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by Ken Holder
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Welcome to the first issue of 2022. A year that will go down in infamy … no, wait, that was something else.

Well, at least let me say bOOie wOOgie! And many more!

I got covid
You got covid
We got covid
Who could ask for anything more!
Who could ask
For Any Thing

So that cold we had here turned out to be covid or something. Maybe that Little O version. We all had the jab and the booster and stuff. I got the sickest, being the old grandpa of the house. I seem to be finally over it. Mostly. I’m weak. Or is it week? Anyway, I’m going to restart my daily walking Real Soon Now, I betcha. No Really! Now if I could just stop needing to sleep 14-hours a day. Another Real Soon Now I hope.

What is the first … photograph? I’ve seen it in person, and you can see a reproduction along with many other “firsts” in the field of photography here.


The ‘cowboy cocktail’: How Wyoming became one of the world’s top tax havens, by Will Fitzgibbon and Debbie Cenziper at[This Link]. I know, ya do not think of Wyoming as a place to hid your money (assuming you have some money).

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!, but what about Extraordinarily, the effects of the Spanish Inquisition linger to this day by Jordi Vidal Robert which you can read at [This Link]. “Heresy” basically means “choosing”, choosing what to consider true using your own mind and experience, instead of simply accepting what some “authority” orders you to accept as true. In other words: a good thing. Let us all be heretics and keep our clothes and weapons where we can find them in the dark in case the fookin’ Spanish Inquisition shows up. High-capacity magazines recommended.

Can YOU find the curved lines in this mind-bending optical illusion? I love optical illusions, they remind me of some people I have known. See this one at [This Link].

Mind-bending optical illusion challenges players to spot the curved line & it’ll drive you mad, by Catrin Picton. Such hyperbole some of these news outlets have. But anyway, go read at [This Link].

Watch: These rotating cubes are definitely moving — except they’re actually not, by Carla Sinclair is yet another one. I just love these things. Read and see at [This Link].

Razer Just Unveiled Its New Mask. With a Microphone and Speakers?, by Ameya Paleja. Now that’s a mask!. Two N95s, a air-circulating fan, a pa system. $100 to $150. Such a deal, about which you can read at [This Link].

Taco Bell selling $10-a-month taco subscription service, by Hannah Frishberg. All I can say is “golly!”. Go to [This Link].

This, of course, isn’t news. Everybody knows this, especially those of us who live in Texas:

And big trucks don’t help, when I lived in Arizona, I managed to get my F-150 sideways once in the snow. It was in 4-wheel-drive at the time, too. But then I was born and grew-up in Texas, so what do you expect?

John Deere takes wraps off autonomous farm tractor, by David Szondy. I first imagined these things back in 1980 or so but it shore took a long time for someone else to figure out how to do it, about which read at [This Link].

Some Farmers Are Worried That John Deere’s New “Self-Driving” Tractor Might Make Their Job Obsolete, by Brady Cox. Well, just because a tractor can drive by itself does not mean it knows what a farmer knows about farming. In fact, it knows nothing at all about farming, just how to plow. Sheesh. But you can read all about it at [This Link].

What will Earth look like if all its land ice melts? Here’s your answer, by Robbie Couch. I’ve said before that we will not know the last Ice Age is over until all the ice caps melt. Which may happen “Real Soon Now” or maybe not. Bye bye Florida, see pictures at[This Link].

Kimber has gotten itself quite a rep in the 1911 field, and now they are making a Micro-Compact, that is to say a pistol of a size and weight that we might carry every day, which is not something most people want to do with a 1911. And only $600 or $800 with an optical sight installed (night sights in both models). My, my, that shore do look tempting don’t it? See and read at [This Link].

The Very First US Coin Told You To ’Mind Your Business’, by Ryan Menezes. I think the mint should reissue that coin right away, and Congress should change all the coin mottoes from “In God We Trust” to “Mind Your Own Business”. More at [This Link].

And in Flying Car news:

How Do You Build an Electric Flying Car? ASKA’s CEO Offers Some Hints, by Grant Currin [This Link].

Nothing aoubt that flying winnebago though.


Stay DEPORABLE! my friends!

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