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Letter from Stephan Jerde

Letter from David M. Brown

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Letter from Stephan Jerde

‘We will continue to publish people’s opinions, on the grounds that they, being rational, have good, rational, reasons for those opinions, or else they clearly state “This is my opinion, I could be wrong.”’
— The Editor

Great! I’ve always wanted to hear someone demonstrate that reason alone can determine the truth at all, let alone that it’s a good way. Reason as a means can only be justified if one assumes a fundamental rationality to the universe, which is a circular argument.

Until one establishes that the universe conforms to reason, it is not valid to apply reason to explore it. More to the point, doing so is an exercise of faith that reason is applicable.

And if the universe conforms to reason, why does it do so? Why should a massive Big Bang result in rationality? How many other explosions do so?

Stephan Jerde
[email protected]

Letter from David M. Brown

On Tue, May 24, 2022 at 7:13 PM Ken Holder wrote:

On 5/23/2022 2:33 AM, David M. Brown wrote:> Ken,
> Attached is a letter about LTE’s new letters policy. Thanks.
> David

You make very good points. Since I’m only going to be editor for one more issue (I resigned last year, but it has taken Neil’s family a while to get it together after his unfortunate death) I shut the door simply because I’m tired of it. :-).


Fair enough.

I thought you had changed your mind about leaving when I didn’t see any transitional things.

David M. Brown

Edited to repair top posting. — Editor.