Sailing Conspiratorial Seas

by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

It is said that when the going gets weird, the weird go pro.

Well, boys, girls and winged wombats: Hold my Port Wine and watch this!

Let me first register that I’m profoundly uncomfortable living in a time when the difference between conspiracy theory and reality is more or less two weeks and shortening.

Look, I’m in a profession where assembling fantastical patterns of events is my trade, okay? That means I’ve striven my entire life to not bring work home.

Normally the most obvious explanation is the real one. If I come home and there a bunch of white fur on the back rug, the explanation is likely that Havey-cat has been rolling in it again, not that aliens with white fur came in through the back door to steal data from my computer. I mean, the second one is admittedly more fun, and incredibly flattering (The aliens want MY data) but the chances of its being true are very, very low.

Now imagine I come home and there’s the same white fur on the rug. Well, it’s mostly white, but the middle is bright pink and the ends are a beautiful rose gold.

Yes, it is entirely possible that my son lost his mind and dyed the cat strange colors. But it’s probably less likely that this happened than that some creature with fur yet unknown came in through the back door, for purposes unexplained.

Right now, world news (and to an extent national news) wise, I’m sitting here staring at rug with white/bright pink and rose gold fur, and trying really hard not to get carried away.

But the problem is, you see, that once we eliminate the impossible (say son wasn’t home to dye the cat) the improbable, no matter how improbable must be the truth.

I’ve felt this way in the recent past, when the Covidiocy began. I really didn’t want to assume the whole thing was overblown and that a panic was being instigated by our idiot left (in cooperation with the idiot left that is the establishment in the rest of the civilized — no one can call it free — word) for the purpose of unseating Trump (Trump’s going along with, and cooperating still makes me profoundly uneasy.)

But facts are facts. And the fact that the masses of homeless, who were not actually subjected to any restrictions in association, and who — oh boy — were camping all over Denver in big grotesque masses while the tax-payers were subjected to house arrest, weren’t dropping like flies meant this was not the black plague. This was corroborated by the fact that in the Diamond Princess cruise ship, under horrific conditions and with a compromised population (Very old, often very sickly) the death rate was that of a severe flu season (probably less than a severe flu aboard the petri-dish ships.)

This meant that everything, from the initial house arrest, to the ever lengthening two weeks, to the relentless fear propaganda, the bizarre muzzle mandates, the experimental RNA treatment mandates…. all of it, all the entire scruff and ruff and disgusting mess were not needed and were in fact put in place for some reason having absolutely nothing to do with public health.

I won’t lie: I felt like I was going nuts, because it was so obvious. And yet, businesses, churches, schools meekly closed, when the data was available everywhere. And people I was used to considering sane, or at least not complete raving lunatics, were chasing me all over facebook to wish me death on a ventilator. (And btw, my inside knowledge didn’t help here, because most deaths on a ventilator are because of the ventilator settings, which most doctors are iffy on using. Or were at least at the beginning of this. And which btw are always dangerous to the extreme elderly who have fragile tissues.)

Now it’s been two years of two weeks to flatten the curve, and even though my new doctor appointment cautioned me that I have to wear a mask (SUCH nonsense) even the CDC is admitting the muzzles of stupidity do nothing, even when they are the triple muzzles of complete stupidity invented by Mengele Jr Dr. Fauci. And the “Vaccine” is no longer necessary because “We did it, Joe” and the magic of the incoherent zombie has, between one week and the next vanished the dread plague that never was. Of course, dealing with the people who are still freaking out after two years of propaganda is going to take years. Our children have permanent cognitive deficits that might never be made up (no, seriously, the time for formation of language is short, and it does close) because they were unnecessarily barred from seeing human faces for two years. Young men have permanent damage to their hearts from the completely unneeded vaccine. More children and elderly have died from not-a-vax than the virus. People have lost jobs, careers and businesses. And the horrific torture of seniors, who either died alone or fell off he cognitive cliff because of house arrest has scarred the psyches of those of us aware enough to know.

But, hey, it can all be swept away just before the State of the Union, so that maybe the Marxist Spokeszombie’s numbers can be bolstered. (They can’t. And given the origin of those polls I suspect his real approval is in the single digits and confined to those seniors who have been shut in with a television for 2 years, and exquisitely indoctrinated college graduates who because of the lock downs have never held a job.)

So, no. I wasn’t crazy. The massive, nonsensical power grabs truly were gratuitous and for the purpose of stealing an election (Which is why it was a potemkin election, where fraud was always supposed to give them victory. Which tells you how large it was to begin with. The fact it failed and forced them to cheat more at the last minute, in front of G-d and everyone has them in a panic since. Hence the fencing around the capitol, the insanity with Jan 6 and the fact they didn’t immediately let us go back to normal.)

So, not crazy, even if in the grip of disabling-levels of anger.

And isn’t it weird that the moment people stopped wearing masks and communicated clearly they’d had it and also, incidentally, that they were in a rebellious mood by donating to the Canadian trucker convoy, a new thing appeared to suck all the air out of the room? Internationally. Overnight. So that our own convoys (and yes, there are others than the glowing one) disappeared from view, and that talk of a general strike was swept under the rug? And isn’t it weird that the new crisis is of a sort that allows our occupying government to declare a national emergency which allows them to control opposing speech? And to declare any actions — say general strike — in opposition to their genocidal and bizarre agenda “treason” and “comfort to the enemy.” And note, please, that they can apply these tags whether it makes any remote sort of sense or not. See the screams of Trump collusion with Russia, or the accusations that we are all in Russian pay, even though I’ve hated Russian influence and the Russian government since they wore the mask of the Soviet Union. (International socialism was always Russian nationalism, and anyone who pretends otherwise is trying really hard not to see through the gauze-thin mask.)

“But Sarah! You’re insane! I mean Putin just invaded the Ukraine when he did. Why woud you be suspicious?”

Well, why indeed. Considering two years of the rankest lies and propaganda, a jolly new call to arms when we were getting tired of the covidiocy, and “climate change” (Which has brought out new extra alarming predictions, to match all the ones that have never come true) wasn’t getting the traction they really wanted it to get, seems…. uh…. made to order.

And to quote my mom, when the alms are too big, the beggar gets suspicious.

How big is this alms? Well, the incursion into Ukraine is sure to get rid of the evidence of the Biden Crime Family meddling with that sovereign country. Also, in the future, it would make it unlikely that anyone would mention that meddling, because, well, do you want to be accused of being pro-Russia. Because you’d be. Because wars reduce things to binary choices. In addition, see the ability of the current Junta to slam down draconian controls on the populace, a la Woodrow Wilson. Why — that might allow them to impunely steal the 2022 elections. And maybe the 2024. And no one will dare say they were stolen. And the military won’t rebel, because more wars mean more promotions (why twinkle bottom Vanilli Milley lied and disobeyed a sitting president.) Hell, keep the war going long enough, inflict enough damage, and the global “elites” can keep power forever and establish the Great Reset as they meant to! (No, they actually can’t, because the entire idea is the kind of idea only a deranged idiot who has never met a real human being would believe in. But they can, actually and for real, destroy civilization. I am however talking about what a desperate, losing-power largely senile and addled or congenitally stupid group thinks they can do.)

Color this beggar very suspicious.

“But Sarah,” you’ll say. “You’re positing that the Junta is collaborating with Putin. How can that be, when they’re slamming down on Russian accounts and talking about how evil Putin is worldwide.”

Um….. yes. Yes, they are. Now consider that Biden is wholly owned by China, and that China has a treaty with Putin’s Moscow.

Note also that this isn’t necessary, in the sense of a full on cooperation. Putin is an old guard international socialist looking to conquer the world for Russian nationalism, that is. All it would take would be signaling that Biden would be okay with Putin annexing Russia, to get us where we are.


But…. Look, yeah, Russian bombast, but has it ever occurred to you that there are too many lies floating around about the brave and plucky Ukranian resistance? That it’s passingly bizarre that the Russians are losing the part of the war they’re really good at (making up shit and propaganda) to Ukraine? That the left is suddenly very chicken hawky and demanding that we go to war and that of course Putin isn’t going to nuke us? And that Putin has gone from being a cagey and weird corruptocrat to sounding exactly like a Bond Villain? “If I can’t have Ukraine, I’ll nuke you all!”

Uh Uh. Perhaps the same Hollywood that can no longer write anything but remakes is now scripting his speeches? Which would mean, yes, that he is in on it, and looking to– I don’t know, but there are several upsides for him in this:

Even if he “loses” he’s likely to have gained territory, and leaves the door open to gaining more and maybe restoring his dream of a world-powerful Russia. Sure, China is in the way, but China is, has been and will always be, a “Potemkin superpower” and Putin likely knows it. He’ll get rid of young men who are likely to — always — cause trouble. And he can institute draconian measures at home (more than usual) and quell incipient rebellion. He can also divorce from Western bank and work with China which will facilitate further repression, etc.

And honestly, it’s better for that old horror if our “elites” stay in power. Pissed off people in control of their own destiny might give Russians ideas, no?

So, looking at the jolly war going on, it seems to me the international globalists are putting on a show for the peasants.

Sure, Ukrainian people are being killed for real, infrastructure destroyed, and lives ripped to shreds. And of course, yes, Russian young men are all so getting killed.

So? People aren’t real to these would be aristocrats. They never wore. They’re numbers on a paper. Nothing more.

The only question remaining is whether they’ll actually nuke a few American and maybe European cities, just to cow the population and make yet another power grab. (It won’t work, not in the long run. By which I mean a year or two. But one shudders to think what they’ll do when that falls apart.)

Which brings me to where I am: Yes, I hate Putin. He’s KGB. I’ve hated the KGB and the Soviets (Aka Russian imperialists) longer than many of you have been alive, and while the left still though they were their beau ideal. Besides, to be fair, I hate and despise all totalitarian regimes and all regimes that treat humans as markers in a game. (Tiddly winks. None of the current crop is up to chess.)

Yes, I think Ukraine is suffering, and that real people are dying.

But I think our getting involved will just be playing into the plan that started this. And frankly, the longer we delay in getting socialism into the midden of history, the longer and more bizarre their plans will get, and the more people will die.

I feel for the Russian people, losing their sons in this nonsense, but I don’t think anything can be gained by adding our sons and our livelihoods to this.

Russia needs to clean house and get rid of Putin. I don’t even know if that’s possible, because honestly I don’t understand Russian mentality very well. And their press has been controlled so long, there’s nothing to lean on. Not from the 20th century onwards.

So, I more wish and hope than know that they’ll step up.

And we need to clean house. Peacefully, if possible. Which starts with stepping up to the plate and telling the Junta and its machinations “No. And also no. Let me suggest where you can stick it and with how much force.”

And it requires we ignore the distractions thrown at us, and fight for our own freedom. Then and only then can we help others free themselves.

In other words, secure your own oxygen mask, before helping others.

Don’t be distracted. No matter what the sideshow is, the fight remains the same.

Get rid of the would be aristoi, and make sure that government of the people for the people shall not perish from this Earth.

It is the cause of Humanity, and the civilization depends on it.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for March 2, 2022

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