“I am John Galt. You have six months”

by Jim Davidson
[email protected]

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

We began to think that he had kept his word, that he, who had seen and known the truth we refused to know, was the retribution we had called upon our heads, the avenger, the man of that justice which we had defied. We began to think that he had damned us and there was no escape from his verdict and we would never be able to get away from him—and this was the more terrible because he was not pursuing us, it was we who were suddenly looking for him and he had merely gone without a trace. We found no answer about him anywhere. We wondered by what sort of impossible power he could have done what he had promised to do. There was no answer to that. We began to think of him whenever we saw another collapse in the world, which nobody could explain, whenever we took another blow, whenever we lost another hope, whenever we felt caught in this dead, gray fog that’s descending all over the earth.

Perhaps people heard us crying that question and they did not know what we meant, but they knew too well the feeling that made us cry it. They, too, felt that something had gone from the world. Perhaps this was why they began to say it, whenever they felt that there was no hope. I’d like to think that I am wrong, that those words mean nothing, that there’s no conscious intention and no avenger behind the ending of the human race. But when I hear them repeating that question, I feel afraid. I think of the man who said that he would stop the motor of the world. You see, his name was John Galt.”
— Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957

On the 18th day of the 4th month, which people call April, Anno Domini (in the year of Our Lord) 2022, I received two messages from God. In reference to my last essay the first message was, “If you build it, I will come.”

Later that same day, I was driving toward Austin, Texas where I expected to meet my friend William Baxter. William and I met in college. He graduated a year ahead of me. Both of us were scholarship students which meant we were on work-study. He worked in the dining hall of John Jay dormitory at Columbia University in the city of New York. I worked downstairs at “The Pub” as a hamburger flipping short order cook. And because I was a scholarship student, I ate on the “meal plan” which meant that I ate at that same dining hall where William worked.

One morning in 1981, early in my first semester there, William asked if I wanted some scrambled death. He was standing on the server side of the counter, spooning up scrambled eggs. I immediately asked if it was “death qua death, or more death in the Kierkegaard sense.” We talked. Since then we’ve been friends. We drove across the United States and Canada in 1984. Lately he’s been heading the tech team at Vertalo.com which is a pretty cool company in my opinion. Anyway, I was going to meet him, and possibly some of the team of Flote.

The second message I received was: “I am John Galt. You have six months.”

My first reaction was, “That’s a great thing to tell William. I’ll say I am John Galt, you have … eight months.” Then God said unto me: “No. Six months.”

Now if you have not read Ayn Rand’s book, you might want to go get the Cliff Notes or something. Or, you know, click the link above to send a bit of money to Ken Holder if you buy the book on Amazon. Or read wikipedia’s turgid overview. You’ll get the sense of the plot, more or less, anyway.

Briefly, John Galt is at the Twentieth Century Motor Company when the owners decide to get the workers to vote for a new plan based on the communist manifesto. The vote goes their way. Then the head of the company announces that nobody can leave because everyone now belongs to everyone else. John Galt walks out and says he will put an end to this idea forever. The head of the company asks, “How?”

Galt announces that he will stop the motor of the world. What he means by it is: he will speak to the people who really make a difference. The ones working at important jobs and the ones whose work cannot be replaced. He will meet them at their own level and convince them to stop working. The novel follows the situation as it develops.

Some of the people he convinces work in machine shops and in factories and on railroads. Some make steel. Some produce oil and refinery products. Some of the people who stop work are competent at jobs in their field and some are the owners of huge conglomerates, or the powerfully capable persons who actually do the work for the parasitical heirs and owners.

Meanwhile the government goes on imposing mandates that make no sense, reducing the market to a few participants in each industry who can be coerced into making campaign contributions and pay bribes to the parasites in government.

Ayn Rand, whose family fled Russia after the communists took over and seized their property, goes into considerable depth of detail. She shows you people who depend on others and are just ordinary office workers who show up reliably but have no great genius for understanding. She shows you people who married wealth and then make the wealthy person feel ill used by demanding more and more. She shows you government agencies and their corrupt personnel, politicians, and “scientific” authorities.

Then she shows you men and women of true character. The welder or engineer or draftsman who knows his stuff. The founder or chief operating officer of a company who really knows her stuff. The people who do all the thinking and composing and developing, not only in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics, but also in the arts, in business, in store operations. Even especially talented cooks and chefs are given the John Galt treatment.

That name becomes a byword, when people don’t know the answer to something, but know that it used to be something people understood. “Who is John Galt?” And toward the end of the book, the man John Galt gets on the air and tells the people of the country that he is John Galt, and what he has done, and why.

Your Choice

You have seen it. You have seen what was done in 2020 in the name of a pandemic that seems to be much like the flu, perhaps a deliberately released bioweapon. You have seen hundreds of thousands of small businesses shut down because they were “non-essential.” Now, today, we know that over 200,000 of those businesses never came back. They were destroyed, their owners bankrupted, their families ruined, their employees left out of work, and in many instances, homeless.

You have seen them lie about the jab, over and over. You have seen them lie about the masques. You have seen them lie about Ukraine. They have lied about Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran for generations, for decades. For some of you, for your entire life. They lied about JFK, who was killed the same year I was born. They lied about RFK who was killed five years later. They lied about MLK Jr who was killed, too. Not by the lone assassins they fingered, but by them, by the deep state, the cabal.

You have heard, and don’t deny it, that they rape young children, terrorise them, and then drink their blood for the adrenochrome. You should be aware that there is a video of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton raping and torturing an eight-year-old girl whose face they flay off and take turns wearing. Then they harvest her blood and drink it. This video and many more like it appear on certain dark web sites which you can find if you want.

You know that Anthony Weiner’s laptop revealed a great deal about his ill doings, too. And Hunter Biden’s laptop shows a pattern of the sexual abuse of minors, among many other crimes. You know that the woman who helped wealthy and powerful people get to Jeffrey Epstein’s island to rape underage women who were not old enough to competently consent according to law has been tried and convicted. And none of her clients, a veritable who’s who of powerful Americans, have been so much as indicted.

Your choices are important, so let’s go over them. You can continue working in the system, pay your taxes, obey their regulations, and “go along to get along.” You can reject their system and work in some fashion, perhaps with a gig or a side job, perhaps taking from their system in direct benefits, perhaps doing something in the grey market selling plants that are not supposed to be sold, let alone rolled into joints and smoked, perhaps doing something else. You can probably figure out how to get paid in cash and not pay taxes. You may have to work at a job different from what you are truly skilled at doing, but which will get you by. And you may choose to retire early.

I have not posted links to most of the things above, because you are an adult, search is there on the web (you might try Brave or Presearch or one of the other non-censoring search engines) and you are going to be more convinced of what you find on your own than by merely following some link I choose for you. But I do want you to see this article: 1,640 Chief Executive Officers Left at the End of 2019

Also this related article: CEO departures 2020

And this one: 1,133 CEOs left in 2021

Now that you have seen that the people at the top of many companies are not willing to endure what is being done to the world, ask yourself: why are you? Why are you still acting as though everything is going to keep going in this same way?

Were you so happy in 2018 that you want to go back to the way things were then, even knowing that the way things were then led to the way things are now? I was not. And I don’t have any interest in seeing children raped and murdered, at least 8 million a year all over the world, for one moment longer.

You can choose to work with me and millions of others building free countries everywhere. I can show you how.

Their offer

Moreover, friends, you have seen their offer. You will eat bugs, drink cockroach juices, you will own nothing, you will have no privacy, and you will be drugged until you seem to them to be happy. The World Economic Forum, the Davos scum, the Bilderberg society, the Club of Rome, and the other human hating and malicious filth who claim to rule the world, the misanthropes who want to murder at least 7 billion people, have told you what to expect by 2030. Do you accept their offer?

I myself do not.

Time is short

There is yet a little time. Come out of Babylon and partake not in her sins nor her plagues nor her punishments. Leave the big cities.

Remember. Power is not generated in big cities, but at power plants out in the countryside. It has to flow into the cities. The process for that power flow is complex. The power grids of the world are complex systems, which means to understand them you need to know the mathematics of chaos. A very small change to conditions is going to generate enormous changes in outcomes.

Complex systems fail in discontinuous ways. There won’t be a slow simple collapse, like a flan in a cupboard. There will be a discontinuity, followed by operating at a new lower level, followed by another discontinuity, and more scaling back. The men and women who make boiling water nuclear reactors work are essential to keeping them from failing catastrophically. And there are many catastrophic failure scenarios with boiling water nukes. You don’t get that with thorium reactors, so the deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) where the self-styled “elites” intend to hide are probably thorium powered.

Food is grown out in the provinces and sent into the cities. Until it is not. The truckers, by the way, are right to be furious and to demand changes. And when they refuse to carry loads to Ottawa or the District of Corruption (DC) then what?

Water is not a naturally occurring feature of most cities, and where cities are located on big rivers those are generally very polluted waters. Water flows downstream from rural places. Which means that people uphill can cut off the water, or open up the dams and let the floodwaters flow.

Labour is found in cities only because people in rural areas were attracted to cities to work at higher paying jobs. When they choose to leave the cities, the cities will fester and decay.

So the way to get through a collapse scenario is to be not under the collapsing structures when they fall. If you are in a big city (population more than 400,000) you are likely to be squashed when the collapse happens. If you are in a rural county that produces more food than it consumes, where water is plentiful from springs and rivers and lakes, where people still know how to do things like weld metal and fix cars and clean houses, then you might survive.

God’s will be done

Are you still waiting to find out how it all turns out? Still watching television to “keep up”? Still taking on board the powerful propaganda being fed by the hoax stream media? If so, I probably won’t be able to reach you with this message.

God is ready for the bad people to stop being able to do their bad bad behaviours. I know that language doesn’t sound very sophisticated. I have been a published author since 1977, a paid teacher since 1980, a scholar at two of the finest universities in the world, and words fail me. When I think of the perfidy, corruption, malice, genocide, rape, and torture perpetrated by these unspeakable persons, I really don’t know how to write about it. I only know it is, well, horrid.

So it is going to end. You can stop cooperating with the system, now. You can leave your job working within the system, hoping one day you may be able to change it a tiny bit. You can do your part to end what is bad and build a better way. I am with you to help make things better. God is with us to save us.

Stop arguing. I don’t want to hear your arguments about how it isn’t that way at all. Don’t write me and copy the editor and expect me to be helpful in any way. Get busy building. We can talk about what to build, how to build it, where to go, what to do, all those sorts of inquiries I will happily answer.

But don’t tell me it is going to be okay. Don’t tell me things are going to work out. Don’t tell me that the market is going to go up forever, and for goodness sakes don’t tell me that bitcoin or gold or something else is about to fix everything. I’ve worked in the cryptocurrency and digital gold currency industries since 1998 and taught cryptography since 1992. There is literally nothing you can say about those matters with which I’m unfamiliar, and I can assure you that, as powerful as free market money is, it is not going to fix the world so well that the evil people hurting millions of children every year are going to stop.

They must be stopped. If you aren’t willing to stop them, God will stop them. If you aren’t willing to build a society that ends, in the next few months, the evil corrupt mass murdering baby raping cannibals, God will. Yes, that is a tall order, but when you reflect on the cost in dead children perhaps you can step up and get busy.

You have six months.


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, dancer, and teacher. Currently he has joined the team at BqETH.com which has a smart contract system of time locked puzzles and verifiable delay functions to help ensure that your heirs inherit your crypto assets and your executor does not. He is working on several projects to maintain knowledge in the coming collapse. Find some of his essays at FreedomLandDAO.com among other places.   You can also connect with him on Gettr, Twitter, and Flote.app looking for user planetaryjim but Failbook logged him out so he’s not there any longer.

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