War on a Budget

War on a Budget
by Jim Davidson
[email protected]

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

“In U.S. history, war has served as an important diversionary tactic, causing the people at large to shift their attention away from the state, s own criminality and toward real or fictitious devils abroad. Wars have therefore proved to be extremely useful in propping up the political class and preserving it from the public resistance and rebellion that might otherwise have arisen.”
—Robert Higgs

We are now being told that there is a war in the Ukraine, and that it is all the fault of those horrible Russians. Before I get all your emails about how wrong I am, please do recall that since 2016 you’ve been told, by the same people that those same horrible Russians were colluding, not with Hillary Clinton who was actually bribed to support various uranium production and sales operations from Russia, but with Orange Man Bad. Did you believe?

Did you believe the Brandon administration when they lied to you about Covid and told you to wear a masque? Did you believe when they lied to you about being jabbed with mutagenic poisons and told you to get jabbed? Many of you did not. So, now that there is war pornography on the television, do you believe the narrative being sold by the evil mendacious thugs who are masquerading as the owners and operators of the American republic? No? Good! I do like to teach and sometimes I like to help make it clear where I think the truth may be found. Yes, sometimes I do like to drive a point home.

I do note that Putin’s soldiers seem baffled and lost. Many are ill-trained conscripts, and some of the equipment being sent in at least in the first wave seems quite obsolete. I wonder if the plan is to have another long quagmire of a war.

Not Our War

You have no choice about whether there is a war in Ukraine, just as you were given no choice about the war fought by American troops in Afghanistan 2001 to 2021, nor were you given any choice about the invasion of Iraq, nor the ongoing (illegal by international law) war in Syria. You were not consulted about the invasion of Libya, nor about the utter lack of response by then-secretary-of-state pay-to-play Hillary to the attack on Benghazi. What difference does it make, she might ask, what you think? You don’t get a choice.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, that may be a bitter pill to swallow. You may be thinking dramatic thoughts about letting me know in a forthright letter how mistaken I am. Please do, it helps build readership for our late friend’s delightful publication. But don’t expect me to buy your line of wares. Nobody is selling me on elections giving a voice to the people.

Did you, or did you not, see the open election fraud in 2020? Oh, you saw it. You can even see a new documentary, two thousand mules carrying out fraud for pay. You might ask yourself why it is that a public employee union, the United States postal disservice employees union, has members that are authorised to transport ballots in any election in which their union has taken a position. I do hope you will do so.

Gosh, why were there so many mail-in ballots that all this fraud in key states was possible? Oh, yes, the hoax stream narrative is that the election rules had to be changed because of a pandemic that has a tiny mortality rate (at least in the unjabbed) of around 0.27% and which has symptoms much like flu, though with quite a good chance of damage to the heart and lungs in those with identifiable co-morbidities.

Am I saying the virus is a hoax? Sure, say it if that makes you feel better. I have no position on that matter. It seems reasonable to suppose it might be a bioweapon deliberately released by the truly evil people we know visited the Wuhan biological weapons and virology lab near where it was first encountered. It seems obvious that the long delay (from the 10th month of 2019 to late in the 1 stmonth of 2020) before travel restrictions were imposed, combined with the placement of the “world military games” in Wuhan was meant to ensure its spread. I myself did some “r nought” calculations in early 2020 and concluded that the virus was already global and out of any possible containment.

Does it have to have been a hoax? Nope. It could have been a real virus, a real bioweapon, or a real scare tactic. The strange new way of testing people for a virus (remember when you got a test at a doctor’s office or hospital five years ago? Nothing went up your nose, did it?) seems perfectly adapted to distributing a bioweapon or virus. Nor was there any clear reason for lockdowns, except to punish people who dared to have their own opinions.

Early in the so-called pandemic the liars in charge, including Dr. Anthony “kill orphans” Fauci were clear that the run on medical masques was undesirable and needless. In a moment of honesty he admitted that virus particles cannot be stopped even with high quality “N95” masques. They get into the air passages in your nose and throat by going through or around the masque, and you can get infected by virus particles getting to your eyes or other orifices. Nobody was ever made any safer by the wearing of masques. Masques harm you in hundreds of ways, and you can find links to prove it.

The masquerade was about being subservient. I’m not good at being subservient. I don’t like being told by children that I am to do something that is patently absurd. I’ve been kicked out of stores for daring to refuse their medical quackery. But I didn’t spit on them for it, so there’s that.

A few months ago, I saw two really disgusting libertarians-in-name-only posing the silly idea that they had to wear masques to protect others but they wanted to have some statement on the masque indicating that they were every so mildly unhappy with proving their base cowardice and total obedience to the lies they had been told and were promoting. I wouldn’t want to point you to such a festival of stupidity if I knew the URL, nor would I want to name them if their names were in my memory. I do recall they were one woman and one man, and I think it might have been a video pimped by the Koch-topus “Reason” magazine web site. Those two dimwits are not much of a point.

The point is, don’t believe the lies you are being fed. Or, in a moment of clarity, try this: TURN OFF THE FEED. In the 10th month of 2018, I had not turned on the big screen television I had from a friend who decided to run off to Seattle, leaving many of his possessions behind at my home in Ohio. So I gave it to a good friend, a spiritual sister who lived nearby, and she sold it to pay bills and buy Yule-tide things for her children. Television is programming, and if you don’t want to be programmed, don’t watch it.

Nor is it anything new to the era since television was invented and promoted. Liars lied on the radio and in the newspapers. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said that Americans who don’t read the newspapers are uninformed and those who do are misinformed. You are, of course, strongly encouraged to do your own research. The absence of very many links in my recent essays are meant to suggest that I don’t feel obligated to prove the things I’m saying, because I don’t feel that you benefit in any way from seeing a long screed from me filled with footnote-style links. If you believe what I say, great, if you don’t believe me, great. Either way, substantiate your viewpoint with your own research. Don’t pretend that you can sit there reading any publication and get a sense of what is really going on in the world. Get multiple sources. You’ll be glad you did. The freedom you preserve may be your own.

War Coming to You

Well, maybe not you, if you are one of those charming naive persons who feels that the government should be obeyed in all things, who wears your masque, who turns in your neighbours for non-compliance, and who has taken every jab and extra-jab “booster.” If you are such a person, you may well be dead long before any consequences for recent events come to your home. Your heirs may notice, if they aren’t as slavish as you.

What do I mean by “consequences”? It is a nice thing about certain words that they have known etymology. The prefix “con-” is in Latin “with.” You may have heard of “arroz con pollo” which is rice with chicken rendered in my very poor Spanish. The other part is “sequences” and you have experienced things “with what follows.” When hundreds of millions of people are deliberately murdered, there are consequences. When billions of people are enslaved, there are consequences. When you stand on your feet and say “no,” there are consequences.

Truckers went to the national capital city of Canada. The filthy vicious evil mass-murdering economy-destroying bureau-rats who work there have been quite upset. Good. They deserve to be unemployed, so them being upset is a great result. I gather at least one has filed a class action suit against the truckers for daring to honk their horns as part of a peaceable assembly to petition for redress. Were their petitions heard? Nope. Coward in chief Justin Trudeau ran and hid, came out from under his filthy rock, changed his undershorts and went to parliament to lie. Parliament in turn handed him all the emergency powers he had invoked (and which his evil dictatorial dad had invoked and invented decades ago).

Your truckers are going to the national capital city of the United States. There they will be, at best, ignored, and most likely attacked, violently and viciously by mass murdering thugs who hate them individually and severally. I don’t anticipate a good outcome. I do anticipate state-imposed violence. And I don’t think it is going to end with those who show up in the Disease of Columbia in the next week or so. Those who hate you and who don’t want to let you vote later this year and who will steal the elections from “your” guys and gals who are running for office, are going to prosecute an endless war against you, your freedom, your children, and your grandchildren.

The war of those keyboard warriors who not only believe that they do run things but also believe that they should run things is going to come to your home, not only in the form of ever higher dollar prices for everything, but also in the from of armed thugs who will make demands, take your things, rape your family members, and shoot anyone who resists. I therefore caution you to be sure to resist, because they will, being thugs, also make demands, take things, rape, and kill anyone who complies. Obedience and servility won’t protect you. Organising with friends, family, and neighbours, and building freedom cells and mutual aid response teams will help.

Yeah, I know, “gosh Jim you’ve been on it about mutual aid response teams since 2011.” It true. And I have, in the years since then, started and joined a large number of such local groups, and a few with national and international scopes. You might decide whether you want to be surrounded and destroyed or part of a group that fights back and keeps your home from desecration. You do have a bit of time.

What Am I Doing?

It is a fair question. This week I would have been camping again, in the Ozark mountain wilderness of Arkansas, but for some very kind assistance from a good friend. As it is, I am working on a few projects. These are: a business plan for this publication; a business plan for a new zoo being put together near Branson, Missouri; a business plan for BqETH.com which is building an education network paying 10% commissions to those who bring us students to educate folks on crypto-currencies including especially lawyers and insurance agents; a business plan for Ozark Herbal Academy; and keeping in touch with a number of mutual aid groups.

Something I’m not involved in but which I think will help a great deal is RadEngineering.tech built by my friends in Utah, Dan and Justin. They have developed a low cost system for citizen band (CB) radio data forwarding. They have also built an online encrypted bulletin board service. Dan and I talk every few weeks on his podcast at PlanetaryStatusReport.com which covers our views on the world. His own are also found at that site on his stand alone podcasts.

Why am I doing these things? First off, I think this publication is one of the most important parts of the legitimate journalistic profession. It publishes the voices of some of freedom’s most ardent advocates, and has done, persistently, since 1995. It therefore ought to attract millions of page views every hour. Which would be wonderful for advertising revenues. Our publishers, Cathy and Rylla Smith, believe in pressing forward with new approaches and good content, and there are a team of assisting editors and our wonderful editor-in-chief Ken Holder involved in figuring these things out.

The zoo is a paying customer, and I think petting zoos are really useful for children with disabilities and illnesses. Kids love animals and really open up when they get to hold a baby furry thing. The recent planned servitude masque mandates have harmed children in hundreds of ways, and kids need fun.

The BqETH.com project began as an automated deadman switch for journalists. It is now clear to us that the same constant variable time delay function and time lock puzzle system developed by JD Bertron, our founder, can be used for annuity payments, for asset inheritance, and for any timed release of information. Moreover, it turns out to be really complicated. The 36 page business plan for BqETH includes about 20 pages of detailed technology and operations plan and the white paper contains lots more details on the tech. So we’re going to have to educate our user community.

How big is that community? About 300 million people around the world own some amount of some cryptocurrencies. The top ten cryptocurrencies are still the vast majority of the market cap, but you can find a billion dollars or more in market capitalisation of some of the top 100 or 150 currencies. Which means that free market money is here and is unstoppable. It also means that people need help understanding crypto-currencies as well as the details of our system. We’re gearing up to have a multi-billion-dollar a year teaching company. And we’re building a decentralised network of time lock puzzle solvers, “puzzle farmers” as we call them to use a different metaphor from “crypto currency miners.”

The Ozark Herbal Academy is about healing. Its founder, D’Coda, maintains a database with tens of thousands of entries about herbs, medical conditions, and treatments. It links to over 500,000 articles on the same subjects all over the web. And it is only $15/month for a subscription, or $100/year. You should learn about how to heal yourself without the medical pharmaceutical establishment because those guys want to kill you. Your own immune system will not be improved if you take the jabs.

On a personal note, I am struggling financially right now. Things are still in a very early stage with the above, and not a single one of the bills I have to pay seems inclined to await better days ahead. There are better days coming. If you happen to feel like helping me out, feel free to get in touch. My email at the top of this essay works. The PayPal link does not.

God bless you and your families, every one. God is with us to save us. Amen.

Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, dancer, and teacher. He is working on OzarkHerbalAcademy.org and other business plans. The Academy has a home near Eureka Springs, Arkansas on about 35 acres. We’re seeking to bring together teachers not only of herbal healing but also of other topics to maintain knowledge in the coming collapse. Support our work by getting in touch with the author at the email address at the top of this essay. Find some of his essays at FreedomLandDAO.com and IglooLuau.com among other places.   You can also connect with him on Gettr, Twitter, Failbook, and Flote.app looking for user planetaryjim

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