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Number 711, March 10, 2013

"It isn't gun control alone we fight as it is genocidal
socialism. The plans exist. The camps exist. Training
is ongoing. Means are being accumulated."

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Civilization and Its Malcontents
by A.X. Perez

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Without mentioning names, there is at least one confederation of Native American tribes that foreswore cannibalism when told by European trading partners that such behavior was uncivilized. whether this was to improve trade or because the Confederation valued being civilized I can not say.

In the novel Space Vikings (by H. Beam Piper, free download from Project Gutenberg) the protagonist has more than one discussion about civilization and that civilization can't happen unless people work at it. He implies that sometimes it's the "masses" and sometimes it's the rulers who are the barbarians who wreck civilizations. This is because they may value the benefits of civilization, but they do not value civilization and will destroy it in the process of looting its goodies.

I submit that those in the halls of power in America are such barbarians. I further submit that liberty, as it is understood by most Americans, is both a benefit and necessary condition of civilization as it exists in the US.

"Live free or die" indeed. Live free or have a life that is "short, nasty, and brutish" is more like it.

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