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Letter from A.X. Perez

Not Looking Good

“Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just:”
– Thomas Jefferson

As I see politicians of both left and right place their own power above the well-being of our nation and our people’s freedom,

As I see a war overseas getting ready to drag us in and another preparing to start that may also involve us,

As I see people seeking to obtain justice for their own by denying it to others,

As I see people demanding I accept what I know is a lie as the truth, again on both left and right,

As I see people trying to tear my country apart either by dividing into several nation states or by starting civil war in the face of our enemies,

As I see people offering false promises of security and prosperity in exchange for giving up liberty,

I tremble also.

A.X. Perez
[email protected]

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Letter from Sean Gabb

The Crusades: (Video Lectures)

The Crusades are the defining event of the Middle Ages. They brought the very different civilisations of Western Europe, Byzantium and Islam into an extended period of both conflict and peaceful co-existence. Between January and March 2021, Sean Gabb explored this long encounter with his students. Here are two of his lectures. All student contributions have been removed.

09. The Other Crusades

Sean Gabb
[email protected]

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Letter from T.J. Mason

Re: “War on the Truth”, by by Jim Davidson

Thought of the day

The whole world hasn’t fallen apart because of one person. It’s taken a concerted effort of both willful and negligent destruction, lasting decades. Even at the top of the food chain, it’s sometimes competing, sometimes cooperative cabals, not individuals.

2nd thought of the day, on reading Letter from Cathy Smith on ZAP

The fallacy of the Golden Rule—love your neighbor as you love yourself—is that some persons utterly despise themselves and treat their neighbors, everybody, just as despicably. Even the Golden Rule needs context.

T.J. Mason
[email protected]

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Letters from Jeff Fullerton

Blast from the past (circa 2013)—now coming to pass “Ayn Rand: I Told You So”, by David Kelley

* * *

“Rand Rising in India: Entrepreneurial Philosophy Attracts New Interest in Ancient Civilization” by Jennifer A. Grossman

This is how we beat them. By going global.

* * *

At Amazon.com: Joe Biden Toilet Paper Roll – Funny Political Novelty Gag Gift – 3 Ply Bathroom Tissue 200 Sheets in Each Roll – Laugh Out Loud Joke with Image Printed on Every Sheet | Hilarious White Elephant Idea

Joe wipe my tail!

* * *

Gas at $4.44 Monday night and I didn’t even go shopping today because I didn’t want to see how much it probably went up today! They’re taking even higher prices because of a ban on Russian oil imports.

It feels like the end of the world. I have no idea how I’ll be able to afford driving to work let alone heat my house next winter.

The Democrats saying that Trump was going to crash the economy and start World War 3 becoming very reminiscent of the LBJ Campaign saying that Barry Goldwater would get us into a land war in Asia.

Then LBJ sent troops into Vietnam.

My advice to young people this time around: Hell No Don’t Go! If the bastards want a war let em come and take you!

* * *

More “Science”:

The Rape of Mother Earth.… ”The Rise and Fall of Western Dominance”, Lecture series headed by dr. Hans Adam (Philosophies and Natural Sciences) and Contributor of Discussion paper Pierre Madl, Salzburg, 16th of Jan. 2002

I wonder it this isn’t bogus stuff somebody submitted just to see if people with left wing bias would run with it.

* * *

Poll finds Republicans would stay and fight, Dems less so, by Tom Knighton

This could be a blessing in disguise. If the invasion can be repelled without the help of the Democrats, we could certainly rebuild a much better nation without them too; since they have long been the authors of destructive policies that are undermining economic prosperity and weakening America to make attack by unfriendly foreign powers more likely. Indeed we ought to not allow them to return or if they are allowed: at least make them go through the legal process of immigration and be given lower priority to foreign nationals wanting American citizenship!

* * *

Ron Paul: Biden Bans Russian Oil. Are We Committing Economic Suicide Over Ukraine?, by by Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams

* * *

This is how politicians become millionaires.

To quote the old man in Independence Day “You don’t really think they pay $500 for a toilet seat or $300 for a hammer, do you”?

John Stossel — Palace in the Park

It could make you blood boil. On the flip side of things it makes you realize that you don’t have to feel guilty for not signing onto Joe Biden’s war on domestically sourced energy or his general plea of necessity to upend your way of life in the name of the greater good.

* * *

it’s actually $20,000 for a hammer and $30,000 for a toilet seat.

Independence day area 51 how do you get funding for all this

And the $2 million for a public restroom in a city park! But there’s no Area 51 with a captured spaceship and pickled aliens in jars. The money mostly went into the pockets of politicians. It built mansions for Al Gore, Bernie Sanders. And Joe Biden who has a net worth of $9 million. He’s worth about 6 public bathrooms in New York or California!

Jeff Fullerton
[email protected]

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Letter from Dave Ridley

What: You’re invited! NH Independence demonstration/lobbying prior to expected vote.  The NH State House will be deciding whether to let all New Hampshirites vote on CACR 32, a declaration of independence from the United States.

Where: Primarily in front of the NH State House, Concord NH…followed by other locations around the House complex

When: Thu, March 10 7:30 a.m. in front of the House, gradually spreading around the complex throughout the day

Why: Because D.C. has a literal million-page list of things the people are banned from doing, and will grow until it consumes you​ if we don’t try something peaceable-but-different.

How:  Some “NHexiters” should be identifiable by their blue armbands even if they become spread out and occupied by flyering.

NH Independence activists have called a demonstration to occur in front of the State House at Concord starting at 7:30 a.m. on March 10, then likely spreading throughout the House complex during the day.  The planned crack-of-dawn gathering precedes, perhaps only slightly, an expected full house vote on CACR 32.  This is State Rep Mike Sylvia’s historic but longshot proposal to let all New Hampshirites vote on a declaration of independence.

However, there is much uncertainty as to what time the bill will come up for its vote during the day.  So supporters are encouraged to show up even if they can’t make it until afternoon.  Activists expect to spread out in and around the House complex from the start, in order to hand out flyers to reps or do last-minute lobbying.  Some should be wearing blue armbands to identify themselves to you.

Other details are at NHexit.US.  Updates may also appear at


…along with further thoughts regarding the double-standard of supporting Ukraine’s independence while opposing ours.

Dave Ridley
[email protected]



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