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Letter from Jeff Fullerton

The upside of global warming

And the DC swamp would also be gone

* * *

‘Lockdown’ (again) to punish Putin! Report urges Europe to ‘ban all business flights, private jets & internal flights…ban car use within cities…reducing heating in buildings’

The tyrannical vermin have gotten the all the mileage they are going get from the pandemic that has become manageable thanks to vaccines and increasing natural immunity so now they’ve found a war to use as an excuse to lock people down and upend their way of life.

* * *

YouTube: Bjorn Lomborg attacked with a pie

In the article about using wartime rationing as an excuse to continue the lockdowns there is this video embedded where Bjorn Lomborg—author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist” gets a pie in the face from a protestor as punishment for his heresy.

It’s obvious these people believe in orthodox devotion to articles of faith that drive their agenda and not free speech and honest intellectual debate. They would do worse if they thought they could get away with it. Which is reason why such people must never be allowed to acquire the power of the State.

* * *

From COVID Emergency to ‘Climate Emergency’: House Dems want Biden to declare national ‘climate emergency’

I hope there is pushback against this with a zeal that makes pushback against Covid restrictions look like a Sunday picnic!

It’s obvious that the Democratic Party must die so that America can continue to live as a free country.

* * *


YouTube: Inflation, job losses, flight bans | Russia after SANCTIONS | what’s going on in Moscow?

Like our current government and the governments of other western nations are upending the lives of their citizens with green policies , the regime in Russia is upending the lives of its own citizens with an unjustifiable war in Ukraine. The silver lining is a teachable moment in history where the problem of government : the root of most evil and most of the problems on Earth is on open display for people everywhere to behold.

People everywhere just want to be left alone to pursue happiness and flourish. We are all tired of politicians playing Russian Roulette with our lives!

* * *

Fifty Years of Environmentalist Lies

My main regret of the day is that I had to work 11 A to 11 P on Earth Day and won’t make it home in time to turn on all my lights for Earth Hour to protest their stunt of trying to make America look like North Korea.

* * *

Jeff Fullerton
[email protected]

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Letter from Sean Gabb

More on the Gay Conversion Ban

Dear All,

Here is Mr Bickley’s latest editorial in Free Life magazone. Below it are links to other essays by a diverse range of authors, including Stephan Kinsella, Ilana Mercer, Neil Lock, Daniel Jupp, Michael Wood, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Comments are welcome. If you want to contribute articles or longer essays, please follow the link on the website to contact Mr Bickley. Also, do note the donation button on the website—contributions are always welcome.

[email protected]

Peter Tatchell and the Conversion Ban:
A Case Study in British Conservative Politics

by Alan Bickley
(23rd April 2022)

Conversion therapy is the attempt, by prayer, by nagging, and by playing with mental associations, to change sexual tastes. It is mostly tried by male Christians who are disturbed by their inclinations. It may be inadvisable or perhaps dangerous to try altering sexual tastes. However, the agreed libertarian view is that anyone who want to offer or to try this therapy should be at perfect liberty to do so. Unless there is fraud or force as traditionally defined, what consenting adults do or have done to themselves is their business alone. Anyone who chooses conversion therapy may or may not get what he wants from it. But I doubt if anyone is forced to choose it. I doubt if there is any shortage of information about its nature or likely effects.
[Read more]

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