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Number 752, January 5, 2014

Only you can help yourself.
That's why it's called self-defense.

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I won't swear to it just yet, but there were only 9 murders in El Paso, Texas in 2013. maybe a tenth if we count one shooting by the police. There were also three justifiable homicides by police the same year, maybe four, depending on what went down on possible murder number ten (murder or righteous shooting? Only God knows).

20 minute record check, it take almost as long as filling out the form 4473, and longer for a new store credit card if you're silly enough to pay for a gun that way. Fairly liberal CCL to carry handgun concealed on person. No open carry of pistol, but no need for a license to have concealed hand gun in vehicle or to carry long gun openly in a "responsible manner". (I.e., don't act like a moron and keep away from easily alarmed types.) Switchblades (automatics, gravity knives, and balisongs) legal. Any single edged knife five and a half inches or shorter legal. all this legal weaponry in a smuggling center (where do you think the drugs from Juarez go through on their way to the rest of the US?) with a high population of PTSD patients (Fort Bliss and Beaumont Army Hospital) , high poverty and all sorts of other sociological excuses for violence.

Allow me to use this exercise in plugging hometown to reiterate, it isn't the guns (and knives now). Gun control is not the answer. Disarming honest folk isn't the answer. Otherwise a certain West Texas town would be as wild as it was in the 1880's when we ate gunfighters for breakfast and Doc Holliday was afraid to come here.

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