Cowards and Idiots

by Harding McFadden
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I’d like to take a moment to talk about cowardice, and some of the things that make us, in the absolute basic sense, humans.

In previous little articles and self-righteous rants, I’ve stated the heartfelt belief that one of the purposes of adult humans is to push back the darkness a bit for the generations that follow. For an hour or a day or a year, you have a responsibility—to God, or evolution, or whatever you subscribe to—you must make things a bit brighter, a bit more optimistic, for the kids that instill your life with joy and hope. You need to give them moment on top of moment of certainty that things will work out, if for no other reason than Mommy or Daddy or whoever is there to make sure that it will.

Into this belief I inject the also basic idea that if you see something untoward happening to a child, whether yours or not, that it is your responsibility to step in. Not only to help keep said kid safe, but to save your own soul. To see an injustice, and shrug it off, is to sin against your own basic humanity. It is to sully what makes you human.

Recently, there has been a lot of news about cops staying outside a school for an hour allowing children to be executed by a verminous creature. In one particular newscast, the cops in question were accused of not going in because they feared for their own safety. Well, then, allow me to respond.

The cops in question, regardless of their own personal safety, have failed in every way to be human in the most basic sense. I disagree with the idea of calling cops pigs because I’ve known a few who were good folks, simply wanting to make things better. Others saw it as just a job, and whatever. But, to those who won’t put themselves at risk because they are afraid to get hurt: to hell with you.

I’m a Christian—a poor one, admittedly, because of my unwanted ability to hold a grudge, and judge like it was my job—so when I say “To hell with you,” I want you to feel the weight of the words. This is no mere lip service.

Even if we were to disregard the fact that they were cops, who not only refused to enter a hostile situation because of fear for personal safety—and forget about the particular bastards who cuffed parents who were willing to do the job that their cowardly hearts weren’t—but stood by and allowed children to be executed, they would still be failures. It does not take a badge and government authority to give you the right to get between innocents and harm. It takes the absolute basic, bottom line humanity that we are all capable of. By their inaction, they have relegated themselves to less than human. At best they are spineless cowards. At best.

Authoritarians hate children. They have to. With each new child born, there is a hope of a better tomorrow. There is promise. Most importantly, there is innocence. And they hate it.

With their support of abortion right up to, and in some cases past, the point of birth, they have shown their animosity toward children. With their nihilistic, cruel indoctrination through government schooling, they have shown their animosity toward children. With their willingness to allow children to be executed by lunatics, they have shown their animosity toward children.

The midterms are coming up in a few months. By all the poles that I’ve seen, the Leftys are in sad shape. In truth, I’ll believe it when I see it. California and New York are a total loss. Pennsylvania isn’t far behind, with the state being held captive by the vermin that infest Harrisburg and Filthydelphia and other equally worthy places. Because, though it makes no sense to me, the folks that rot there will do what they can to make sure that the way things are stay the way they’ve been. By any definition, they’re insane.

It has become apparent to me in the past couple years that there’s nothing that we, as sovereign individuals, can count on the government—and government—for. Everything they touch, they ruin. Everything they promote or advance, is used for the sole purpose of tightening our collars. They cannot be trusted. They are nothing more than a protection scheme, and have proven their willingness over and over to execute women and children to make us fearful. And now, with these most recent actions, with their willingness to allow children to be murdered with impunity for a solid hour, they have let us know that they are ready, willing, and able to let the monsters among us take the innocent away from us. This is beyond bad, past evil, and well into demonic.

There is no help coming for us, not that there ever was in the first place. We are on our own, now as much as ever. So there are some things that we must do, if we are to push back that darkness for those that follow.

We must surround ourselves with people of god character. No more of this, “They’re fun to be around, but I wouldn’t trust them with my wallet”-type friendships. Find, and BE, good people, folks worth having at your back, and that you’re willing to back up.

See to the protection of yourselves and your loved ones. Do it yourself. Don’t relegate the responsibility to others, especially government-sanctioned strongmen. They can’t, or won’t, do the job. It’s up to you.

Be in the world, but not a part of it. Society is more and more offensive daily. Don’t drop yourself to the level of the status quo. To do so is to fall into a pit with no bottom. Hold yourself to a higher standard. If you stand out to others because you’re less of a jackass than they’re used to, then good. If they roll their eyes because of the assumption that you think you’re better than them, good: maybe you are, and maybe it’ll give them the kick to pull their heads out of their own backsides.

Topically: Homeschool your kids. Do whatever you have to do to take the raising of your children—your most precious resource—out of the hands of people unworthy of the task. Raise them in a way that you don’t find morally objectionable. Put them on the right path, and they will stay on it. Don’t spend half of your preciously little time with them deprogramming them of the propaganda that’s being forced into their unsuspecting heads by witchdoctors. Their turning into worthwhile adults is on you, so do a good job of it.

Lastly, and I know this will sound redundant, but here goes: be a good person. Be kind, caring, upstanding. Be an example, if only to another single person. Be a beacon of something better. As days turn into months turn into years, the ideal of a “Good Person” is being denigrated to the point where the differences between the hero and the villain are semantic. Everything is shades of gray. This needs to stop. Yes, there are gray areas, but not as many of the talking heads on TV or the nihilist philosophers that write unreadable books would have us believe. Sometimes—most times—things are right or wrong, period. Be stern and steadfast. Be the hero that someone else needs you to be.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, so I’ll just close with this: society has no place for cowards or fools. Both drag everyone else around them down so far and so quick that in time the species suffers for it. So decide today to be neither. It’ll hurt, and it’ll get you ostracized, but what the hell. Better to be shunned or outright die on your feet, than to be loved and live forever surrounded by spineless fools not worthy of cleaning your shoes.

Thank you, and God bless.


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