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Number 969, April 15, 2018

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Letter from Jeff Fullerton

Letter from Jeff Fullerton

Using cute animals in pop culture makes public think they're not endangered

This is worse than the people who used to get bugaboos about people using books with photographs of rare plants as a wish list for those who would go out and dig em up. At first I thought this was going in the same direction but it’s more about the need to control the commercialization of endangered species as cartoon characters or children’s toys. [Link to The Guardian article].

This must be the Green Thought Police! It’s not just about controlling what people have anymore—they have to control what we think so we don’t want things they don’t want us to have. Especially skeptical thoughts in regard to their belief system and agenda. Our main problem with skewed perceptions is that this stuff is so eye rolling incredulous that we might not take it seriously as the clear and present danger it is to freedom and it is because these people are serious and will make it the law of the land if they can!

Jeff Fullerton

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