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All Along the Watch Tower
by Jim Davidson

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

"But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."

— Ezekiel 33:6

You are free to believe anything you want to believe, and, of course, so am I.  In this life, I was born into a home of academics.   My dad was a professor of physics and, for a time, the chairman of the physics and astronomy department at the University of Kansas.  My mom was a professor of English. 

My dad never said much about his religious beliefs, but he seemed to feel that his scientific outlook precluded certain topics which he named "metaphysics."  My mom always described herself as an agnostic, saying "I don't know if there is a God, and I don't think you know either." 

My mom also told about her upbringing in a broken home where her mother worked after her parents divorced, and often called upon one grandmother or another to watch the children.  Unfortunately, the two grandmothers had divergent views on religion, one viewing Catholic doctrine as supreme, the other viewing it as demonic.  So if mom crossed herself before a meal in front of the Baptist grandmother, there was a beating, but if she failed to do so in front of the Catholic grandma, there would be a beating.  Somewhat worse to my way of thinking, mom was held responsible for younger brother's behaviour and he was a feisty get who knew he could make trouble for his sister with one or the other action or inaction.  Thus, I think my mom had adequate motivation to wonder what anyone else really knew.

These comments are meant to preface my other views expressed below so you, the reader, understand that I was not raised to be a devout believer.  I have come to be a member of the Dayton meeting of the Religious Society of the Friends of the Truth from a series of experiences in my life which I found convincing.  If you aren't a convinced believer, that is entirely up to you.

The Coming Sword

The information that has come to my attention is convincing to me.  I have both esoteric and traditional reasons for believing that a series of major changes are coming, and that vast regions of the Earth, including especially North America, will see volcanic eruptions and earthquakes unlike any events since the Toba supervolcano of about 74,000 years ago.

As I mention above, you don't have to share my belief, you don't have to believe as I do about any particular matter, nor do you have to accept these events are going to transpire.  It is clearly the case that I don't have any specific date to announce, and while I'm comfortable with the reasons why that is so, you might decide to blow off this entire essay.   On the other hand, if you think you are in harm's way, and you move out of harm's way, great.  And if you don't, that's your free choice.

What do I see coming? A big eruption of the Yellowstone caldera should be expected, possibly as early as the end of this year, triggering major earthquakes on the Hayward and San Andreas faults, possibly triggering the New Madrid fault with significant consequences for Mississippi river bridges.  At roughly the same time the Ring of Fire will continue to "light up" as seen recently in Guatemala and elsewhere around the Pacific Rim.  These events may result in new land formation in the Pacific as presently seen from the Hawai'i volcanic eruption now ongoing, but on a larger scale.  In addition, there may be large object impacts from space causing tsunamis along the coasts, especially America's east coast.   The possibility of one or more nuclear weapon detonation is indicated.

Traditional Information Sources
For several decades, I've been interested in Wyoming.  I travelled there in 1971 with my family, and in 1997 made the first of a series of visits.  One of the rumours that has been propagated online is that nuclear weapons have been placed near Yellowstone and in the cinder cone of one of the volcanoes near Mount Shasta in California with the deliberate intention of triggering volcanic events. 

There was also a recent release of a document, possibly fake, describing plans for the years leading up to 2020 that are designated "Code Nightfall" by the deep state.  That document, which you should be able to find online in ScribD format purports to be dated 1965 and describes plans for the next 50 years by the men and women who evidently conspired to assassinate John F Kennedy.  Their goal is supposedly a one world government under a single human ruler.

It is certainly true that there is a deep state, that there are unpublished budgets where billions of dollars are spent (and for all we know, trillions of dollars) on activities of which we are allowed to know nothing.  It is certainly true that fusion and fission bombs exist, including intense-radiation devices (neutron bombs) and there is extensive evidence that they can be used in underground detonations to set off detectible seismic activity.  Recent measurements of the magma dome at Yellowstone suggest that an eruption might be triggered with such a device.  

It is not possible to say with any certainty what secret plans are made by secret agencies.  Nor is it possible to know what sorts of tools they have built to do whatever they choose.  It is clear, however, that the agencies involved are run by psychopaths who have assassinated the leaders of various countries, have extorted large budgets from the leaders of the USA and the UK, among others, and are intent on world domination.  The suffering they inflict doesn't matter to them, because they are not the ones suffering.

Classical Esoteric Information
Edgar Cayce was a visionary or seer or prophet who was able to put himself into a trance and, apparently, channel information from another source.  An archive in Virginia Beach, Virginia that I visited in February 2017, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) has thousands of pages of documents on different recommendations for helping alleviate the health problems of hundreds of individuals on whom Cayce did "readings" while in his trance state.  Some of the technologies described for electrical stimulation of muscles and nervous tissue have been adopted by mainstream medicine, and many of the treatments involving Epsom salt soaks and the application of different oils have been written up extensively by medical doctor Harold Reilly, among others.

A very small number of pages, about 50 pages that I found in their archive, and about 120 pages in a short book published by the Association are on "Earth changes" which Cayce indicated should be anticipated.  One of the important aspects of these predictions is that Cayce did not say that definite dates could be anticipated because of the nature of the source of these events: God.  It is God's will to cause major changes to Earth to reward and to punish behaviours by souls who are either individually working to make the world better, or make it worse.  The more oppression, hatred, slavery, and suffering inflicted by those with power against the rest of mankind, the more likely to occur are devastating changes to upset the current system and bring about major shifts.

One of the aspects of this knowledge to understand, from the perspective of those of us who believe, is that the soul part of mankind never dies.  The Earthly body passes away, but the soul persists and returns (in my opinion through a dimensional gateway) to the spirit plane.   Also in my opinion, if you are struggling to grow as a being, "ye must be born again" or experience another life on Earth.  Further on this topic, I believe there are many dimensions of both time and space, as well as other dimensions that we don't have a good way to understand, so when people in the Religious Society of Friends of the Truth speak of being " connected to the light within" and being "in touch with the Holy Spirit" for ongoing revelation, I believe that reflects a connection to a dimension that is not perceived by most scientific instruments.  One of the voices I've heard from (at second hand) says that "it is okay for things to fall apart if they were not designed very well."  And it is clear that the societies we see around us on Earth are not very well designed.

In his Earth changes prophecies, Edgar Cayce spoke of major earthquakes in San Francisco and in Los Angeles.  He also reported that New York City would appear as if it had been a war zone.  Let's be clear, he felt these events would happen toward the end of the 20th Century, but he repeatedly indicated that the progress mankind was making at being decent toward one another would affect the schedule.  If people would do a better job of loving one another, caring for the poor, healing the sick, ending wars, not blowing up children nor raping them, the human race gets more time to figure things out.  One might view the period since 1997 as a reprieve of sorts—though if people really need to be shaken up to get things to change, perhaps waiting has not been a healthy development.

Specific Visions
Two people I know personally have shared specific visions they have been given.  I am relating these here.  Again, what you choose to believe is up to you.  My obligation, as I see it, is to let you know what I believe is coming.

The first of these two people had several visions and informed me in December of 2016 that a series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions would change the face of the Earth about two years later.  More recently she told me that she was given guidance that the Yellowstone caldera will blow late this year in a big way, possibly in December.  When I asked about planting crops here in Ohio in anticipation of refugees, she said there would be few refugees from the disaster.  She also said that we would harvest before the disaster.

Another trusted friend had a recurring dream in 2009 and 2010.  In the dream there was civil unrest including riots in many places in America. Then there was a period of quiet, many months.  Then there was a spreading darkness.  Finally there was a series of destructive earthquakes and the Ring of Fire lighting up.  She made a point to mention that the riots at the time of the Occupy movement, including the riot in Oakland, California and the later riot in Ferguson, Missouri, did not have the look or feel of the riots from her dream.  In November 2016, the riots in many cities that followed the Trump election did have the feeling and appearance of the riots from her dreams.  She has been unclear of the meaning of the spreading darkness, but as to the earthquakes and volcanoes, she feels that is coming.

This vector of information is persuasive to me, but I'm aware it may not be persuasive to everyone.  I'm sending word to you, now, for the purpose of sounding the trumpet.  How you choose to prepare for these events is up to you, but please know that there are people here in Dayton and Columbus Ohio who are good people and are prepared to help.


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, and storyteller.   He has been a business consultant since 1991, a real estate developer, operated a digital stock market, and has written over two hundred business plans.  Since December 1998 he has been involved with digital currencies including e-gold, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others.  He is the author of several industry reports on digital currencies and an advisor to several digital cash groups, foundations, and companies.

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