This is the Alarm Bell

by Sarah A. Hoyt

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Ihave to explain first that I have no idea where my sudden insights come from, or my sudden certainties. Most of the time—as with “covid-19 isn’t nearly as dangerous as we’re being sold”—I have to do a deep dive to figure out if they’re even justified.

I’m not infallible—by any means—partly because often what I “sense” coming is derailed by oh, law enforcement; a sanity pill to the responsible on either side, etc.

However I’m more accurate than mere chance warrants.

I’d say the process is something like: Read everything (I have consumed 2 to 4 hours of “current events” every day for the last…. oh. 50 years or so. Granted most of those was MSM, so the most I got was “that can’t be true.” It often wasn’t. Anyway.) Throw it into the mulcher in back brain. From the mulcher, sometimes, at random, a certainty emerges.

I’ve been wrong. One of them was my conviction something would set something major off, in June of last year. It might have been personal anxiety ramping things up. Though to be fair, I did get a feeling it might be “the root cause” that happened that month. But I’m not even seeing that, in retrospect.

However, right now, through two different fannish networks (MY fans, so people with real jobs, okay?) I’m getting the equivalent of “I am a thirty second bomb.” Add this to the supply issues, and the alarm is going off at the back of my head.

I could be entirely wrong. Those of you who are in the diner on Facebook know there are personal factors at play too. (There might be a solution underway for that. We’ll see. But I don’t do well with time-sensitive things I can’t FIX.)

I can’t explain, and wouldn’t break confidence if I could, however this is the alarm bell I’m hearing, and I’m passing it to you wholesale:

Get any supplies you need to make sure you have one to two months at hand. Whether it’s enough, I don’t know, but if you need more than that, we’re in severe, severe trouble. All of us.

Make sure you have a fall back position and all your family/friends/dependents know where to go if they’re not there and things get rough.

Stay off large crowds and highways (long drives, not in city) unless it is important for you to do so. (Vital or purposes of cheering on, or support.)

Look, I don’t have time to do a deep dive and confirm the things I’ve been told. I just don’t right now, or for the next couple of weeks. BUT–

The Canadian truckers are having an impact. Their government is trying to be stupid in all the traditional lefty ways: police! Army!

If they set off anything that communicates here, OUR idiots are just as stupid (I think it’s impossible to be dumber than little Justin) BUT more self-confident and even more panicky.

Maybe this will pass us by without blowing up. Maybe the 30 second bomb is defective.

Maybe it isn’t.

Prepare for the worst. This is your alarm bell. Prepare so you don’t regret. If you live in a blue hive, planning to work remote for the month of March, if you can afford it, might not be a bad idea.

Again, I have a stress headache the size of the world, and this might be all internal pressure I mistake for external, but it doesn’t “feel” that way. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you warning.

Do not hurt yourself. I’m still hoping this is not the sh*t storm that looks like it’s building. But get ready to survive for a month or two. To the best of your ability.

And be not afraid.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for February 4, 2022

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