The Editor’s Notes

by Ken Holder
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Towards a Better Understanding of Americans Political Leanings Part 3, by Adam Baldwin was not received by deadline time. Look for it next week (we hope!).

Wait, we have a deadline?

Yes, actually, theoretically Friday is our weekly deadline. In actual practice, not.

I just got back from the McKinney Philharmonic Orchestra concert held over at the High-School auditorium. It’s nowhere as good an acoustic as the Meyerson down in Dallas, but on the other hand it’s just down the street, so easier to get too without having to deal with big-city traffic. They played Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade which I’d never managed to hear live somehow. Finally!

One of the first LP records I ever bought was Scheherazade, with Leopold Stokowski conducting the London Symphony Orchestra on London Phase4, back 50 years ago or more. Still a favorite.

Time’s a flying!

Stay Deplorable my friends!

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