Why BqETH and Why Now?

by Jim Davidson
[email protected]

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

“The ability to run your business free from the pressures of cancel culture is something I’m willing to fight for. Freedom isn’t going to protect itself, and [the parallel economy] is committed to fighting for a free, fair, and open internet.”
Dan Bongino

I’ve taken the liberty of paraphrasing Dan Bongino’s quote. He gets a free plug for his Parallel Economy web site which I’ve not investigated. But the concept of a free and open internet is good, and if “fair” means censorship resistant, great. I leave it to you to evaluate.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d spend a little time with you on what I’m doing and why. As previously mentioned, I’m praying a lot, asking for instructions from God, and going where God sends me. I am working on being managing editor for L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise, which has meant working on a business plan for it to become a paying proposition. It also is going to mean working with Ken Holder on issues of this magazine until I, and perhaps a couple of others on the team, can do it every weekend. Ken is ready to spend more time with family. It also means building a site using tools that allow multiple authors to have blogs that appear on our site, so that when, say Cathy Smith, wants to post a blog entry, she can do so immediately and not have to wait for it to appear in the next issue. Advertisers will get lots of benefits, and we’ll have many more readers, when we get all these changes in place.

But time is short. I believe we can all see from world events that those who want to enslave mankind are willing to kill billions of people, start wars, and do all manner of terrible things. This week, Failbook announced that they will be encouraging users to express enthusiasm for and propose acts of violence toward any Russians, Russian language speakers, or children of Russian origin, including proposing death and mutilation. The red brigades they want to form to herald in a new era of communism will get started being bullies on socialist media platforms. We’re going to need to decentralise the living daylights out of communications.

That’s one reason I am very excited about my friends at RadEngineering.Tech who have a really decentralised solution—citizen band radio (CB) with digital systems to send encrypted text messages. The data rate isn’t very high yet, but that will come. Meanwhile it is very inexpensive and suited to any over the road truck.

BqETH is important right now, too. Why? Because over three hundred million people all over the world use cryptocurrencies, which have a total market cap of about $2 trillion as of the end of 2021. What happens when the owner of a crypto wallet dies? How should inheritance be handled? In keeping with the spirit of the cryptocurrency industry, we think inheritance should be decentralised, secure, convenient, and consistent, with no “trusted third party” involved.

Originally conceived for establishing a smart contract “deadman switch,” BqETH’s technology is designed to make it possible to ensure the transfer of information in the event someone passes away. The information transferred may be a decryption key to a set of information stored elsewhere. The objective is to fulfil the last will of the deceased in a way that cannot be subverted nor prevented. This system can be used to ensure any future disclosure, such as an annuity payment, happens in a timely manner.

BqETH uses a smart contract process for determining the passing of an individual and sets in motion the transfer of information that one or more heir(s) would need to access crypto assets of the recently deceased.

Obviously the inheritance process has been a very well-established business enterprise of state-centred enterprises. Insurance companies (licensed and registered by the state) accept an “official death certificate” issued by a government agent (coroner) and then issue death benefits to the beneficiaries of an insurance policy. Similarly, a law firm (licensed and registered by the state) act upon official confirmation of death to read the decedent’s will and work with the named executor to distribute the assets.

In the cryptography world of the 21st Century, there are a great many third parties involved in such activities. Some owners of crypto assets would like to have a smart contract approach to inheritance. BqETH (pronounced “bequeath”) has such a solution.

We assume for the purposes of this business plan only addressing about 0.5% of the current population of crypto asset users by 2025. By then, if the recent growth of 31% year over year were to persist, there would be billions of users. So we are not depending on getting over about 1% of the total market.

Currently the demographics for crypto asset users are computer literate adults mostly in more developed countries. Those demographics have been changing in recent years, though. For example, El Salvador has made Bitcoin a legal tender in their country. So, a total population of billions of users is possible.

A legal analogy might be made to a trust such that the smart contract establishes the passage of control over the assets just as the trustees appointing a new manager of the trust to establish the passage of control over the trust’s assets.

Our main business activities are teaching, consulting services to help set up smart contract instances, and puzzle mining. We have chosen to avoid issuing a token at this time both because of the plethora of tokens now available and because of the potential legal difficulties during the heightened scrutiny being focused on crypto companies and their services.

Why teaching? First, the complexities of our technology are such that we’ll need to be teaching new users all the time. Second, there is an extensive “installed base” of estate planners, certified financial planners, lawyers, insurance agents, and certified public accountants who are called upon to understand the assets of their clients. They have in most cases some sort of continuing education requirement. So they are wanting the knowledge our teachers have and have a budget to pay for being taught. We mean to make use of those opportunities.

We will also need to consult with our customers to be sure that the smart contract instances they implement actually do what they anticipate. A high level of customer service will result in good relationships with some of the wealthiest people on Earth.

So, Why?

Those who would control us all have no power over truly decentralised technologies. They cannot stop 14,000 crypto-currencies, they cannot stop 300 million users, and even taking down the power grid is simply going to speed us toward decentralised power systems. God’s universe is full of energy and we know lots of ways to turn it into “juice” for our systems.

But, make no mistake, we are in a war. A war for freedom, a war for the minds and souls of mankind, a war of good versus evil.

We are not in a military, though, because if we were to build a military cadre that was strong enough and powerful enough to overcome, thwart, and end the systems that are trying to oppress us, it would be impossible for us to control. We are in a war of individuals and freedom cells and companies here and there and tens of millions of opportunists looking for ways to leverage this solution or that to advantage. We are, in terms of “advanced dungeons and dragons,” lawful good and chaotic good versus lawful evil. Put me down for paladin.

Economics is vital. Human action (a great book by Ludwig von Mises bears that title) is simply the process of applying effort to improve the ways things are done and selling that improvement. It could be the way food is baked right now, and loaves of bread from the oven are sold as fast as buyers arrive. It could be new ways of making payments with total privacy and Pirate Coin is one result. We have to get our wealth, our transactions, and our freedom out from under the thumb of the Feral Reserveless scheme, and we have been doing so now for a few decades – first with digital gold currencies 1995 to 2007 and when that proved difficult to keep free from the grasping hands of government, with cryptocurrencies since 2009.

We also have lots of great tools like virtual privacy networks with multi-hops in multi-jurisdictions, encrypted email and encrypted apps, open source verifiable secure software and operating systems, and endless other items. We have, in sum, a lot to teach.

We? What you mean we?

Okay, dad, we know the joke. But, seriously, who are these people? Well, they include some of the best teachers I know. And I have been teaching professionally since 1980. I was paid by the “debate camp” at the University of Kansas to help Robin Rowland run his communications and speech department’s Summer camp for high school students. I believe that I can help anyone learn.

JD Bertron is the founder and creative mind behind the mathematics of BqETH. He is responsible for developing and implementing our technology plan. He will also be responsible for interviewing and selecting subcontractors or employees in the technology area. There will be puzzle farms to solve the time lock puzzles and there will be lots of secure communications systems to run.

Jim Davidson is a business plan writer and business development expert. He has expertise as chief technology officer of a crypto-currency project (Travellers Cash, 2017-2018) and with digital currencies, especially digital gold currencies, going back to 1998. He is responsible for keeping our business plan up to date, for establishing business relationships, and for advising on agreements and other business aspects of BqETH. He will also help with setting up the classes and evaluating teachers. is the founder and creative mind behind the mathematics of BqETH. He is responsible for developing and implementing our technology plan. He will also be responsible for interviewing and selecting subcontractors or employees in the technology area.

One of the things we are building is a pay per view video course system so that people can pay, say, $2, and get a half hour teaching session on video. Then they can ask questions and get answers. We want to get this information out to 8 billion people, or however many are left.

As a digression, I would briefly point out we don’t have any idea how many people there were at the beginning of this millennium. You say, “We know there were 7.5 billion” or whatever number you were told. But did you count everyone? I did not. Who did? Governments.

And who has been lying to us all of our lives, and for centuries before? Governments. Why would they lie about how many people they have? Ask Robert Heinlein. He and Ginny went to Moscow way back and conducted some simple research to figure out how many people were living there. They came up with figures far less than the official numbers. Why would the Soviets lie? To pretend to be stronger and more numerous than they were.

Why were 100,000 voters registered in Wisconsin on the 1st of January 1918? Well, none were, because it was New Year’s Day and the offices were all closed. But 100,000 such voters voted in the 2020 election. And since they had to be 21 when they registered to vote, every single one of them was more than 123 years old in 2020. Do I believe any of them exist? No. Do I believe the 2020 election was stolen? Yes. I believe every election includes some fraud, and in big cities, a lot of fraud. I know a man who was paid $1 for every time he voted in November 1960 in Chicago, in different precincts. He made $6, bought a case of beer, and went home. Larry was not overly ambitious.

My point is you gotta stop believing lies.

Believe the Truth

Now, you are free, so you are free to believe what you wish to believe. And God made you that way, so God is not offended by you believing, or not believing, what you wish. God wants you to love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole spirit, and your neighbour as yourself. Since God knows real from fake, God does not want you to fake any part of those things. God really does want good friends with whom to talk. You can read about his friend Abraham, for example.

And in the Book of Daniel, chapter 2, there is a prophecy. A statue is destroyed by a rock carved out without human hands which grows to fill the whole world. The statue had a gold head, arms and chest of silver, belly of brass, legs of iron, feet of iron and clay that didn’t mix together. Daniel explains the dream of the emperor Nebuchadnezzar that gold head of the statue was old Nebuchadnezzar himself. The silver arms were the Persians and Medes. The brass belly was the Greek kingdom. The iron legs were the Roman empires, eastern and Western. And the iron and clay feet are the kingdoms since Rome fell and since Constantinople was sacked (AD 1453). But I don’t care about those parts.

The part that is really interesting is the stone that is carved out without human hands. So it comes of God. And it smashes all those kingdoms to bits. And it grows to fill the whole world. What is it? Christians know it is the church of Jesus Christ.

But what does it take to smash all those kingdoms to bits? It takes the power of the Holy Spirit. And one aspect of that power, I believe, is decentralised technologies that are completely out of control. Tech like the internetworked computer networks that make it possible for us to communicate and buy and sell all over the world. Tech like open source software, open source encryption, apps that really do encrypt and virtual privacy networks that really do provide privacy. And free market money that is unstoppable, provides for private transactions and free markets.

We need all these things to be free. And we need to understand them. Since some of us understand some and some understand other stuff, we need to teach each other. Teaching brings us into peaceful contact with one another so we can build networks and connexions and freedom.

So, in sum, that is why BqETH and why now.

God is with you to save you. Amen.


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, dancer, and teacher. He is working on OzarkHerbalAcademy.org and other business plans. The Academy has a home near Eureka Springs, Arkansas on about 35 acres. We’re seeking to bring together teachers not only of herbal healing but also of other topics to maintain knowledge in the coming collapse. Support our work by getting in touch with the author at the email address at the top of this essay. Find some of his essays at FreedomLandDAO.com and IglooLuau.com among other places.   You can also connect with him on Gettr, Twitter, Failbook, and Flote.app looking for user planetaryjim

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