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Number 718, April 28, 2013

When democracy becomes tyranny, those
of us with rifles still get to vote.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant, Volume 7
by Neale Osborn

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Gabby Giffords, who was rated good on guns til she was shot by Loughner, has taken the defeat of the gun control (properly speaking, victim disarmament) bills last week is firing back at the Senators who helped to kill it. I'm tossed up over even mentioning this. On the one hand, she took a bullet to the head, with any brain damage that entailed, and you can understand her new-found distaste for guns in general. But personal tragedy does not automatically mean that you should promptly advocate stripping rights from others in reaction. Overall, between her flipping and her husband's idiocy over his AR15 a few weeks ago, I'd call this a fail-fail situation.

The man accused of mailing Ricin to the Pres and a senator has been released. No evidence of his complicity in the crime has been found, So the FBI has moved on to another Mississippi man and started tearing HIS house apart. The new "suspect" has been arrested as of Saturday morning.

Nutjobs on NewsVine commented that the NRA disapproves of this Mormon Bishop using a samurai sword to defend a neighbor. Not true. The NRA has it's faults to be sure. However, the NRA approves of ALL armed citizens who defend themselves and the weak. I laud this man. But 30 years of training might give him a better chance against a punk with a gun than most people who might grab a sword. Bishop—might I suggest a nice 1911A1 in .45acp to sit on the nightstand next to the sword? next time, you might not be so lucky. The pistol DID, after all, render the sword obsolete for self defense. Okay, not TOTALLY obsolete! Great job, though!

GE may bring good things to light, but their business sense sucks sometimes. With the way gun sales and ammo sales are going through the roof, you'd think a credit company would be fine loaning money to firearms related businesses. 5 years ago, they decided not to loan any more to gun shops. In the wake of the Newtown Shootings, they looked at their holdings, found out they held some paper on some small gun shops, and decided "No more!" I guess it's time to walk away from GE products. If they can't support 2nd Amendment based businesses, I can't support them.

The gun industry (especially the makers of AR15s) should be kissing Obama's ass. He's the best saleman for their products since Billy-Bob Clinton and his Ugly Gun Ban in '94. Sales of AR15 rifles is soaring. Everything from handguns to high-cap magazines. We all know ammo is scarcer than hen's teeth. But the sales leader is that article of eeeevil, the (dum dum dum) AR15 rifle. I remember during the Clinton UGB, my fellow gunsmiths at school were building and selling ARs and AKs faster than the parts would arrive. I had already left school, and didn't participate in the boom, but I know several guys who built and sold well over 100 each in the months between the proposal of the ban and the signing. However, ammo and magazines remained plentiful. This time, ALL of it is on the block, so they are all selling like hotcakes. The AR15, and ammo. The new hedge against inflation.....

This one better backfire against the authors. In reality, the senators who voted to assault the Constitution (the 54 who voted to approve the victim disarmament laws that failed) are the truly evil. THEY need to be paired up with all the innocent people, denied their Constitutional (and inherent sapient) right to own weapons for defense, who would be alive today if people like these senators had remembered the Constitution. I would LOVE it if every one of you who reads this were to find the ads aimed at their local senator, and send a scathing retort to the producers of the ads.

Nothing to do with guns. The Old Possum died today. Country music lost a legend. His best song, in my never to be considered humble opinion, is He Stopped Loving Her Today. There ain't a country music meme George didn't do at least twice in real life. George Jones. Rest in Peace, Possum.

Now isn't THIS a surprise. MSN is surprised that people don't hate the AR15, when they spend all their time demonizing an inanimate object. Now, I don't happen to be a fan of the rifle. They are in a pisspoor caliber, being little more than a souped up .22. They are ergonomically a poor fit for me. They feel like garbage. But they are popular for many reasons. Accurate enough for varmint hunting. Lot's of accessories for the guy who needs to customize everything, and (usually) there is surplus ammo falling off the shelves everywhere. Currently, as we all know, there is very little of ANY ammo available ANYWHERE. If it were up to me, the ammo makers would stop selling to the US government until the US government halts all attempts to ban ANY type of firearm, magazine, or ammunition.

Sons Of Guns is back on Discovery channel, Friday nights. One dysfunctional family, but some really cool guns built or repaired. Apart from their slavish adherence to BATFE rules and regs (which they probably have to do if they want to remain in business, LOL), the show is an hour-long break from boring crap on the TV. Of course, I don't watch much TV to begin with.....

Well, that wraps up this week's rant. I have a long week in front of me—Going to Joisey to help Pop do some yard clean-up. Oh, JOY!!


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