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 by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

The Internet, or at least the more conservative or libertarian portions thereof, seem to be aghast that this administration wants to hire another 87,000 IRS agents, and give them guns. Well, what did you expect? This week’s blast from the past is L. Neil Smith’s essay, The Curse of 1913. We’ve been telling you so for over a hundred years, from Frank Choderov on. As O’Brien said to Winston Smith, now you begin to understand me.

Our only hope on this, as so many other fiascos in the making is that the Republicans will sweep both houses of Congress in November, snd start a Sherman’s March through the results of this administration. Maybe the last several. On past performance of the Rs, I’m not going to bet on it.

But a Modest Proposal makes a suggestion on how to deal with those prspective 87,000 IRS agents.

And, a note of optimism from the editor, from deep inside the Wyoming Republican primary, in which neo-con war-monger Liz Cheney went down in metaphorical flames. Has an incumbent ever been beaten in a primary by 37%?

Last but not least, Sarah A. Hoyt takes on the problem of lying to the young, and ties that into a current cultural issue.

Links! Have we got Links!

TLE contributor Sarah A. Hoyt is giving it away free. No, not that, you dirty-minded teenage males in the back of the room, she’s a happily married woman. But, for a novelist, pretty close: a novel. She is rough drafting a novel and posting it on her web site as she goes. It is currently on hiatus (don’t ask) but should resume early next month. So you get to read a novel in the rough for free, and watch when she edits it later on. Witch’s Daughter, by Sarah A. Hoyt.

In some parts of the world they know what a woman is well enough to abduct and enslave her. Inside the Horror of Islamic Sex Slavery – and the Real War on Women

David B. Kopel, “Restoring the Right to Bear Arms: New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen,” 2021-22 Cato Supreme Court Review (Forthcoming Sept. 16, 2022)

This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion

One can hope! The Chickens of ‘Woke’ Are Coming Home to Roost on Business Heads

Russian invasion has dangerously destabilized cyber security norms

Why Americans are increasingly dubious about going to college An “alarming” number of people are rejecting college — and it could widen the fissures already polarizing American society. “A little-understood backlash against higher education is driving an unprecedented decline in enrollment that experts now warn is likely to diminish people’s quality of life and the nation’s economic competitiveness, especially in places where the slide is most severe.” Little understood? Really, NBC? The article does not mention cancel culture, cultural Marxism or other on-campus wokery as possible reasons for the decline. An article interesting in part for its own elitist cultural blind spots.


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