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Number 705, January 14, 2013

It's so easy to forget why exactly it is that we
need to become a police state for our own safety.

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Neurotic Cowards
by A.X. Perez

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Hoplophobia means the unreasoning fear and hatred of weapons. A hoplophobe is a person who is afflicted with this fear. Remember the adjective, unreasoning.

The hard core of supporters of gun control are hoplophobes. To them guns are bad, totally evil. We hoplophiles are evil by their lights. To us this seems like an inversion of the natural order, but remember, these people allow themselves to be ruled by an irrational fear, one of the definition of insanity. Inverting good and evil in fact is a symptom of insanity. (somewhere a hoplophobe is typing a similar comments about "gun nuts").

The fact is that if there were no massacres they would still be screaming and hollering for the need for gun control. to them, if a massacre was prevented by armed citizens, that would be proof of the need for gun control (starting with comment "Next time who knows...").

There is another group of supporters of gun control who are not so much hoplophobes as eleutherophobes, people who irrationally fear and hate freedom, especially when it is someone else's. To them those of us who love freedom are horribly dangerous monsters to be brought under control. Imagine a world full of armed monsters and you can see why they want gun control.

The world is a dangerous place. Our enemies are people ruled by fear. They understand fear. And they want to rule others through fear. They are neurotic cowards who want everyone to be like them. Given that the world is inherently dangerous this can be quite easy, especially when they are supported by media that bases their profits on sensationalism.

Until we tell these truths on them and make them the objects of derision they deserve to be for the moral cowardice we will find ourselves re-fighting the same battles time after time.

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