The Editor’s Notes

by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Our Blast from the Past is valuable for its contrast between how the governed and the ungoverned live, think, die, and progress.

How much of what we know (or think we know) about the past is filtered through our own civilization’s preconceptions? Cathy L.Z. Smith argues for being very careful about letting our prejudices run our science.

Nancy Lord, RIP, from Philip Mundhenk.

Last but not least, we are pleased to reprint an article from Jim Bovard on mutual tolerance.

And don’t forget Letters to the Editor, two of which take on principles and property rights.

Links! Have we got Links!

“Most Americans (53%) view the FBI as ‘Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo,’ a recent Rasmussen poll found.” Jim Bovard writes that Ruby Ridge, 30 years ago, helps explain the FBI’s ‘Gestapo’ image

Judicial Watch Files Taxpayer Lawsuit over Racially Discriminatory Minneapolis Teachers’ Contract

About 36,000 LA Unified Students Missing From First Week of School That’s 36,000 students probably getting a better education elsewhere, and almost certainly getting a safer education elsewhere.

The state of anti-semitism in the world. There are dark days ahead for the Jewish diaspora: America’s Jewish leadership is far too complacent about left-wing anti-Semitism.

Lydia and the Vlads An Estonian’s changing relationship with Russia. Or, how Russia is scoring a massive own goal with its efforts to stop Ukraine from becoming its own nation.

Apparently, not using someone’s preferred pronouns is now “violence”. Really? Rude, possibly. In bad taste, maybe. But, no, it is not violence. I know what violence is; I’ve been on the receiving end of it. The left does people who have been on the receiving end of it no good by diluting the term. Gender identity movement targets Middle America for indoctrination


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