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Number 956, January 14, 2018

Two words: Wall Bonds.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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I am sure you will want to read Q&A: Edward Snowden on rights, privacy, secrets and leaks in conversation with Jimmy Wales at WikiTribune.

And you probably will not want to read this: Professor claims “meritocracy” in math class is a “tool of whiteness” because it is … well it is proof that this is The Stupid Years after all.

Although all is not lost. At least not yet. Not today. I am sure you have heard that the Feds got slapped down for their attempt to steal Cliven Bundy’s land and cattle: Cliven Bundy may sue federal government for malicious prosecution, civil-rights abuses, Nevada rancher walks free after judge finds “outrageous” prosecutorial misconduct.

Another link:

The Feds Fought a Two-Year Battle Against the Truth to Prosecute Cliven Bundy—and the Truth Won
The government”s case against the Bundys collapsed this week, revealing a stunning level of misconduct and corruption.
by Jon Miltimore
Read More

And, even so, The Stupid Years continue to co-exist with The Crazy Years for our amusement and horror. “Interesting Times?” So it is, so it is…

So it is.


Finally, I have received reports of people saying the cover funny-picture last issue was a hoax. It truly is astonishing how many people there are with no sense of humor. Of course that boat was not named “the USS Al Gore”. It was a JOKE!. Really, that goes beyond stupidity into the realm of actual evil—acting that stupid is evil. And most everybody knows it.

Don’t they?

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