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Letter from Sean Gabb

Relaunching Free Life Magazine

Dear All,

I edited Free Life magazine between 1991-2003. Now Alan Bickley has agreed to revive the magazine as an on-line journal. Here is the first editorial: https://libertarianism.uk/2022/03/19/for-a-bleak-and-cynical-semi-libertarianism/

Here also are Mr Bickley’s thoughts on the Ukraine War: https://libertarianism.uk/2022/03/12/the-ukraine-war-arguments-for-non-intervention/

For those who are interested please take this as a set of guidelines for comments and for longer article submissions: https://libertarianism.uk/comments/

Mr Bickley is interested in submissions.

And here is the begging bowl: https://libertarianism.uk/donations/ The point about the begging bowl is that the WordPress service presently bought is the £80 per annum semi-cheapie. The £240 per annum bells and whistles service would be nicer.

Libertarian journals in the United Kingdom are, to put it mildly, a rarity. Anything calling itself libertarian that is not a front for the Conservative Party, a front for unconfessible commercial interests, or some other intellectual fraud, is very rare. Free Life always tried to be independent in my day. I am sure it will be again.


Best regards,

[email protected]

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Letter from Albert Perez

Corrections to Reviewing the Bidding

The current war In Ukraine did not create inflation, though  admittedly it made things worse. For the sake of those with  really horrible memories, I thought I would review what did.

Inflation happens when there is greater demand for products than there is supply exacerbated by the money supply increasing  faster than the supply of goods and services. This causes a rise in prices, AKA inflation. Welcome to oversimplified high school  economics.

Remember all the way back to March 2020. At that time the US  went into lockdown, causing a reduction or even cessation of the  production of many goods and services. For the time being this was  not too bad because the lockdown also reduced demand. That said, shortages of some goods and price increases of those products occurred, especially in regional markets. At the same time the government began handing out money either directly (stimulus checks) or indirectly (loan and rent amnesties.). For example, I needed to buy computers  during the lockdown. I walked into a market for home computers  heated up by people needing to work from home increasing. Paid for them  with stimulus money. Due to the shortage I paid a little more than I planned, due  to stimulus check it was Okay. It was also inflationary.

The point is we were headed for inflation anyhow before Biden got sworn in (and sworn at) on 20 January, 2021. Biden immediately took actions  that reduced oil and gas production in the US. Turns out this will cause the  price of oil in the commodities market to rise. Besides raising the cost of  transportation it created a shortage of raw materials for other markets. More inflationary pressure.

Then the lockdown ended for all practical purposes last fall, leading to people  going out to buy goods and services. The demand was greater than the supply.  Thus inflation. The transportation breakdown added to these shortages.

War between Russia and Ukraine exacerbated all of the above, adding to inflationary pressure. Biden supporters want us to forget his contributions to this climate. Trumpistas want us to forget his part.

So if someone tries to blame only one of the above, they are part of the next round  of inflation. More importantly, they are participants in the plot to dumb the rest of  us down.

Albert Perez
[email protected]

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Letters from Jeff Fullerton

Fifth Russian general ‘killed’ as Ukrainian forces ‘shoot down two planes & three helicopters’ in overnight blitz

You have to respect these generals. At least they don’t sit in a safe war room miles behind the front line sticking pins in maps while their men die on the battlefield. Putin ought to get out there and lead his army. That will be a simple solution to this conflict: https://www.the-sun.com/news/4930921/putin-loses-fifth-general-blow-invasion-ukraine/

* * *

RE: “Help Yourself to an Abandoned Russian Tank? Why Not?”, by Mike Blessing


In regard to Mike Blessing’s article about helping yourself to an abandoned Russian tank. He mentioned belt fed machine guns among the types of arms that the Ukrainian President is handing out to the citizen militias. I couldn’t help but think of the ad for the “Browning Belt Fed Gully Blaster” that appeared on the big telecom screen at the Continental Congress in the “Probability Broach” graphic novel.

Just before my favorite scene where Lucy Kropotkin buys a bag of pan fried grasshoppers from peanut vendor Jimmy Carter!

* * *

Marx vs Rand

* * *

Saving America from Planet-Threatening Fossil Fuels

https://townhall.com/columnists/pauldriessen/2022/03/26/saving-america-from-planetthreatening-fossil-fuels-n2605064Best solution long term is to defund the environmental movement and the Democratic Party. These organizations must be destroyed by withdrawing financial support and not voting for the political party that has become their primary arm of force in implementing the destructive policies that are threatening the very survival of modern civilization.

We must save America and the western world from planet threatening eco fascist policies which if left unchecked will kill millions or even billions of people. Either slowly by strangulation of energy and food production by green policies- or quickly in a global thermonuclear war resulting from the geopolitical instability that Democratic administrations are historically infamous for creating.

* * *

Biden Warns Americans a Food Shortage is Coming

Most central planners are incompetent ideologues or religious nuts who know everything about what feels politically correct or morally right but have no idea how to run an economy or other people’s lives. And those who are intelligent enough to know what they are doing is harmful but do it anyway under the assumption that in order to make an omelet one must break some eggs are fundamentally evil.

Whenever you turn your life or country over to them the result is always my favorite word: Disasterville.

* * *

10 Of The Most Popular Foods Are Also The Worst For The Environment

They can take their “Diet for a Small Planet” and shove it.


Jeff Fullerton
[email protected]

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