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Corruption of the Highest Trust
by Glyn Sable

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Medicine is the oldest profession known to man. Forget prostitution, shamans predate them by thousands of years. Shamans were the wise men of the tribe, the healers, the first scientists and herbalists. Their use of medicinal herbs and tinctures were the first forays into what has become one of the most respected and lucrative fields ever known to mankind.

To paraphrase the movie Spiderman, who in turn paraphrased Voltaire, "with great power, comes great responsibility." And what power can be greater or carry more responsibility then holding sway over another creature's health and life? Medical professionals are trusted so much, that many people don't ever question them. People are always advised to get a second opinion on diagnoses and yet they often trust blindly in any one single person with a medical degree.

If doctors are trusted, powerful, and respected, then pediatricians can be considered damn near revered. They advise us and monitor the health of our most precious and valued lives, our children. Lately, there have been movements that contradict what our pediatricians for decades have been telling us is safe and necessary.

I am talking about vaccinations.

I have seen videos and documentaries about what has been in vaccines and what used to be in them. There is an interesting video that is purely propaganda made by Penn and Teller on their show "Bullshit"—this video seems to purposely cast anti-vaccination supporters as fools. Whether they do this on purpose, or just didn't care to seek out actual educated and well spoken people is anyone's guess. Their prodigious use of the f-bomb and derogatory statements do not lend well to their credibility. This show seems to focus only on the belief that vaccines cause autism, when in fact it is a lot more complicated than that—but I digress, and I'll continue more on that subject in a bit...

Here are a few issues on the video I wanted to say while watching:

Personally I find that more and more research is pointing to higher amounts of aluminum oxide (or hydroxide if it is in a liquid solution like vaccines) in the atmosphere causing autism (and other disorders that affect the brain, once again, I'll address that further down the line)

This aluminum oxide/hydroxide is not only a small component in vaccines, but a large component in chemtrails—which when combined show a toxic atmosphere and immersion of our bodies in it.

Formaldehyde keeps the virus from reproducing? If it inhibits the growth of viruses, what does it do to children? This reminds me of how bleach can be used to kill the aids virus, but if we inject it into our veins we die along with the virus.

The toxic effects of formaldehyde in experimental animals include irritation, cytotoxicity, and cell proliferation in the upper respiratory tract, ocular irritation, pulmonary hyperactivity, bronchoconstriction, gastrointestinal irritation, and skin sensitization. Other reported effects include oxidative stress, neurotoxicity, neurobehavioral effects, immunotoxicity, testicular toxicity, and decreased liver, thyroid gland, and testis weights (IARC 2006, Asian et al. 2006, Sarsilmaz et al. 2007, Golalipour et al. 2008, Ozen et al. 2005, Majumder and kumar 1995).

Mouse Brain? Stimulates antibody levels? Isn't that what the purpose of the dead virus itself is for? The problem with animal cells is during serial passage of the virus thru the animal cells, the animal RNA and DNA can be transferred from one host to another and undetected animal viruses may slip past quality control testing procedures as in 1955 thru 1961 with SV40 which stands for simian virus#40 (meaning the 40th virus found) which has carcinogenic properties (cancer causing). What other viruses could be slipping by that we don't know of?

Aluminum Hydroxide—I've already talked about it and its links to autism and other neurological disorders and it also is one of the elements in its aerosol form that is linked with the death of bees across the nation, along with pesticides

Thiomersal was removed from MOST vaccines? So which ones still have it? And it is in miniscule amounts you say? We get more from fish? Last I checked, we don't feed any fish products to our children because the blood/brain barrier is weak as an infant/child and can allow mercury even in small amounts to cross into the developing brain. Why else are we told not to eat fish during pregnancy?

When they start talking about increasing the spectrum qualifications increasing the diagnoses they finally make sense—I agree with this part, it is true that many previously separate disorders are now classified as forms of autism, which accounts for the greater amount of diagnoses. But it does not account for the extreme rise in neurological disorders in general.

The real question here becomes "why is there ANYTHING besides the dead virus?"

To continue onto related topics, many may have heard of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. In February 1998, the Lancet published Dr. Andrew Wakefield's case series of a group of autistic children with gastric problems, which has become one of the most controversial studies in medicine because part of the patients' story included regression after receiving the MMR vaccine.

Following this, his reputation was smeared, and his credibility was denounced by many in the press and medical field for "going against the grain" of big pharmacy. However, at least 28 studies from around the world support Dr. Wakefield's controversial findings; Dr. Wakefield has also published dozens of peer-reviewed papers looking at the mechanism and cause of inflammatory bowel disease, and has extensively investigated the brain-bowel connection in the context of children with developmental disorders such as autism. The debate is a heated one, as the study suggests there may be a link between the MMR vaccine, bowel disease and autism.

I think this shows how far pharmaceutical companies can be trusted, instead of advancing the studies to find out if they (vaccines) were truly safe, they instead put profits over safety and tried to discredit a good doctor who was keeping true to his oath to defend life and health.

Remember earlier when I said that I would address how autism is only a small spectrum of the disorders that vaccination can cause? There are new studies that show that vaccines can cause Demyelization, which is linked to many demyelinating diseases. A demyelinating disease is any disease of the nervous system in which the myelin sheath of neurons is damaged. This impairs the conduction of signals in the affected nerves, causing impairment in sensation, movement, cognition, or other functions depending on which nerves are involved.

The term describes the effect of the disease, rather than its cause; some demyelinating diseases are caused by genetics, some by infectious agents, some by autoimmune reactions (I.E. Vaccines), and some by unknown factors. These can help pave the way for neurological disorders and diseases like:

  • Asperger's (Autism)

  • multiple sclerosis (together with the similar diseases called idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating diseases)

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency

  • Central pontine myelinolysis

  • Tabes Dorsalis

  • transverse myelitis

  • Devic's disease

  • progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

  • Optic neuritis

  • Leukodystrophies

If this is not enough to convince you, I'd like to also direct you to a great set of articles and references on vaccination—

This site has a great number of articles and physician quoting that really puts a exclamation point on my post—each one also has credible references and links to more information.

I have spent days going over this information, and weeks before doing light research. I've seen both sides, and I will never inject something into my children or allow it to be injected, unless EVERY ingredient is proved safe and necessary in it. Do I have any contrary opinions in the crowd? Please, I welcome more information, and I dare you to convince me to the other side.

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