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Number 711, March 10, 2013

"It isn't gun control alone we fight as it is genocidal
socialism. The plans exist. The camps exist. Training
is ongoing. Means are being accumulated."

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The Way-Yay-Ting is the Hardest Part
by L. Neil Smith

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Most of the gun owners in America know by now that the Democrats in the Colorado State legislature, slavishly bowing to the imperial will of the Obama regime, have illegally infringed upon the right of the people of Colorado to keep and bear arms—to own and carry weapons.

This is a country sharply divided now, between those who stand by the Bill of Rights and those who rage against it because they know it is an obstacle, an impediment, to evil things they want to do to other people.

They hate the Internet (and accordingly, the First Amendment) because it allows those individuals who oppose them to communicate with a freedom unprecedented in the history of humanity. They hate private weapons ownership (and the Second Amendment) because it allows those whom they would rule—and use as serfs—to resist them effectively.

There are those—quite honestly and sincerely on the side of individual liberty—who still believe, naively, in the political system as it was first described to them in the public schools. They believe we can deal with politicians who have betrayed us and our rights in the next election. Which means we have to wait two years. By which time, of course, the Obama regime may have declared nationwide martial law and started using the automatic weapons, armored troop carriers, and billions of rounds of ammunition they've recently been accumulating.

On us.

Obama's has been an outlaw regime from the start. We still don't know who he really is, where he was born, who his father was, why the education he claims appears not really to have happened, or why he's using a stolen Social Security number. He exercises military powers he doesn't legally possess, among them to abduct any damned individual he wishes, make them disappear, and to murder them if he happens to stub his toe or split a nail on that particular day. We almost certainly do not have time to wait for another election before we deal with his minions.

So I have prepared a preliminary list of "Things to Make and Do", the ultimate object of which is to force these creatures to resign and move to another state—say, Illinois—where their hunger for power and utter contempt for the highest law of the land is likelier to be appreciated.

First, they—and the voting public—have to be reminded constantly, via the Internet or any other medium we have access to, that, according to the Second Amendment itself, "a well-regulated militia" is "necessary to the security of a free state". We are now aware, after half a century of historical and linguistic research, that "well-regulated" didn't mean "controlled" in the 21st century sense. In the 18th century, it simply meant properly equipped and trained.

For this reason, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms"—which the amendment implies existed before the Constitution— "shall not be infringed", which means taken apart a little bit at a time.

Colorado Democrats have infringed on the individual right to own and carry weapons. They are therefore guilty of treason which is conventionally defined as giving aid and comfort to an enemy (which includes terrorists and criminal gangs) and legally as revolt against the sovereign, who, in the United States of America, are "We the People".

Treason—under due process of law—is punishable by death.

Even if that weren't the case, Colorado Democrats are culpable of felonious violations of the United States Code, Title 18, Sections 241 and 242, civil rights legislation which deals with attempts, by individuals or conspiracies, to deny us our rights "under color of law". There are fines, prison sentences, and a death penalty in there, too.

Somebody call a cop.

I know the chances are small that anybody will get arrested in the near future for committing these crimes. In the near future. But one of the world's great heroes—a man I admired very much—was Simon Wiesenthal, who, even when some of his own people urged him to stop, never gave up hunting Nazis until his death, at the age of 96 in 2005, sixty years after World War II and the Holocaust were over. If our opponents understand that, for their crimes, they face that kind of hounding, some will give up an undertaking which is evil, stupid, and insane.

Keep in mind there are much larger issues at stake, here. It isn't gun control alone we fight (though the term "victim disarmament" was never more appropriate) as it is genocidal socialism. The plans exist. The camps exist. Training is ongoing. Means are being accumulated. Meanwhile, the U.N. and top members of the Obama regime continue to argue that the human population of the Earth must be reduced by nine tenths.

Publicly accuse local Democratic legislators of enabling a new Holocaust. This must be spoken loudly, widely, and often. Sure, we will seem like nuts at first. I was considered a nut in college for my insistence upon laissez-faire capitalism, but the book I learned it from, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, remains a bestseller to this very day.

Do everything you can to tie each Democratic legislator to the U.N. whose stated goal is to dispose of 6.3 billion innocent human beings.

While you're at it, tie them to potato-chip and cola-hating manny-nanny Michael Bloomberg, the Duke of New York (he's A-Number One!). More than any other single person, he's responsible for what the Democrats are trying do to us. He's a sick, perverted specimen who detests and fears any manifestation of individuality, let alone of individualism.

Legislators aren't paid very well. Most of them must have jobs, or even businesses. Boycott those businesses. Boycott their families' businesses.

Collect and spread information on them—I will provide the Web-space if necessary, and see that mirror sites are established safely outside the country. Who's been stopped for drunk driving? Who's been accused of beating his wife (or her husband)? Who has threatened another individual with a gun (believe it or not, it happens).

Find private detectives who will work pro-bono digging up the dirt, and then, taking precautions to verify it, make every speck of it as public as you can. Not surprisingly, victim disarmament advocates appear to have unusually lurid records for criminality of one kind or another. Look up Congressman (and ex-cop) Mario Biaggi, for starters, and Senator Thomas Dodd. Investigate the politicians presently running Denver.

Keep everything in the open. The more the badguys (and they are badguys) know of what we're doing, the more effective it will prove to be.

Or you can just generate some perfectly reasonable-sounding excuse (something libertarians and conservatives are extremely good at), do nothing, die in Obama's new Holocaust, and let your children become slaves.

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