Notes From the Publishers

by Cathy L. Z. Smith and Rylla C. Smith

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

L.Neil Smith and his family owe a very great deal to our retiring editor, Ken Holder. He and Pat were there for us, for Neil, and for The Enterprise, on many occasions, and it is the hope of the current publishers, Rylla and Cathy Smith, that his wisdom will continue to grace the pages of this publication as he sees fit. Thank you, Ken, for everything.

The Publishers are pleased to announce that Charles Curley has agreed to act as Editor for L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise, and welcome him and his intelligence, insight, and reputation for fairness to the role. Thank you, Charles.

We are grateful to the team who has assisted with this transition, and look forward to sharing more information and exciting new things to come in future issues.

Finally, Rylla and Cathy are saddened to report that Roger Owen, oldest and closest friend of the L. Neil Smith family has died, leaving an empty seat at the Smith table. I’ve never been a believer, but if I’m wrong I’m sure that Neil and Roger are sitting together arguing arcane military and ballistics issues with one another long into the night.

We miss you both.


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