Editorial Policy

 by Cathy L. Z. Smith and Rylla C. Smith
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

The Libertarian Enterprise (TLE) is a journal of, by, and for adults who understand that the only way to achieve freedom for oneself is to champion freedom for everyone, even, and especially, for those with whom you disagree.

There are no “safe spaces” from words here. Adults of all ages who write for this publication are interested in discovering the truth and applying that truth, ruthlessly, to achieve the American trinity of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The writers and readers of this journal are invited and encouraged to speak the truth as they see it with respect and grace (and understanding that there will be disagreements among people of good will). The ground rule here (minor infractions may get you scolded) is an absolute prohibition against advocacy of the initiation of force against another human for any reason whatsoever.

Those new to the truth that freedom can ultimately be removed from another human only through the use (or meaningful threat—like a government) of physical force are advised to pay particular attention to the concept and context of initiation. A wise man, founder of this journal, once observed that there are modes of human communication. The path to victory (in any context) is to master the mode currently in use. Most humans use language (written, spoken, visual) to communicate. These are non-violent forms of communication that require reasoning, skill, and persuasion, and they are the forms of communication that the readers and writers who contribute here employ.

Those who believe they possess the right to impose their will through the use of physical forcehave chosen the means of communication they wish to employ. It is the conviction of this publication that the use of superior retaliatory force is a principled, and indeed, mandatory response to such offense.


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