Where are all you geniuses?

by Cathy L.Z. Smith
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

So … Lia (née Will) Thomas wants to go to “The Olympics”.

But Will https://pennathletics.com/sports/mens-swimming-and-diving/roster/will-thomas/14590 was never going to get there (or at least Will thought he couldn’t get there). Will simply didn’t have “the right stuff”. Nor, apparently, did Will have the will to compete.

But Will did find the will, and the way, with the help of what can only be described, at least by those who still believe themselves to be rational, as the miracle of transgenderism.

Set aside your reactionary response, bigot, and marvel at the transformation of a mediocre male athlete into the Wonder Woman of NCAA swimming.

Before we go any further, and before I tell you what I really think, let me just remind you of the words of François-Marie Arouet, more commonly known by his nom de plume Voltaire, “Certainement qui est en droit de vous rendre absurde, est en droit de vous rendre injuste.” The most literal translation I can find is “Certainly, whoever has the right to make you absurd has the right to make you unjust.”

Do I care about “The Olympics”? No.

Do I care about Lia (née Will) Thomas. Not just no.

Do care about sports in general? Maybe, to the extent that they have been an important avenue for children to engage in the physical endeavors that were once a part of their normal lives as living, growing, maturing humans. (How many children to you know who have had the opportunity to walk in a field free of sidewalks and find the occasional beautiful multifaceted rock, or the infinitely more rare abandoned artifact, or maybe just cow or horse shit … or bear, or raccoon, or rabbit, or sheep, or goat or … well, you get it, right?) So very few.

What I do care about, deeply, is the truth. What I do care about, deeply, is justice. Which leads me to ask:

If there really is such a thing as transgenderism, why do these hybrid humans not want to compete against one another. Why do they want to compete against their clearly inferior nontransgender … whatevers?


Absurd? Unjust?

Or a new category of non-reproductive humans?


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