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Number 702, December 23, 2012

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An Amazing Day
by Cathy L.Z. Smith

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Fall 2012 classes are over (hooray!), and I did better than I expected to do (rough semester). I'm officially "on vacation" until January 2, 2013. And I'm not at all sad to see the end of 2012.

On the other hand, I met some really cool people this year, and learned some new things about people I thought I'd "known" all along.

So today I have some time that belongs completely to me.

On December 22, 2012, between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. MST I witnessed, not unexpectedly, an unprecedented media experience. Today was the launch of N3, the NextNewsNetwork: NextNewsNetwork

N3 is an idea that has been a long time coming, yet one which is utterly essential to the future existence of that collection of values that Americans once did (and which some Americans still do) recognize and value as a political philosophy that fostered the creation and perpetuation of what is arguably the most free and productive affiliation of individuals to have thus far existed in the world.

Imagine, if you will, a news format in which the proponent of an idea is allowed to speak—to assemble, and present, a string of sentences, one following another, to convey an actual, logical, coherently constructed thought. The presentation of an "idea", complete with supporting argument, as opposed to a few seconds, reassembled and presented out of context.

Does it occur to you, as it did to me today, that what might be missing from our view of the world is: an argument? a discussion? a series of logically presented ideas that leads to a conclusion?

Here's the lineup from the inaugural broadcast:


1:30 PM Robert Scott Bell
2:00 PM Tom Woods (always enjoyable)
2:30 PM James Lane
3:00 PM Wayne Walton
3:30 PM George Sand (live at
4:00 PM Adam Kokesh (just awesome)
4:15 PM Alan Korwin (good speaker)
4:30 PM Larry Pratt (great cause)
5:00 PM Mark Lerner
5:30 PM Amber Lyon (gorgeous and smart)
6:00 PM Tony Stiles
6:30 PM Michael Boldin
7:00 PM Fabian Calvo
7:30 PM Lew Rockwell (a very academic speaker, great presence)
8:00 PM John Dennis
8:30 PM Ernie Hancock (a force of nature)

9:00 PM Jordan Page (great music)

10:15 PM Charles Goyette
11:00 PM Patrick Wood
11:30 PM James Corbett

All of the segments are available for later viewing, and if you missed them please go look them up. I suspect many of you are more familiar with lots of these names than I am. In any event, they have contributed today to something that is noteworthy and commendable.

So if you think there might be something missing from our national dialogue (like the dialogue), I encourage you to check out N3.

Finally, it seems to me completely appropriate to discuss this event in The Libertarian Enterprise, an on-line journal and home to a number of "hooligan" libertarians (guys and gals who insist on asking—and answering—those questions that many would prefer never to contemplate). TLE is in its 17th year of continuous existence, and has published over 700 issues. L. Neil Smith is the founding publisher and senior columnist, and the publication has had a small handful of editors over the years, notably Yiing Boardman (who was present at its birth on a fishing trip up the Cache la Poudre River in Colorado), John Taylor, long-time friend and staunch supporter of liberty, still active in liberty causes, and its current (and tireless) editor, the inestimable Ken Holder. [ I'm really really tired! I'll go take a quick nap—Editor ]

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