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by Ken Holder
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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Ithought today was Friday until a few minutes ago. Well, glad I didn’t try to go over to Barnes & Noble in the mall like I was thinking about doing. The mall on Saturday is a complete madhouse. Well, my version of a madhouse anyway: too many people in too small a space. Especially the parking lot! Ah well, if it’s Saturday, then it’s TLE TIME!

I think I’ve figure out why I have so much trouble with this keyboard. Never mind that I first got a used one that wasn’t right, there being two different version of the Micosoft Ergonomic Keyboard, although that’s not what they call it. One version has the arrow keys in a little triangle, the other one (the one I use) has them in a 3-row with the up-arrow key above. When I moved to Texas, for some insane reason I didn’t pack up my keyboard I’d been using for 25 years and could use it in my sleep. I did find they still make a version with padded wrist rest which is nice, but I decided they’ve moved all the keys around just a little bit to drive former users crazy. But now, I think it’s maybe because the desk I’m using now is higher than my old desk (which I also left behind—the trailer was getting full!). So, raise the chair? Alas, there’s a drawer under this desk which limits how far up my legs can be, which puts the keyboard too high, and my hands at the wrong angle and I can’t find the keys in the dark anymore. I suppose I will learn eventually, but I’ve been using this new keyboard for almost a year now and I still hit the “Insert” key when I intend the “Backspace” key, and etc.

Isn’t it always something?

And isn’t this something:

[And let someone say this about that:] What Is Dark Matter? The Answer to Universe’s Greatest Mystery Could Be Axions, by Monisha Ravisetti. [Another idea about that:] Dark matter mystery SOLVED? Mirror universe running backwards in time could hold key, by Ian Randall.

Under Cover of Darkness U.S. Senate Passes New Gun Control Laws, by John Crump

The Original Climate Crisis: How the Little Ice Age Devastated Early Modern Europe, by Ariel Hessayon.

[Just what I always wanted:] Pi to 100-million decimal places. [but there are] 11 numbers that are cooler than pi.

[Current events?: ]What Happened Immediately After The Collapse Of 10 Major Historical Powers, by M. Muir.

[I bet you’ve always wanted to know how to program that great old mini-computer the DEC PDP-11 in machine/assembler language. I know I used to. And now, here it is:] A brief tour of the PDP-11, the most influential minicomputer of all time, by Andrew Hudson

[An interesting, thought not comprehensive or complete introduction to “Epistemology”, or “how to maybe tell knowledges from opinions”:] Why, and How, We Form Beliefs: A Reading List fby Sarah Krasnostein. [And a more psycho-logical approach:] Cognitive distortions linked to safetyism beliefs, support for trigger warnings, and the belief that words are harmful, by Patricia Y. Sanchez

[And then there’s this: ] Scientists reveal new ‘most dangerous’ personality typeby Jona Jaupi. [Yep, met one, got the scars.]

[Speaking of opinions, here’s why:] People Are Revealing The 30 Actual Reasons Companies Don’t Want You To Work From Home, by Rokas Laurinavičius and Gabija Palšytė.

[In introduction to philosophy classes, you will sometimes hear “why is there something instead of nothing?” One answer:] How science can solve the mystery of why we exist at allby Ethan Siegel. [They think asking question that seem unanswerable is educational, or something. Plant the “we know we know nothing” seed early anyway.]

[You remember having to get up early and go back to prison school? Some progress on that:] “The First Amendment Does Not Permit Schools to Prohibit Students from Engaging in the Factual, Nonthreatening speech [about a recent school shooting] alleged here.”, by Eugene Volokh.

[The New York Liar Times admits fails to mention their lies omissions:] NY Times makes bombshell admissions about Hunter Biden laptop story it once dismissed, by Chris Enloe.

[Some more hateful speech about libertarians, in case you were keeping up with it:] 40 years of the Reagan revolution’s libertarian experiment have brought us crisis and chaosby Thom Hartmann.

[Current events:] The Vaccine Mutiny, by Eugene R. Fidell.

[And as usual, there is the true version and there is the “popular” version:] A New Book Challenges The Image Of Mass Squalor In Victorian Britain, by Anamarija Brnjarchevska.

[But can we get it at out local pharmacy?:] Activating one protein can stop the aging process, study reveals, by Jocelyn Solis-Moreira.

[Not a flying car, but:] Motorcycle maker Kawasaki created a rideable electric goat — take a look, by Grace Kay.

And finally, on to the funny pictures:


Some jokes just never get old:

Spanish Flu, 1918:

I’ve been down that street. No traffic at the time.

Yum, my favorite breakfast:

Big bunch of Ukranian young women saying “Go Away, Russians!”:

Now, of course, us introverts can use the doctor’s website:

“Oh, yes, we have very good security:”

A good filter, yes:


Stay ever so Deplorable, my friends.

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