Gearing Back Before It Is Too Late

by Jim Davidson
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“Some 20th century technology simply could not be maintained or manufactured any time soon in the 1600s, and was thus out of reach. By gearing down, which became something of a mantra and motto, the town citizens meant to plan ahead and use the assets such as up-time machine shops and the power plant to create a sustainable 19th century technology base, in anticipation of parts wearing out, failing, or normal breakage.”
Eric Flint fandom wiki

The year 2000 people of Grantville, West Virginia, who found themselves transported back in time and from North America to the Thuringinwald of Saxon Germany in 1631 had the advantage of knowing the scarcity of their systems. They were deeply and intrinsically aware of the coming failure of their technologies, and knew from various library books how to build up a great many things they would need. Such was the story in Eric Flint’s book 1632.

We, today, face a similar situation. We have come to the end of an unsustainable system, which is breaking down and collapsing today. I’m not going to spend very much time on this part of the matter, simply because I don’t think the people who read this esteemed periodical need to be told, and the people who would dispute the ideas are unlikely to be convinced.

Briefly, there is going to be a large amount of death in our immediate future. Already, insurance companies in, e.g., Iowa, have noticed an increase of about 40% in the number of deaths among persons they cover. That is an enormous change over the previous year. Why are people dying? I personally believe that it is primarily the death jab from Big Pharma, which is consistent with a long-standing plan amongst the self-styled elitist haters of mankind to slaughter about 90% of the human race. There is comparatively little information suggesting that the Wuhan Flu, also known as the Chinese Communist Party Virus, is very deadly except to persons with four or more co-morbitities. Turns out that hospital administrators are more or less uniformly evil and have insisted that cause of death be listed as “Covid” because they get an enormous payment. They have also lobbied for the unnecessary use of ventilators since the “emergency” declaration funded additional support to hospitals using ventilators, even though early on doctors and nurses observed that ventilators were killing patients and not saving lives. I could go on at considerable length.

Two major dependencies have been identified recently that may be especially difficult to get through. First, there is a global shortage of integrated circuit chips. Semiconductor companies spend enormous amounts tooling up for etching bits of silicon wafer doped with a variety of chemicals. Essentially all these chips are vulnerable in various ways, and reports are that the CIA/NSA/FBI deep state have their code in all of them, and most of the SIM cards as well. Roughly 63% of global chip supply comes out of Taiwan. Lately, the Chinese Communists have been rattling their sabres insisting that Taiwan be forcibly reunified with China on the Uyghur/Hong Kong model, which is to say by mass extermination, death camps for dissidents, and Disney making films extolling the virtues of central power.

Although it has been a very long time since my travels to Hong Kong and Taiwan in the waning decades of the last millennium, I do have very fond memories. I don’t believe that the dissidents who were thrown from the upper floor windows of apartment towers in Hong Kong died of Covid, but the death certificates may tell a different story. Some stories are more official and more fictional than others.

The other major element in our ongoing crisis may be the production of fertiliser. The price rises in this area suggest a major change in the cost of growing food. Whether that is a deliberate part of the plan of the global communists headed by evil Klaus Schwab and his coven of desperadoes from Davos, I don’t know. But it is exactly how their sort of evil mind works. To be fair to people who actually work, I should, perhaps, write “how their sort of evil mind conspires.” Happily, I believe people make enough manure (humanure as some organic farmers term it) to provide a workable substitute, though certainly not for the kind of now-traditional chemical based agriculture many farmers have been using for the last several decades.

Complexity and Dissolution

One of the issues with highly complex systems is that they fail in a variety of unpredictable ways. In suddenly losing a large number of conscientious persons who were told, falsely, that vaccination would protect them from illness, we may find ourselves without some of the key personnel for all kinds of things. Pilots are reportedly dropping dead in the cockpits, and it turns out that recently deployed 5G is interfering with aircraft altimeters, so not only might the plane be unpiloted but also it may not be possible to determine its altitude. Ooops. Things also look grim on the sports pitches, where highly trained athletes are keeling over on camera, suddenly suffering jab-induced myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, and other sources of death. Now use those video clips and imagine how it looks inside a boiling water nuclear reactor control room when persons begin dropping dead, or falling severely ill. Not a good thing.

A falling civilisation is not falling all at once. So there is time for certain kinds of preparations. If you have been preparing your home and your family then God bless you, amen. You should, you know. You should have food you are willing to eat and water stored for the times that are coming. Seriously, you should always have had such preparations. It would not be amiss to have canned and dried goods that would last you and your immediate family for six months or longer. Freezers are great and all, but be aware that the power grid may fail. So you should also have power generation equipment and if that is fuelled, have a supply of fuel on hand as well. Solar panels are very nice, but you need to be aware of something else.

Your solar panels are probably fairly safe from electromagnetic pulse, but the power inverter that charges batteries from the solar panels has circuit boards. And, yes, that’s going to be another issue for the disrupted supply chain of semiconductor chips. A certain percentage of chips are rad hardened for military uses and for satellites, but a great many others are not hardened at all. So in the event of a major coronal mass ejection (CME) or “Carrington event” as happened in 1859 when, by some reports, large sections of copper wire telegraph cables melted all over parts of North America from the enormous energy suddenly imposed on them, or in the event of a high altitude nuclear detonation, or, rather worse in many ways a series of surface level nuclear detonations, many circuit boards are going to fail.


You know your family car? Remember carburetors, distributor caps, points, and timing chains? Yeah, those are mostly in junk yards and antique car shows. Most of today’s cars and trucks have fuel injection systems and onboard computers. Unless you have some very clever ideas about vacuum tube based circuits or some mechanical system for timing the fuel injectors, you are probably looking at a sculpture rather than a pickup truck, after an electromagnetic pulse of sufficient power density. You might seriously consider the advantages of horses, donkeys, and mules as sources of transportation. If you are in the business of raising such animals, expect boom times ladies and gents.

Wagons are not a difficult technology to build. Nor, in fact, in my view, are non-digital automotive systems. There are quite a few companies that make various kinds of “all terrain vehicles” or ATVs, including some that look, to me, just like cars. I’m only guessing that it would be possible to convert back to carburetors, and find a supply of such gear, given the large number of antique car enthusiasts in the country.

How Far Back?

It is an open question how far back things will go. From our position there is an event horizon in our future, though not, I suspect, the singularity of which Ray Kurzweil wrote. What the events are, how they play out, and what things are affected by them are unknown. However, I have a very strong sense that something is coming. People like Cliff High seem to think that major events are coming in the second month of this year.

But what we can know is that certaIn technologies were not common until well after their invention. For example, the transistor. The very first conception of a transistor came in 1926 when the field effect transistor was described, theoretically, by an Austro-Hungarian physicist (back when there was still an Austro-Hungary, of course) named Julius Edgar Lilienfeld. You can, while the Internet still functions, look him up if you wish. Shockley and his team at Bell Labs came up with a working transistor in 1947. However, the most commonly used metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) was not developed until 1959. That means that people were using slide rules, mechanical calculators, log tables, and other manual calculation technologies (sharp pencils, abacus racks) and entirely non-digital systems for transportation and heavy industry right up through about 1960.

The good news here is that there are people who were working in 1960 and on 1960-era tech some years thereafter that are still alive. While not all persons are equally inventive, the knowledge of mechanics and people who even saw such a system working will be valuable in gearing back to those systems.

I should also mention in this section the concept of steam power. That is not necessarily a less sophisticated way of doing things. Consider the Stanley Motor Carriage company that built external combustion (not the internal combustion of today’s engines) steam systems that were quite sophisticated, right up through 1924.

Depending on how things go this year, you might want to make a visit to McClouth Kansas on the 16th to the 18th of the 9th month of this year, for their annual threshing bee. There you will find a large variety of farm equipment including threshers, balers, and other machines, all powered by steam engines. You’ll also meet people from a wide area who have interest in such tools and keep them in working order. Also here and there around the country you’ll find steam powered locomotives that are still in working order, powering trains for tourists to enjoy a scenic view or a railway meal.

Busy Times Ahead

In addition to getting ready for a world without some technologies and dealing with emergencies like melting down boiling water nuclear reactors, you might also be thinking about the coming need for an underground railway to get people who want out of the east coast and west coast cities (Bablyon) out of where they are no longer welcome. There will be death camps, sad to say, because the people running the deep state and their sycophants like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young are going to be determined to silence the views of anyone who opposes their communist revolution.

The good news is: there are enough of us to make it happen. So, don’t take the death jab, be of good cheer. Remember that God is with us to save us. God made this world to be occupied, and made mankind to occupy it. Whatever the evil minions of darkness have going for them, they have but arms of flesh and armaments of metal and composites. We have the Host of Heaven. So we’ll win.

Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, dancer, and teacher. He is working on and other business plans. The Academy has a home near Eureka Springs, Arkansas on about 35 acres. We’re seeking to bring together teachers not only of herbal healing but also of other topics to maintain knowledge in the coming collapse. Support our work by getting in touch with the author at the email address at the top of this essay. Find some of his essays at and among other places. You can also connect with him on Gettr, Twitter, Failbook, and looking for user planetaryjim

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