by Sarah A. Hoyt

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Iam not unaware of the invasion taking place on our Southern Border, nor am I unaware of the ramping up to happen.

I’ve been silent on it only because—beyond the fact there is bloody nothing I can do beyond preparing and telling you to prepare—it is a complex and difficult subject. Not in my reaction to it—obviously I disapprove—but in what is happening, what it will cause, and what can even be done at this point, even if we could stop it today. And obviously we can’t stop it till at the earliest January.

First there are my views on immigration.

I’d be the worst kind of hypocrite if I said someone born abroad can’t or shouldn’t join the American experiment. However, having gone through acculturation and knowing how hard it is—almost impossible, particularly in a culture (ours right now) that actively discourages it—I will link various posts in which I discuss it, in no particular order:

And Marry Our Fortunes Together—Immigration is like marriage. Both sides should have a say. No one has the right to come in, and we should choose those we want in.

Cross-Culture—Americans have trouble “reading” other Americans and—trust me guys—are drawers at reading other cultures. Adding vast amounts of other cultures will get … sportive. Quickly.

Prepare to be Assimilated—Acculturation is hard, and making people feel guilty for wanting to assimilate is crazy.

Borders, Immigrants and Invaders – Effective immigration, legal or illegal must be difficult. You must suffer to belong, or belonging will mean nothing.

And by the way, a lot of my doubts about immigration apply to legal immigration ALSO. Our immigration is profoundly broken at all levels. We’re importing, for instance, health care workers that are not trained to our standards, let alone have a similar culture. (And most of them are Chinese, yes.) Meanwhile we make it difficult for people of similar training/similar cultures to immigrate here, even if willing to acculturate. Heck, at this point it might be particularly if willing to acculturate.

This is because of the left’s vision of the world—mostly Gramscian—and it’s creating a mess in our lives, cultures and institutions. If you think that importing our medicines from a largely inimical nation is wrong, imagine importing a vast number of our knowledge workers, instead of training up our own children. (And add up to what’s wrong in that case put in the fact that the left has effed up our schools to a level that’s hard to imagine, unless you look closely. Seriously, EVERYTHING they touch they destroy.)

But importing Americans? Sure. Heck, I’d also make it really, really easy to adopt children under 2 from abroad.

Why? Because our demographics are broken. They’re not the worst in the world, but they are broken. We are not reproducing enough, and that’s taking in account that I think they’re grossly inflating our birth/immigration statistics.

However, not by having an open border, not by letting everyone in unvetted, and not by extending all sorts of services to them with absolutely no vetting. Oh, and not—repeat not—by almost requiring no socialization.

I’m not sure how cultures work, but I do know they can become mortally wounded and either never recover, or never recover into a functional form. A lot of the dying cultures of the world have that issue. We have that issue, sort of, because of leftist prodding and poking and removing Chesterton’s fence over and over and over again. We can’t take much more of it, much less a “multicultural” invasion in staggering numbers.

So, again, this is complicated in my head, so I’m going to organize it into headings: It’s worse than you think, it’s not as bad as you think, and glimmers of hope, followed by How it all goes sour.

It’s worse than you think

Well, perhaps not if you’re a reader of this blog and others like it, but most people are bombarded with images of children, and mothers carrying children in arms, and they think that’s what immigrants are.

Most immigrants coming in are in fact males of military age. Before you attribute super powers to the left, part of that is what every “wave” of immigrants starts off as. Because men come over, establish themselves, then “send for” the family.

However, we do have evidence from when people did deep-dives into the “caravans” that a lot of these pseudo migrants are being actively recruited by communist groups. And yes, of course—do I look stupid?—the left is intending to use them as shock troops of sorts in a conflict they desperately want to go physical. (Because they’re stupid in a highly specialized way, okay. They have watched all the movies of communist revolutions. They think that’s reality. No. Even the migrants wouldn’t save them. But that’s besides the point.)

Leaving aside that a lot of these people are ideologically opposed to us, the demographic tilt is bad bad bad news—salutes BGE—because a large, undigested, probably largely unemployable population of young males will have bad effects. Bad effects for general disorder. Bad effects for crime. Just bad effects in general, regardless of what the population is.

In this case, the fact that most of the populations are less “civilized” by which I mean more actually racist, patriarchal, homophobic and violent (because most of the cultures they come from are that also) and from lower trust cultures than ours means bad bad bad results.

We’re also not vetting anyone, so there will be more gangs, more organized criminality.

Look, it is something the left doesn’t get, but while both sexes (ah) of humans need to belong, males who don’t belong and don’t fit in an hierarchy go bad fast. The best mode is self destruction, playing games in parents’ basements. And these people will have no parents here, and Uncle Sam can’t afford to maintain all of them.

It’s going to get bad. Arm up. Stock up on Freedom Seeds. I’ve already seen gang crime spilling to suburban high schools in Colorado Springs. Now it’s all going to ramp up.

It’s Not As Bad As You Think

Yes, you particularly, who read this blog.

As noted above, it’s bad. Very bad.

However remember most of these people aren’t coming here because they’re mad in love with the US or freedom. Some come because they hate us. Some because they’re indoctrinated communists who think we’re richer because we stole from their country/race. (The whole la raza bullshit.)

Most of them, however—trust me—come because the streets are paved with gold; they can make more in a week than they make back home in a year, and our welfare system is a seemingly infinite cash cow.

I estimate that in normal times a good quarter of immigrants goes back home. In normal times, when we’re begging for workers, and the streets really are paved with gold.

Is it that high? Don’t know. No one keeps good track of this. Heck, our immigration system is so loose most illegality is “overstaying visas.”

This is anedacta and observation. The US is WEIRD in the world, so even in normal times a lot of people decide we’re too weird for them and bugger off back where they came from. Now that’s easier if you just came across the Southern border, as opposed to flying halfway across the world.

I do know that under Obama’s stellar economy ALMOST everyone who came in buggered back “home” within a year. It had a name, “La grande Salida” and it was noted. Heck, people were buggering “home” who had been born here, because back South of the border they had extended family and other help.

Obama’s economy was a walk in the park, compared to what we’re entering. Yes, I know part of flying immigrants around is the left’s clever-fool system for making sure no one notices the spreading disaster, and/or to spread vote fraud. But I do wonder how much of it is to make sure that these people can’t just run back over the border when they realize how hard things are about to get. It really reminds me a lot of Kenya’s resettlement of the Masai, known as “first you catch a Masai.”

So, while the numbers coming in are staggering, I think a large number will—if they aren’t already—go the other way at speed.

The backwash will still be gang activity, crime and disorder, but I don’t think on the scale anticipated.

I actually think the “salida” will gain turbo speed in the next couple of months, because most of the people coming in KNOW unstable systems. They can sniff coming trouble in the air. And heck, guys, the air is thick with it. I’m starting to get the need to dive under parked cars when I hear a backfire. And that’s me. And I’ve been here for years.

Signs of Hope

People are noticing. And the more this goes on, the more they will notice.

And a lot of the people coming in have been bit by communism, and really, really don’t want it. If those stick through the mess, they’ll serve as immunization.

People aren’t widgets. The left thinks “brown skin equals leftist. Must import more.” But that’s not true. And Latins or other races who have acculturated are frankly abandoning the left at speed. So, those who remain behind are unlikely to make us leftist.

The left is wrecking the very systems they use to make our “underclass” dysfunctional and passive. It was already strained, but it can’t survive this.

Health, schooling, and welfare are going to crack and they’re going to do so spectacularly. Which leaves it to us to rebuild. They have been counterproductive (not just ineffective) for a long time.

We will have to rebuild or die. And that’s better than slowly dying. Though yes “Everything will get f*cked up” is a weird sign of hope.

Where It All Goes Sour

The worm is turning. I’ve said this for a long time, and you can see it. The culture is turning our way.

And that’s fine, if our way is more individual freedom; more self-responsibility.

The problem is….. “paleo conservative” is only tolerable if it tolerates others. Most of the cultures we’re importing, won’t. And import them in numbers enough and they’ll influence the turn in our culture.

I grew up in a culture where as a young married woman I wasn’t supposed to linger at the window, talk to a young man alone, or be out after 8. I really would prefer my granddaughters don’t have those restrictions, and those are LIGHT compared to say the world of sharia.

I have gay friends, who are not running around demanding you bake them a cake. They want to live and let live. I don’t believe they should be tossed from roofs or have walls collapsed on them.

I’ve “joked” that I expect in ten years I’ll be extreme left without having changed a single position. Let’s not make that THAT extreme.

Gangs. Foreign gangs. We’ve never managed to cope with the Mafia. Now we’re also importing Mexican gangs and Middle Eastern insanity.

Defund the police? We’ll need a police state to cope with this.

Cleaning the vote: Most of these people, even if they ever become citizens won’t ever acculturate enough to be responsible citizens. Their children? Maybe, if we work very hard. Their grandchildren…. how hard are we willing to work?

The economy… Well, most of these people are unskilled. Which are not—REPEAT—not what the economy needs right now. Some will learn. But some might never. How many unemployed ferals can we endure? Don’t we have enough homeless addicts?


What can we do about it?

Not much. Defending the borders is one of those things enshrined in the constitution, and which need the might of the Federal government. The fact that after their soft-coup they’re now facilitating the invasion (inviting/aiding/abetting) is the problem we can’t get past.

So, what can you do?

-Teach your children. Knowing they’re Americans, and what that means is vital, if we are to rebuild. Also, having marketable skills, no matter how hard the establishment tries to stop them from doing so.

-Enforce FIFO to the measure you can. Tell new immigrants that it’s Fit in or Fuck off, and no, we’re not going to make it easy for you, because what’s free is not prized.

– Create trust networks.

– Watch your six, there will be more disorder.

– Buy freedom seeds. No. More freedom seeds.

– Work. Work at building under, building over, building around.

– Defend your convictions.

Is it enough? Probably not. But it’s all we can do as individuals. And maybe—just maybe—we’ll get lucky and a miracle occurs.

It’s happened before.

Be not afraid. Light the lamp of Liberty and hold it high. Be the shining city on a hill.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for April 12, 2022

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