posted in Facebook regarding Next News Network (

Let's have high hopes and generate some funding and pledging to Gary Franchi's Next News Network, airing its maiden broadcast on December 22, 2012. Initially, it will be Internet based but no doubt the time has come for a broadcast alternative network of news and 'Controller'-agenda-free information for the worldwide community of real human beings with real independent minds.

NNN or N3 or N3 is Gary Franchi's baby, and whatever misgivings one has about the man, one can never fault him for energy and passion. He's the Eveready Bunny on steroids when it comes to getting out the good word of liberty.

Next News Network is now live. Its maiden streaming voyage, running from noon to midnight, today 12/22/2012. Yes, some first run jitters and glitches—such as an annoying scrolling of chat/twitterlike comments on the right that draws a fair share of trolls; an annoying ad each time you refresh your browser; and now I'm getting voice overlaps—but the grand idea is unfolding well enough.

Just saw Adam Kokesh on the Network this afternoon, making some leading-edge liberty movement observations. Adam vs. the Man et al. Check it out, give some ducats. Ideally within the year the freedom movement completely cracks the media nut... goes mainstream. :-) Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley, you're on notice!

What's the draw? Or what's the potential draw?

I didn't watch much, frankly, today. Just the Kokesh. [And from that I realize how young our movement is growing: Adam who turned 30 in June this year, was at the Libertarian Party of Michigan as our guest speaker. He relays to us then that the 'young people of the movement' give him so much hope. And brother he is TUNED IN, the quintessence of credibility, gives us 60-something young-at-hearts a real charge.]

The achievement of N3 is rounding up talent like Adam—well not all of them with that level of star quality—and putting them on the air in a structured mode at least 12 hours a day, several days a week.

[Here I must confess ignorance and I'll be critical of the promo documentation for N3, because it needs to make obvious the realities of N3, and especially, its goals and objectives.] But as Cathy Smith posted on FB, it's simply refreshing to tune to a channel—Web or 'broadcast'—of timely truth and liberty news/commentary from a vast array of (often) fascinating sources without significant interruption.

So the draw is intelligent viewing for intelligent viewers... who will be shaping the New Paradigm. Much sooner than most of us imagine.

Brian Wright is Author of The Truth Torpedo

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