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by Ken Holder
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For goodness sakes, here we are again! How time flies when yer … um … existing in The Real World.

How-To Geek asks the non-musical question: Are Passenger Drones the Flying Cars We Were Promised?, (by Sydney Butler). That is a good question. Is a taxi a car? I mean it is a car, but not in the sense of a car you own and use. A good question, especially since maybe, just maybe flying cars are on the horizon. (Or maybe not.)

A startling headline lately was ‘Reading Ayn Rand was like being dipped in slime’, by Madeline Miller. Well, I haven’t read her book The Song of Achilles because I’d rather read Homer’s version, but somehow I’m getting a funny feeling that reading her book might be like being dipped in slime. I mean, taste varies, but … slime? Is every idea she disagrees with slimy? Must be.

Speaking of reading, the last week or so I’ve been reading Thomas Pynchon’s Against The Day. This is the last of his books he’s had published that I hadn’t read. It is a big book, and rather more rambling than his others. I mean his other books can be all over the place but always are telling one basic story. I’m 3/4 of the way through this one now and still couldn’t tell you what the basic story is. There are a dozen stories and maybe they’re starting to come together, or maybe not. Anyway, it remains entertaining, but I wouldn’t say it’s in the same class as Mason & Dixon or Gravity’s Rainbow. Of course, the poor old guy is older than I am, so maybe his brains have turned to mush or something.

And on that note, we proceed to funny pictures:


WARNING: Do not wear in high winds!:


This one not funny, but that is a lot of code. Did I ever write that much code?:



So stay DEPLORABLE, y’all!

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