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Number 948, November 12, 2017

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Dancing in the Blood of Innocents
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

When I wrote the first draft of this article by hand as I usually do with most of my articles, the subject was mainly going to center on how the left was trying to use the death of a young protestor in Charlottesville, to booster support for restricting so-called “ Hate Speech.” I was going to make some mention of the anti-gun side since they never seem to hesitate for a second to take advantage of a tragedy. At that point there hadn’t been any major mass shootings (unless you count the death toll in Chicago). Not too long after I completed this article’s rough draft, a psychotic gunman in Las Vegas took it upon himself to fire into a country music concert from his hotel room, killing fifty-nine people and injuring hundreds of others. This particular shooting has been called the worst shooting in this nation’s history.

Before I lay into certain people who have done everything they can to exploit this tragedy for political gain, I want everyone to know that my heart does go out to the victims and their families. I wish there was a quick fix that could be offered to make sure that nothing like this tragedy ever happens again, but unfortunately life just isn’t that simple. There is nothing that can guarantee anybody’s safety from psychopaths who want to wreak havoc on the innocent, short of turning America into an absolute police state and even then, there is no guarantee of safety. Unfortunately, this very point has been lost on those who are demanding that the government do something. Anything.

I know that most of the people who are trying to use this disaster to their advantage, already know that the measures that they are proposing would have done absolutely nothing to prevent the deaths in Las Vegas. Especially those who are pushing “ stronger” background checks, even though this particular shooter went through several of them to obtain his collection of firearms.

Then there are those who want to ban buttstocks that can make semi-auto rifles fire at greater speeds. While I may not be fond of buttstocks, since they have a tendency to cause jamming, I still think that banning them is absurd. The results of the Vegas shooting would likely have remained the same, even if butt-stocks had never hit the market. Actually, it could have even been worse if the gunman had been forced to take careful aim at his targets, instead of just spraying random bullets into the crowd. I have always believed that if I ever found myself in the middle of a mass shooting, I would hope that the shooter’s weapon of choice was a fully automatic weapon since he would be more likely to miss. Of course, the anti-gun side will still act like they have more of an expertise in this area than any Average Joe, despite that many of those same people have never fired a gun in their entire lives.

What I found the most disgusting about the opportunist on the anti-gun side is that they were calling for more gun laws and pointing fingers at the NRA before the bodies of the victims were even cold. While the police were still gathering information, Hillary Clinton used Twitter to go on a tirade about how Congress should stand up to the big evil NRA. Not that I am surprised, since I remember her husband doing the exact same thing after the Columbine shootings back in 1999. Then of course you had these celebrities, who always mistake the size of their incomes with the size of their intellects. One of them was Tom Arnold, who is somebody I normally wouldn’t pay any mind to, but I think he of all people should know that certain objects or substances don’t just disappear because they are illegal. The laws that we have against Cocaine didn’t keep it from ending up in Arnold’s nose.

Sadly, one of my favorite comedians and talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel, decided to get on a political high-horse and go on a tangent about how Republicans should be begging God’s forgiveness for not passing the right gun laws (whatever that may be). He also repeated the same falsehoods that the Brady Bunch has been throwing around for decades. I am not going to go through them all since commentators such as, Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro and the people at have pretty much done a thorough job of refuting the nonsense that came out of Kimmel’s mouth.

Though I will say that the person who has done the best job against the anti-gun zealots is Tucker Carlson. He has pretty much reaffirmed what most of us already knew about the anti-gun side being full of nothing, but hot air (or something not nearly as sanitary). The anti-gun representatives that Tucker had invited onto his show ended up exposing themselves as the frauds that they are because they could never give a direct answer to a direct question. Tucker always asks them the same question; what laws do you think would have prevented the deaths in Las Vegas? They usually give a variation of different answers, such as stronger background checks, a gun registry, a buttstock ban or even an extended magazine ban. When Tucker asks them how these laws would even work in preventing mass shootings, his anti-gun guests can never give a straight or coherent answer.

What really gets my blood boiling are the zealots who never hesitate to let a good crisis go to waste. I find it completely and utterly disgusting that people are just sitting around and waiting for a tragedy to occur, so they can use that opportunity to advance an agenda, which on good day isn’t all that popular. These people turn my stomach. Like every other shooting before Las Vegas the bodies of the victims weren’t even cold before Hillary Clinton and her other anti-gun buddies decided to swoop down on them like a pair of vultures looking for a quick meal. Not only am I sick and tired of these parasites dancing in the blood of innocent people, but I am also fed up that these same people have the nerve to call the NRA or anyone who doesn’t buy into the same victim disarmament rhetoric, everything from heartless monsters to terrorists. Yet, as I pointed out before, none of them have any real solutions, except to disarm the populace. Don’t try to weasel your way out of it and say that you aren’t trying to take our guns away. Contrary to popular belief among the left, gun owners are not a bunch of dumb hicks who don’t have the ability to do research. We live in a time where the words of public figures will forever be documented, such as Diane Feinstein on an episode of 60 Minutes, where she proudly proclaimed that if she had the votes she would force Mr. and Mrs. America to turn in all firearms. Then she wonders why gun owners don’t believe her when she tells them that she is not after their guns.

Okay, I am sure there are some of you (especially you Jimmy Kimmel) who genuinely believe that adding onto the 25,000 laws that we already have on the books will somehow stop criminals and psychopaths right in their tracks. If you want to believe in this fairy tale, go right on ahead. Just don’t lash out at those who would rather use logic and reason instead of playing into your delusions. I once believed as you did that laws had magical properties. Of course, I also believed in fairies, leprechauns, Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. You know what happened? I turned eight.

This one goes out to the unprincipled Republicans and the NRA leadership who want to compromise with our enemies by banning or heavy regulating buttstocks. I find you guys more despicable than our anti-gun opponents. At least our opponents are standing by their principles, unlike the RHINO’s in congress and the NRA who have gone back to their old strategy of compromising with the very people who want to see our rights eliminated. Like I said before, I don’t have much use for a buttstock, but I don ’t believe in giving our enemies an inch. When we give in to our opposition, we gain nothing. As I have also said before, you are never going to gain any brownie points from the left, so selling out any aspect of our Second Amendment rights, no matter how minuet, will accomplish nothing in the long run. Though, it will help you lose the trust of America’s gun owners.

Update: Not too long after I competed this article, another shooting has occurred at a church in my home state of Texas. This one hits even closer to home since it occurred in a town thirty miles outside of my hometown of San Antonio. As usual the celebrities who have decided to lobby for victim disarmament on behalf of the American people, have expressed their disgust with the Republicans on Twitter, just hours after the shooting happened. This includes a second-rate comedian, a character actor, a has-been actor and sadly, one of my favorite authors. Of course, the tragedy wouldn ’t be complete if you didn’t have politicians who were more than willing to exploit it. The anti-gun zealots have actually angered me more this time than the previous times that these same parasites have tried to exploit a tragedy because they are now dancing in the blood of my fellow Texans. Of course, what the anti-gunners as well as their allies in the media have failed to mention is that it was a rifle wielding citizen who prevented the crazed gunman from claiming even more lives. Regardless, I am sick and tired of seeing these scum bags act like vultures who circle the bodies of the innocent, hoping to get just one small bite. Yet, some of these same people also had the nerve to give Trump flack for using the most recent terrorist attack in New York to garner support for fixing the flaws in our immigration system. At least Trump waited a day or two before he proposed new restrictions on immigration.

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