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by Ken Holder
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The trouble with having to write something every week is that of not having anything to say very much or very often.

So, you ask, how‘s that weight-loss thing going? Well, sez I, my daughter-in-law is an excellent cook, you see. She thinks she‘s a terrible cook, but that just because she‘s not as good as cook as her mom was—her mom was a professional chef. So, excellent cook she is for sure. In other words, what weight-loss?

On the other hand, I managed a short walk this week. About 100-yards, then turn around and walk back. Covered with sweat! I will keep it up, but not today, it is too cold.


I always had a funny feeling about them Bussard Ramjets, and now:

NEW Research Debunks a Popular Concept for Interstellar Travel, by Matt Williams

Enough! Funny pictures now:

Okay, not funny, but purely awesome!

All I can say is “Thank Ghodd for Globular Warming!”

The average American after hearing “the news”

I’m kida feeling fargile myself these days


But seriously, folks, here we have it!:

A Simple Plan to Solve All of America’s Problems, by Derek Thompson

But seriously, folks, here we have it!:

Michio Kaku says physics could create a perfect capitalism, by World Economic Forum

But seriously, folks, here we have it!:

FedEx Asks FAA to Let It Install Anti-Missile Lasers on Its Cargo Planes by Andrew Liszewski

But seriously, folks, we know we’re fucked when people like this get elected:

This anti-vaxxer says there are ‘fetal cells in foods like Gatorade and Hot Pockets’—and she just won a local school board race, by Jake Zuckerman (There are fetal cells in eggs, too! Bet she eats eggs for breakfast, though. Eggs good.

No, seriously now, here we have it!:

Q&A: Why is the Government Losing Rural America’s Trust?, by Olivia Weeks [The actual reason is us (current or former) rural people know bull shit when we smell it, and these days we smell it every time we hear some “news”.]

But seriously, folks, Stay Deplorable!

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