What if a country…?

by Jim Davidson
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

There will never be a really free and enlightened State until the State comes to recognize the individual as a higher and independent power, from which all its own power and authority are derived, and treats him accordingly. I please myself with imagining a State at least which can afford to be just to all men, and to treat the individual with respect as a neighbor; which even would not think it inconsistent with its own repose if a few were to live aloof from it, not meddling with it, nor embraced by it, who fulfilled all the duties of neighbors and fellow-men. A State which bore this kind of fruit, and suffered it to drop off as fast as it ripened, would prepare the way for a still more perfect and glorious State, which also I have imagined, but not yet anywhere seen.
—Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience, 1848

So, I asked the question on Twitter: What if a country…

…had no taxes, no regulatory agencies, no fiat currency, no prohibitions on free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, carry, no torture, no bureaucracies, no licences, millions of good people. Would you live there?

So far 427 have replied to the related poll with 84% “Yes, Jim, of course.”  Admittedly, as many as 4% replied “No, I am dull,” but sometimes people are amused by such answers.  Also fully 12% of respondents to date said “Wait, are you wasted rn?” That poll is now closed.

Quite a few of the replies indicate preparedness to move right away.  So I think there is a huge market demand for a free country.  My purpose in this essay is to review a bit further how such a country might handle certain topics.


I believe freedom is vital.  We must be free to choose.  Otherwise, how will we find God? Seriously. God does not want anyone to be coerced into loving God. God wants you to choose for yourself.  Of course He wants you to be His friend, and to love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole energy, and your neighbour as yourself.  Love is that particular thing that you cannot fake, you cannot pretend, with God, and expect to prosper.

Similarly, we must be free to buy and sell, to live and work and play, to worship or not worship, to put up fences around our property or leave them open, to keep and bear arms, to have free association with those we seek to associate with and without those with whom we refuse to associate.  We must be free to learn and teach.  Books should not be burned.

Since at least the time of Magna Carta and arguably for thousands of years, people have formed assemblies called grand juries to find out the truth of different matters.  Petit juries have been formed to determine guilt or innocence in criminal matters.  Crimes have long been defined as causing damage to someone or their property.  People have certain established and understood rights such as the right to remain silent, the right not to be compelled to testify against themselves, the right to call witnesses on their behalf, the right to have counsel from whomsoever you choose, the right to be safe from excessive bail and from cruel and unusual punishments, the right to a speedy trial by jury by your peers, the right to be tried in the district where you were when the alleged crime was committed rather than being transported far away, and so forth.

You also have a right to privacy and to be safe from intruders in your home. Your papers and digital systems should not be looked at without your permission.  Your stuff should be safe from unwarranted intruders.  No warrants should issue except upon probable cause found by a grand jury.

The regulatory agencies established by Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, and others, and by Democrats like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, and others, should not exist.  Not one of them has proper constitutional authority, and even if they did, they have proven, by their corrupt fruit, to be abominations.  So a truly free place would have none.

Even judges should have regular jobs and only be called upon to judge if there is a matter to be decided, and then paid out of only such funds as are provided to find the truth in the matter. Jurors should also be compensated for their work as jurors, and not for waiting around for another case.  Bailiffs to go find people and make accusations, whether called deputies or policemen or what have you, are completely unneeded.


What sort of land would be kept free by its people? We have many recent examples, such as the territory of Vietnam which was invaded and occupied by the empires of the French, Japanese, French, Americans, and People’s Republic of China at various times between 1919 and 1979 and is now held by the Vietnamese. Another example is Afghanistan which was invaded and held by Alexander the Great and his successors, by the British Empire, by the Soviet Union, by the American empire, and is now held by the Afghans. Somalia, between 1866 and today, has been divided into pieces held by the French, British, and Italian empires, and gained some measure of independence in 1960.  Part of it is still held by Ethiopia and part of it is ruled by the French and the Somalis. Quite a lot of it has had the presence of American troops since 2001.  One could go on in this vein for some distance.

My point is: land is held by people who are determined to keep it.  I believe Americans have established claims to territory here in North America.  For my own part, I am doubtful about the claims of American territory in the Caribbean and Pacific, but those who live in those places (Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, etc.) are likely to choose for themselves.  Currently I am in the Ozarks according to God’s will.  I believe there are other good places from which to base freedom communities, including the mountains in northern Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Western Maine; including the Appalachians; including the region around Kalispell, Montana; including other parts of the Rocky Mountains.

Land will primarily be held by the people individually and as groups they form such as distributed autonomous organisations (DAOs) and business enterprises.  No government agency is needed to form groups of people, nor is any such agency wanted.  People should stop delegating their power to other people who work insidiously to their detriment.  You were born free and sovereign and should remain so.

Freedom of movement is a vital and important freedom for people, and peaceful travellers should not be prevented from flying where they choose on conveyances of their choosing.  Nor should places traditionally used for surface travel such as paths, roads, bridges, and highways be homesteaded.  People should not interdict travel because to do so stops the flow of trade and commerce.

To avoid any of the difficulties of the tragedy of the commons, people living along roads and paths are free to maintain the roads and place advertisements beside them and offer wi-fi services, broadcast services, and other opportunities for travellers to participate in the upkeep of the roads.  These should be voluntary and not coercive activities for all involved.

No doubt there are some who have expressed the false belief that to have roads one must have government.  It is not so.  All governments do is prove that the corrupt allocation of contracts to construct and maintain roads and bridges lead to further corruption and more evil.  One does not need a government to have toads, so why should one need a government to have roads?  We should have loads of roads and also not subsidise their use through taxation of the many.

Instead, those using roads and those making available fuels for vehicles and recharging stations for batteries and the like, will have plenty of reasons to work together to keep the roads in good order.  And those who prefer to use lighter than air or heavier than air craft will have plenty of reason to build and maintain aerodromes and follow paths avoiding the most obstreperous hermits who don’t want to be overflown.  People will find many ways to move about.  Finding ways without coercion is part of the joy of life.  Focus on making the world around you a better place.


Similarly there are people who insist that to defend any territory one must have a nationalist socialist or an internationalist socialist government.  It is not so.  Nor does the corrupt allocation of contracts help defend anyone.

If you look at the success of the people of Vietnam, the people of Somalia, the people of Afghanistan, and the failings of the people who have organised colour “revolutions” and imposed coercive governments in various places, all the efforts of the “nation builder” groups are vanity.

You have an inviolable right to keep and bear arms including any technology that has ever been conceived, and many that have not yet been.  After all, governments are merely collections of corrupt and evil people determined to thwart the freedom of others, hurt as many as possible, and do untold damage.  The right of a government to have tools for defence and offence is merely derived from the individual power of its people.  And the only way for a government to have just power is through the unanimous consent of the people.  I myself do not consent, and I know that there are tens of millions of other Americans who do not consent because they do not vote, file tax papers, answer the census, or do any of the things that signify consent.

The poorly worded and syntactical mess of the “second amendment” includes language about the need for militia to train regularly.  One aspect of it is very clear: that the right to keep and bear arms is not to be infringed by anyone, including governments, including private entities, including your friends and neighbours, not by anyone.  God can give or take freedom as God sees fit.  Nobody else has that proper power.

Another aspect of it that ought to be more clear is that militias are useful to keeping a place prosperous and secure.  Militia ought to meet regularly and be well trained.  “Well trained” is how we today would most likely convey the idea that the framers of the constitution seem to have meant by “well-regulated militia.”  Given the tyranny we see all around us and the mockery Ben Franklin offered in saying the convention had wrought “a republic if you can keep it” and given that the constitution is the casket in which they buried the freedoms of the declaration of independence, I am not much given to constitutions.  I think the Covenant of Unanimous Consent is enough to build a great culture and a great place.

Be that as it may, you’ll want to work with your friends and neighbours to build defence networks, to keep track of comings and goings in your area, to know who is with you, and to work to form alliances and pacts and mutual aid.  Again, it is nothing very remarkable.  People have done such things for tens of thousands of years, to judge by the history books and the prehistoric archaeological records.  People have even lived for thousands of years without coercive governments, as thoroughly documented in recent findings at sites from seven and ten thousand years ago.

If you want more ideas on how it can be done, try David Friedman’s The Machinery of Freedom and other similar books.

If you want to understand warfare, try Sun Tzu The Art of War and Clausewitz on the same topic. If you want to understand fourth generation warfare, look at some of the sayings of Mao such as “power flows from the provinces into the cities.” And if you want to learn about fifth generation warfare, please let me know. I’m happy to help.  Because not only power, but food, water, and labour flows from provinces into cities, and does not go in when cities become abominable.  Evidence of such matters is found in the blockades and trucker convoys at the border with Canada and the more recent blockade at the border with Mexico.  Much additional evidence supports these conclusions.


The topic of cooperation arises within the context of roads and travel, within the context of defence, and in many other ways.  People are better off working together to find ways to thrive.

I believe that all the evidence is in, and the globalists who claim to be elite but are not, who are in fact evil parasites, are completely wrong.  Many people are good and more people are better.

When I was a child, there were about three billion people on Earth, and if only one in a million is three standard deviations beyond the mean, then there were three thousand such persons for whatever skill or measurement you want.  Three thousand brilliant scientific geniuses, three thousand of the most skilled authors, three thousand brilliantly skilled carpenters, and so forth.  Today there are supposedly 8 billion people, so there are nearly three times as many of these very most talented folk.  It is of course possible that very talented people are more often found than one in a million, I merely use that as an example for doing a bit of maths.

(Digression: I do not assert that I know how many people are on Earth.  I do confidently say that governments lie all the time.  Since the 8 billion population number we’ve been told has been fed to us by concatenating the population counts of nationalist governments and since those figures are often themselves concatenations of state or provincial or county government counts, we are left wondering what we know.  We do now know that perhaps 100,000 “voters” registered on the 1 st day of the first month (a holiday) of 1918 in Wisconsin, for example, and all those “voters” showed up to vote in the 11th month of 2020, each being a miraculously long lived person, and each, of course, choosing to vote for the Brandon usurpation.)

Julian Simon and others have demolished the “limits to growth” ideologues and their foolish Malthusian nonsense.  Yet the determination of the parasites to slaughter billions remains, as seen in their recent plandemic.  While they have successfully coerced and cajoled about 4 billion persons to take experimental inoculations (the jab, the booster jab, and the kill jab, as some call them) there is considerable evidence that the bioweapon they released from Wuhan was not as deadly as they had forecast.

Indeed, Bill Gates and other parasites who feed on the work of others and use government contracts to harm many, failed to correctly forecast in his “event 201” activity that there would be perhaps 60 million dead worldwide if a coronavirus they had in mind were to spread rapidly.  Clearly great steps were taken to ensure that a coronavirus they had genetically manipulated, including sequences related to AIDS, was released.  Also steps were taken to not make mention of its release until millions of persons left Wuhan for the Lunar New Year celebrations in other cities, and to return home from the World Military Games held in Wuhan at the time of the release.  Yet, so far, God has intervened on our behalf to limit the deaths to less than 6 million.  How much less? Well, since we have caught the hospital administrator filth being paid to report deaths by coronavirus faking the numbers by attributing all mortality to coronavirus, we can be confident that the numbers reported are wrong.

The truth is, I believe, God has said in Jeremiah chapter 6 and 7, and in Ezekiel, and in other passages, that great destruction will be visited upon those who despise God and worship demons.  In Revelation 18 we are told to come out of Babylon and partake not in her sins nor in her plagues.  Now would be a good time to relocate from Babylon my friends.


Markets would not be regulated by government agencies.  Instead, they would be regulated by the most demanding of regulators: the participants in free markets.

No one has to offer stocks and bonds for sale, but anyone can. So anyone can open a stock exchange or bond exchange or crypto exchange.  And those who are good and honourable will be found by the market participants.  Similarly those who are not good and who fail to honour their agreements will also be found out.  The market will take appropriate action to curb bad behaviour.

My friend Paul Rosenberg, the Freeman of the Freeman’s Perspective, came to a conference I organised back in May 2000 in Houston.  He spoke on the topic of the private provision of dispute resolution services.  My buddy Dale Robertson spoke on the topic of “we are all out of control” because of the Internet.  It was a good event. We should have more of those.

Indeed, there is an event being planned for Fort Collins, venue to be announced, for the seventh month of this year, perhaps to celebrate “The Second on the Second” or some such. Check this magazine for updates and announcements.

Meanwhile, having myself operated a digital gold stock exchange, and having worked with many independent exchange providers for all kinds of digital gold and crypto currencies, I can assure you that no governments are ever needed. Parasites are not wanted.

With what will you replace the tape worm that has been infesting your bowels? With nothing, if you are wise.


Finally, we come to the need for independent production of power, water, and communications services. Happily, these technologies are very easy to decentralise. There are a great many good people working on them.

For example, my associate JD Bertron of BqETH recently told me about Althea. They are working on a sort of packet routing thing on the blockchain. It is reminiscent in some ways of the micropayments application conceived by Venkat Manakkal and presented by Venkat and me at the Eris Society in Stowe, Vermont, in 2006.

Basically, you have routers that move packets. TCP/IP defines what a packet is and how to get it to another node in the network, including its anticipated destination node, and including a checksum to verify that the packet is the one sent out from the sender. A self-extending wireless network has routers that charge tiny fees (maybe a satoshi or less) for moving each packet. This approach brings an immediate and dramatic end to distributed denial of service attacks and spam. Spammers would have to pay a rate set by each recipient. I could set the rate for my friends to send me messages at zero, or even pay some who are very desired correspondents. I could set the rate for all others to $1,000 per packet. My router, my rules. So if a spammer wants to pay $1,000 for a message to reach me, great. If I also choose to read their message, well, gosh, maybe I do. Meanwhile, most spammers stop trying to reach me and look for others.

Same deal with distributed denial of service (DDoS). When someone sets a bunch of zombie computers to endlessly hit an IP address, the routers can automatically raise the rates for the zombie computers until the DDoS wallets are exhausted. It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Another outfit with great ideas is RadEngineering.Tech which builds encrypted data forwarding tools for radio. You can find out more at their site. Good people.

Lots of software defined radio and lots of private digital networks exist. So does an outfit called Avealto.com which builds high altitude lighter than air communications platforms. Also good people.

Will it all survive an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)? Some things will and some won’t. There are technologies, called Faraday cages and pouches, for protecting your integrated circuit devices (power inverters, smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) from external electric charge overloads. Get you some.

Your Choices

I believe that the entire world is better off if you are free to choose. Choose this day who ye will serve. Choose the right side. But know that you are free to choose even if others say you must take the jab or lose your job, take the jab and wear the masque or you cannot fly on their communist airlines, and so forth. You can choose to ignore those rules and win in court, you can choose to boycott those service providers and look elsewhere with your trade and custom, you can find alternatives.

I believe you are free because God wants you to be free. God wants friends. Love cannot be coerced, because it becomes a fake. God loves you and wants you to choose to be God’s friend.

Our enemies have many ideas about fear and about anger and about hatred. They seek to divide people into groups that fight one another. That’s because they have no real power. Even so, they have accumulated some wealth by being jerks. They do not understand love, and so they are powerless if we seek to be loving and peaceful to one another. Forgive your brothers and sisters that ye may be forgiven.

Though the people who seek to enslave those who remain after they murder billions seem to have great power, they have but arms of flesh and weapons of metal and plastic. We have God, who is with us to save us.

Choose wisely.


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, dancer, and teacher. Currently he has joined the team at BqETH.com which has a smart contract system of time locked puzzles and verifiable delay functions to help ensure that your heirs inherit your crypto assets and your executor does not. He is working on several projects to maintain knowledge in the coming collapse. Find some of his essays at FreedomLandDAO.com among other places.   You can also connect with him on Gettr, Twitter, and Flote.app looking for user planetaryjim but Failbook logged him out so he’s not there any longer.

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