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Number 951, December 3, 2017

Like I said, the world is run by idiots.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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We begin with:


I haven't said a great deal about this, so far, but I actually began writing my first book, The Probability Broach, which became the definitive novel of the libertarian movement, officially published in 1980, way back in 1977. It was the first of more than thirty; I'm still working on two more now. Until informed otherwise, I'm going to assume that the Prometheus Award for Lifetime Achievement that I received last year was a coincidence. But I almost missed the anniversary: it was 40 years ago that, inspired by philosopher/lecturer Robert LeFevre, I began a story I was going to call The Constitution Conspiracy and finished as The Probability Broach. Forty years in service to the cause of individual liberty, even if I do say it myself. And 22 years right here, at this pop-stand!

L. Neil Smith
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Getcher copy right here:

The Probability Broach cover
The Probability Broach
by L. Neil Smith

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And we continue with:

A Unicorn for Christmas! Okay!


Manson can now vote in California!

Anyway, I wanted to recommend you buy and read another book:
Hamilton's Curse cover
Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution—and What It Means for Americans Today
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo.

I mean, I knew Hamilton was pretty much a jackass, but he actually said we working people were lazy and high taxes are needed to make us work harder:

Plundering the working class with onerous taxes would supposedly “be a valuable spur to them,” forcing them to work even harder, said Hamilton. This would be good for them, as Americans were too “indolent,” he claimed.
— Dilorenzo, Thomas J.. Hamilton's Curse (p. 43, Chapter 2, Section: Hamilton's First Financial Caper, Note-13 is to William Graham Sumner, Alexander Hamilton, (New York: University Society, 1905), p. 149.)

Fuck you too, Alexander “Jackass” Hamilton! I’m glad that Burr fellow shot you in the gut, from which you up and died with great pain and suffering.


Another fascinating book I just finished is
Mr. Wilson's War cover
Mr. Wilson's War: From the Assassination of McKinley to the Defeat of the League of Nations
by John Dos Passos.

On thing about the Kindle version, though, is the publisher, Skyhorse Publishing, did a piss-poor job of proof-reading the Scanned/OCR-ed text. The book is full of typos, which detracts via irritation from full enjoyment of the book; not to mention sometimes not being able to figure out what it is supposed to be! Forgo the joy of reading via e-reader or tablet and get a hardback or paperback version by the original publisher.


Finally, Andy Weir (author of The Martian) has a new book out:
Artemis cover
Artemis: A Novel
by Andy Weir.

Artemis takes place on the moon in the only-so-far colony/city. It is excellent. Get it. Read it. Enjoy!

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