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Number 740, October 6, 2013

What they don't know and can't understand, is that
it is no longer acceptable for the elites to order
"little people's" lives for them. It is time for
the elites to shut the hell up and mind their own
damn business.

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Deserted Capital?

Take This Law & Shove It
The Evil of Obama Care & The Government Shut Down
by Jeff Fullerton

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As the Chinese proverb said: May you live in interesting times: it was an interesting week in Washington.

The First of October, 2013. Day One.

The democrats dug in their heels and for a while—the republicans—party of the crony capitalists became the Quisling Party with the usual suspects leading the pack! But the quasi-libertarians; the Tea Party conservatives stood their ground and even the current House Squeaker became sufficiently emboldened to manifest the hint of membership in the vertebrate phylum. They shut the abomination of the Obama Nation down. Yet the sun still came up that morning. The markets were even up.

And it was also Obama Care Day One and the system was not up and running.

The excitement continued to build. The sob stories from the victims the democrats would surely trot out in front front of the cameras was forthcoming. Talk radio hosts predicting acts of civil disobedience while one blogger produced a rather entertaining parody for those who assumed they'd soon be cooking the dog for dinner: [LINK]

It was interesting on the home front as well. I ordered a couple Nuremberg 2 stickers for my vehicles plus one for the Historian whom I taught a new word after he expressed his heart felt anger in regard to another GOP request for donations. He essentially told them to go pound sand.

I was somewhat surprised he did not know the term:Quisling—well read on History as he is. I first came across the it years ago in the sign on the cover illustration of Robert A Heinlein's Farnham's Freehold—which was also my first introduction to the concept of a Freeholder. It said "Jerked Quisling (by the neck)". While I had yet to hear the story about the first Quisling—actual name of a guy who collaborated with the Nazis—I somehow knew what it meant—and it just became my newest pet name for Senator John McCain last week! It certainly fits him and the other RINOs to a T!

And this week I coined a new phrase which turned out to be the ideal title for this article. Back on Day One of the horrendous, apocalyptic government shutdown I saw something on TV about people hiring bands and other dramatic stunts for their last day on the job—"Take this Job and Shove it" themes and with the ongoing debate in Washington I could not help but make a connection to the Affordable Care Act—aka Obama Care—the Thing that Would Not Die!

Obama Care may be the Law of the Land as Nancy Pelosi and others have so fondly proclaimed. But as far as I am concerned they can take their law and shove it. Obummer says that Apple did not cancel the iPhone because of a few glitches in the beginning. But there is no government mandate to buy one and the IRS is not going to come after you if you don't.


And you should have seen the bozo from the Environmental Protection Agency—with his sob story about beleaguered government employees on furlough having to dip into savings to make ends meet. Just a day into the shutdown! Turns out he's a union big whig in an agency infamous for destroying jobs and ruining people's lives. Necessarily skyrocketing energy costs and shut downs of power plants are just as bad a drain on personal finances as a government mandate to buy something you don't want or need.

There were more people—members of public service employee unions outside the front doors of the EPA and other government offices around the nation picketing in protest. It was essentially Looters and Moochers of the World Unite!
Can you pick a better slug line?


The President also weighed in on the issue in the typical progressive authoritarian "my way or the highway" fashion. [LINK] The Plebian Tyrant has spoken. Kind of like the kettle calling the pot "black"—excuse the politically incorrect expression. And ditto for the Senate Majority Leader; Harry The Rat—Reid and others. It's really their fault but they are trying to spin it to blame the Tea Party. And some of the plebes I know are buying it lock stock and barrel.

The Proggies are bringing two of their most fearsome weapons to bear—Shame & Fear. Shame upon the Tea Party "extremists" and fear upon the masses of those who are dependent on government in one way or another. Essentially making those who are dependent into hostages—human shields which they use to shame the oposition and also hope to stampede to the voting booth and get them to help the democrats take back the House next year.


Some of my fellow plebes at work were really bugging this past week. One complained it was killing jobs—including her son's new job which is somewhat federal related and told me that Spirit Airline was shutting down. I think that latter one was just a rumor since TSA is considered an "essential function". Another has a son in the Border Patrol who is not getting paid. But it's all about political theater to up the misery index. And very slimy and dishonest the way the government is in many cases actually expending resources to shutter open monuments and even privately funded attractions like Mt Vernon! And the President is even trying to talk down the economy by saying things to spook the markets so he and his party can blame the opposition.

But there is pushback. The vets cut the police tape at the World War II Memorial in Washington. Tourist cut a chain barring entry to the National Seashore in the Outer Banks. So maybe there is hope still for the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

And a good time to burn that Census form!


I try to be upbeat about it all.
Yet I realize there are people out there who are hurting. Or stand to be hurt because they have been beguiled into believing that government can and should be all things to all people when in reality it can't and that is the real problem which the politicians need to face. Do we really need another massive entitlement program like Obama Care when—in addition to the current standoff there is also another debt ceiling crisis looming in the immediate future?


If only more of the plebes could see it as we do—the true source of the current economic malaise is government getting in the way or threatening to get in the way. Or draining us so there is less disable income to do the things we want to do. Because we have to pay for someone else's free lunch! Or dictating our personal spending priorities like the Individual Mandate to carry insurance. If you are a working class person who juggles bills to make ends meet—as I sometimes do—would you rather shell out money for an overpriced health plan with a $5,000 out of pocket deductible that covers services you don't want or need—or just take a chance that you are not going to get sick and put the money toward groceries or your necessarily skyrocketing electricity rates brought to you by the same administration?

And please don't lecture me about personal responsibility—Big Brother—you and your lackeys. You are the last ones to be telling anyone, anything. You who are responsible for a national debt that is best expressed in exponential notation!


The issue of being drained was the primary focus of the message conveyed to one of the local members of the House of Representatives—Republican Tim Murphy when I visited his office on Friday. Congressman Murphy was down in Washington on the Hill that day so it became just a chat with his secretary with whom I shared my thoughts and feelings on Obama Care ; which essentially amounted to a plea for the congressman to stand firm on defunding—because the law amounts to an unjust imposition of hardship on working people. Told her to tell him that it is bad enough that we are forced to pay for the welfare state but downright immoral for us to be forced to participate in it as clients against our will. That is the real evil of Obama Care and the insurance mandate in a nutshell. Which was also summed up in the words of Doctor Ezekiel Emanuel—brother of the infamous Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel—who stated the previous night in an interview with Andy Dean on the "America Now" talk radio show: that everyone must participate in order for the system to work. What a fascist load of crap—even if he believes what he said to be true—and I think he does. That statement conveys the ugly, evil truth about progressivism and collectivism in general. That the system is more important than the individual who can be sacrificed at the whim of those who manage the system for the greater good. Which usually means the good of the managers and their favored special interests—ie the politicians and the big corporate donors and unions and a few other groups friendly to Big Government and the Democratic Party in particular.

In the course of this ongoing government shutdown going on day 5, the idea of human sacrifice has taken on a new meaning as the Senate democrats still refuse to budge and the President is threatening senior citizens and other "hostage" groups with dire consequences—unless the opposition rolls over and gives them everything they want. The evil of creating a class of dependent people and using them as pawns to extort the remainder of the population into abject submission and what to do about it is subject for another essay. Americans as a rule are compassionate and charitable—which is sadly how we got maneuvered into this current mess by devious and manipulative people who pretend to be of noble intent—but are in reality some of the most selfish, vicious, power drunken monsters to walk the Earth. They have revealed some bits and pieces of their true selves on air. A real litmus test to define them would be for someone to present a coherent plan to balance the federal budget and pay down the debt and restore the self—reliant character of American society by weaning people off government dependency. In a reasonable, humane fashion.

If the Republicans truly are the party of smaller government—they will come up with such a plan and articulate it to the people. If the Democrats sincerely care about the plight of the poor and misfortunate, they will sign on.

I have my doubts about that happening anytime soon.

In the meantime—I will fight tooth and nail to avoid being turned into another hostage of the system. It's now day 5 and the latest newsfeed is that the Obama Care sign up web site is down for repairs. And there are more questions about the security of personal information. Damned if I want to expose myself to a system that will be such a lucrative target for identity thieves!



I'll take my chances on my own until the system collapses totally and something better comes along.

Yes—it's that bad!

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